Friday, November 30, 2007

Salsa Havana Tonight! Martin's Bday Bash!



Martin and Simrin would like to invite all our friends and fellow salseros to celebrate Martin’s Birthday this coming Friday……

30th November 2007

Venue: Salsa Havana

(1st Flr Federal Hotel 35 Jalan Bukit Bintang KL 55100)

Time: 8.00 pm onwards

(Floor will be cleared at 10.00pm for dancing all night long)

Be entertained by Martin’s band ….. “LATIN POWER !!!!!”

“Latin Power …..the hottest and the best salsa band in Malaysia!!!!”

There will be food and free-flow liquor from 8.00pm-10.00pm

(Tequila, gin, vodka, brandy, whisky and rum all Freeeee from 8pm to 10 pm)


Floor will be cleared at 10.00pm for dancing all night long

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Toll Prices is going up next year!

When you think life will gets better, think again. Toll is going up again next year while petrol still uncertain. Or should I say most likely will go up as well. The fact is, we are getting poorer and poorer.

More about the toll hike, click here.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A quiet week...

I am not deliberately posting low this month. Nor shall I blame Facebook for getting me addicted to it. The past few weeks was busy. There are quite a few conversations I had lately about the protest and the answers are varies on individuals. I wasn't really affected by the jam or so on but the events that took place shook us quite a bit.

Other than that life is unusually boring. I am going to watch a Tango performance later. Well, it is sort of my first time so I am quite happy about it actually. Without noticing, we are closing in to 2008 soon. Christmas is coming and I have yet any plans going to anywhere yet during that day. For now, see how things go first. Thanks for reading everyone.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Aoshima's Mospeada 3 Aircrafts....
It took me a while to think and consider of getting this nice planes. Well, after a good offer, I bought them all. Well, I must say it is my first Mospeada stuffs and Aoshima is famous for its craftmanship and quality.

More pictures HERE!

Monday, November 26, 2007

QBA @ Nov 26, A1 Car Launch

BubbleShare: Share photos - Delicious Christmas Recipes.

It was quite a last minute thingy and I had 2 minds about it as well. Well, I made up my mind and went as well. It was much better than expected. I was with my client earlier on and later on with my Salsa friends. Danced a bit before going home as I had things to do the other day. Not much about the event, it was more towards that the people there.

Bukit Larut / Maxwell Hill Press Launch

Limited Edition V-Cross, 3000 units worldwide! Datuk Mydin showing the trophy.

The Sultan Azlan Shah Cup!

I attended the Maxwell Hill Press Launch 2 weeks ago at Eden. Well, showing the trophy of Sultan Azlan Shah of 5 years consecutive competition. 3 times champion will keep the 48k gold plated trophy.

I'm back!!

After spending my wonderful weekend in Taiping working, I'm back to KL again. Yes, I knew about the HINDAF protest thing in KL, gosh was it ugly. It is quite weird that you get a lot of report on this than the BERSIH rally. Weird but TRUE...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Fabio Capello Vs Jose Mourinho??

England need a manager. Fabio Capello offered himself for the job. Will the FA take him? I don't see a problem about that. The infamous man who put AC Milan at the highest point in the 90s and brought Real Madrid the title however sacked is a favourite for sure. But... but... bookmakers said that another guy is high contention. He is no other than the mister controversy, Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese tactician with his "attitude" can bring England to a greater height as how he transformed Chelsea to a title contender. Who will succeed this time? Or the FA will find an Englishman again? We will only can wait and see. And Euro next year will be without England.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Steve McLaren SACKED!

Not even 12 hours after the match, Steve McLaren is sacked! He was refused to resign after the England defeat was sacked by the FA. Personally, nobody knows what were he thinking. He took out Beckham and put in Shawn Wright Philips that couldn't do a thing. This is a harsh lesson to him but England paid the hefty price.

Transformers Hasbro Tri Pack! OP, Starscream and Arcee

Damn Huge BOX!!!
When I head of this coming out, I was reluctant to buy... until I saw the pack, I just bought it straight away. The box is damn huge. The biggest movie toy box, bigger than Ultimate Bumblebee. Well as usual they repaint Arcee and Prime in this. A must BUY!


Ultraman!!! The passion ignites my fire or should I say I'm losing control? Got these 3 huge Ultraman from a toy seller at a very reasonable price. I am happy to say that sometimes there are people willing to help me for my collections but is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Garage Floors....

Having garage is a fun thing, there are so many things you can do about it. One of them will be the flooring. Well, its not really a big deal or something but having a good flooring might make your garage looks good. Normally garage are concrete base which is easily cracked or even stained will oil. Don't you worry now because garage floors offers a wide solution to your flooring. Garage floors
have a huge variety of flooring plus different colors to match your garage. They even have customized coating for your flooring. Well, wait no more, check out garage floors now!

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Steve McLaren SCREWED England, England 2-3 Croatia

Time after time, his tactical game proved him wrong. The last few games, Beckham saved his ass and yet today he benched him. This whole thing is not just Beckham alone, he screwed himself up by playing friendly against Austria and got Michael Owen injured. Today, he went on and play defensive. Big mistake! Yet, Beckham saved his ass when he passed to Crouch equaliser. However, he proved himself as he won't be England's manager again by playing deep, defensively after the equaliser. God is fair, gave him a second chance and yet he screwed it again. Another mistake would be Scott Carson. Pity him as a Liverpool player that might be scapegoat for this defeat. He should have opted for more experience keeper for such a big occasion. Instead, he screwed himself up again. No England for Euro next year. To be fair, Steve had been given many chances and he really screwed them all. What England need today is just a draw and he could even lost it at Wembley. Shame on you Steve McLaren!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Basil Leaf Restaurant

A great Thai restaurant to go. Great food and great place as well. More details and pictures HERE.


The infamous 0.000000005 sec transformation to Gavan. Could say, one of the earliest version of real life action hero after Ultraman. Got this lately from a Japanese seller. Love it and this is a reissue from Banpresto.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Lodge, Jln Sultan Ismail

We went to the Lodge @ Nov 11 and had a great night there. Well, if Rachel remember that she didn't leave her shoe in studio it would be better! A huge dancing floor with lots of nice sofas and tables. A new GREAT SALSA haven!

Blogging Issues...

I am running at the lowest blogging month since I started blogging. Oh well, past few weeks were madness of work and lately it was plain madness of salsa. Throughout the month, I wudda blame Facebook addictions then. There are nothing much happened lately but there are few things are running on my mind now. To stop the backlog of my blog, I will start to post things that I missed out lately, stay tuned!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Salsa Havana @ Nov 9

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Salsa Havana again! But this time, Martin (the owner) told me that they are going to have live band every Wed and Friday. How cool is that! For once, we have proper band playing for salsa!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Baskin Robbins Cafe Launch @ The Garden, Mid Valley

Me and da Mascots...

..., Yvonne, Mike n Lucinda....

Yvonne, SW, Lucinda....

It was work, work and work. Great launch, lovely ice creams. And now they offer yogurt as well. Taste different and its healthier, should I eat more often?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Deepavali @ Shalini Open House!

Check out the foods!!

When it comes to good foods, you just don't feel like leaving the dining table. The chicken and the mutton were marvelous...

Shalini and Rachel...
OOooo, watch ma sexy back!!!

The group photo that makes the evidence that we came to Shalini's open house and ate all their foods. I feel embarrassed with you guys, finished their foods. I'm just kidding on you, there were plenty of foods and wine. Lovely house with lovely family. Opss, I forgot their dogs as well...

Salsa Havana Deepavali Celebration @ Nov 7

Joo, Lena, SW and Rachel

Jeamie, SW and Vinnie....

Lovely Deepavali Celebration at Salsa Havana with foods and lucky draw. But... we didn't go there for the food or the lucky draw, we go there to dance.... Amazing night with most of the SalsaJay kakis around.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Termites Guide

Many do not know whether is there termites hidden in your house. It is not a small issue, trust me on this. Without knowing, your whole house might be infested. Termits don't come from the ceiling but from the ground. Hear me right. On top of that there are different types of termits as well. Don't make any wild guesses any more. Check on termits now and be a move smarter than them. Kill them now before they infest and save thousands of dollars now.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday BLUES.....

Time flies fast and its already another Monday. Not the busiest time of the month but something do caught me off guarded today. I will try to post more stuffs soon. Thanks for reading....

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Massive roadblocks in town and DO NOT WEAR YELLOW or you will get into trouble with the police. I'm going to my classes as usual today. REMEMBER, I'm not joking!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Hobbs at Times Square 3rd Floor KL

I always feel that we should never let our dreams down. Thats how my toys comes in. But for Eric, my long time school mate, his dream is to have a shop to sell clothes. Being a designer himself, he enjoys living his dreams right now. His shop, Hobbs located at 3rd Floor Times Square KL, above the bridge linking to Imbi Plaza and Sg Wang. Well, I got myself 2 T-Shirts and wore it on the spot to Salsa. His clothes more to casual and street but great designs and prices.

Catrridge Finder

Its not easy to find cartridges nowadays. I mean printer cartridges. And I mean original and good cartridges. For the reason like now when I'm really busy, getting one by myself is too much work. So like usual I shop online. Cartridge Finder is one the best solution. Cartridge Finder provides not just famous brands like Canon, Epson and HP, they do offers also brands like Brother, Ricoh and many more. The great thing about them is you can search them. The main purpose is to keep your printer running smooth no matter where you are, house or business. Cartridge Finder gives you a great service and a great product! Confuse with your cartridges no more today!

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