Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wedding Bands

I spent almost half day at Mid Valley last Sunday finding a pair of wedding bands.

It wasn't easy. Me and Rachel scouted almost all the jewelery shops there. Going shop by shop was tiring. I loved shopping but looking thru every shops' wedding band collections were so heavy on my eyes. By evening, I barely walk.

There was quite a bit of selections but we wanted either white gold or platinum.

We then decided to get the platinum. Yet, there's platinum with gold or rose gold. I saw a really cool ring of platinum and rose gold but later on chose a platinum ring.

We booked the rings and now waiting the right time to pick it up.

Platinum could be a bit dearer but to wear it everyday forever, its all worth it. Thus, platinum is also a slightly softer than gold. Will post it once we collected it.

By the way....

We changed our dates again. Gosh. I hope we can fix this soon. Been really busy with work.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tax Tax Tax

I guess going late still have to pay right.

I'm one of the thousands of the tax payers that loved to pay the tax "last minute". Maybe its our Malaysian culture.

A hole in the pocket... at the beginning of the month... something that's hard to swallow....

Monday, April 27, 2009

"Midly" Food Poisoning

It happened since yesterday and I'm sure I had the same food as the rest. However, I'm the only person who got the food poisoning.

"Midly food poisoning" the doctor told me earlier today.

No matter how, I'm still stuck with the crazy work schedule this week. Need to be in the office tomorrow 7 am.

Work is fun, but sucks when I'm sick.

More Surprises From Britains Got Talent 2009

Amazingly Julian Smith from Episode 2.

The lovely Hollie Steel

This season could be the "strongest" season we could see. Lots of good performers and its just the beginning! Britains really got heaps of talents.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

When Client Reads Your Blog

I had a conversation about this with a blogger a few weeks back.

What if your client reads your blog? Seriously....

It's a dangerous thing. Be safe than sorry. I wouldn't bitch and talk shits about my clients here. Most of clients are really nice to me. Especially a few.

I knew a blogger who got into trouble as she rants too much about her clients. Now her blog is prohibited to close friends only to get out of troubles.

Put it this way, I had been having some issues with my clients lately and I'm quite pressured about it. I'm not mad or pissed with them, just that there's too many things at one time for me.

I know few of them could be reading this post. Please keep on reading...

I treat my clients like my friends and I had so much fun just now at the Heineken event.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Gone Liverpool Gone

Another win from Man Utd will end Liverpool's title dream. Or 3 slip ups from Man Utd will give Liverpool a fighting chance.

So what went wrong up to now for Liverpool this season?

Torres injury. Torres hasn't been fit until only lately. If he would play more matches, Liverpool might win more draw matches.

Keane factor. Robbie Keane was a darn bloody fantastic player when he was in Tottenham. However, he was off form for Liverpool and his spat with Benitez made him a bench warmer.

Management issues. Benitez delaying contract could be a factor of distraction to the manager.

Skrtel's injury. Skrtel was in form for Liverpool this season. He absent due to injury from the team was a big loss.

No matter how there's a few more matches to go and I believe in miracle, if there's any left.

You Never Walk Alone

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bleach 355 Spoiler With Pictures

吉良 そんな馬鹿な… と上を見ながらボソっと呟く
Kira: He looks up and mutters, "No way!"
Stark exchanges attacks with Shunsui, but he can only get Shunsui's hat.
ヒゲダンディ ふ~やるね~
静かなイケメソ  そっちもこっちの斬撃を笠も服も飛ばされずによく避ける
Stark: Your hat and clothes aren't too good at avoiding my attacks.
Sweat and blood trickle out from where Shunsui's hat is cut.
Scene changes
キング やれやれ2人なのに一歩もワシを動かすことが出来ないとは…
Barragan: My or my, even with both of you you aren't able to move me.
Soi Fon and Oomaeda are worn out..Barragan withdraws a tomahawk from his throne.
キング   さてどっちからやるか
Barragan: Now, which one of you?
ぽっちゃり 隊長そろそろいいんじゃないですか?
Oomaeda: Captain, isn't it about time?
蜂女    なんだ?
Soi Fon: What?
ぽっちゃり そろそろ力も溜まってきたころだし限定解除しましょうよ!
Oomaeda: It's time for us to gather our strength and release the limit!
キング   まだ何かあるのか?面白いやってみろ!
Barragan: There's still more? This out to be interesting!
蜂女    もうすでに限定解除した状態でやってるんだが…
Soi Fon: We've already released our limit...
ぽっちゃり ><
Oomaeda: (reaction)
Scene changes
Hitsugaya vs Halibel
討て!なんちゃら~ で鮫女帰刃状態へ
Halibel releases and turns into a shark lady.
氷竜 (あれがやつらが帰刃している状態か油断はできねい~ っていってる所)
Hitsugaya: (
Halibel fires a cero.
Hitsugaya's cut in two from his right shoulder down to his legs.
We see blood flying out.
鮫女 所詮この程度か氷の竜など鮫の一撃で海に沈む
Halibel: It only took that for the shark to sink the ice dragon into the sea.
The end

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Glenmorangie Whisky Tasting Experience With Newman

I never had a whisky tasting session in my life. Last week, I had a chance probably of a lifetime. It was with one of the finest single malt Scotch whisky in the world, Glenmorangie.


The tasting session brought me to a new level of understanding in whisky. Read more HERE.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Canon 20D Fixed

Thank you Canon Malaysia for providing free DSLR body and sensor cleansing.

I really appreciate the services.

Finally after weeks of frustrations, my Canon 20D is back to normal.

I'm planning to get the 50mm lens soon.

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover! Susan Boyle from Britains Got Talent 2009

People laughed at her appearance. She's 47 years old and wants to be a professional singer.

However, when she opened her mouth, everyone shocked including Simon.

Just days after her performance, her YouTube video hits 14 million viewers!

Also comments from Hollywood actress Demi Moore herself!

Check out the video HERE or

Related News And Stories About Her

Susan Boyle - Channel 5 News Story (15th April)

Susan Boyle - ITN News Story With Amanda Holden Interview (16th April)

It's a dream of her lifetime. Its now or never. Don't ever judge a book by its cover.

I believe there's many more like her out there.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Heineken's: A Night in Rome at Sincero Riverbank, Ipoh

Last Saturday I was in Ipoh for an event.

Heineken's A Night in Rome at Sincero Riverbank, Ipoh.

It was in Sunway City, Tambun. A short distance from the Tambun's Giant.

Went there early for the set up and so on. The area was huge!


The set up and the stage for the event that day was magnificent. However, closing on the evening, the sky looked dimmed. It looked as if its going to rain. We hoped for the best.


This particular backdrop was built by using the Heineken bottles. They put the lights inside to lit up the bottles. Amazing work.


The evening did rain but it didn't stop the show and the crowd from pouring in. The show started late at 10.30 with opera singing followed by an amazing fashion and make up show from Redken.

The show later on continued with Joey G spinning the DJ console pumping the wild crowd.


There was fireworks as well by Sincero.


Me having a great time with the organizers.


Me and Joey G during the party.

Spaceship ft. Goldfish & Arabyrd took over from Joey G later on, spinning the music as the crowd went wild till late! They were awe!!

There was also a lucky winner from the crowd winning a ticket to watch Uefa Champions League Final in Rome.

It was a wild wild wet evening with occasional rains. Yet, the crowd endured and everyone had a great time there.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When People Just Don't Bother

Some people just don't bother about their work sometimes.

They abused their positions a lot and to be frank, their reputation gone down to drain.

I'm not going to detail how foolish they were but I damn guarantee that I would do something nice to them.

I wonder do they still care when I forward the emails to their bosses.

Bleach 354 Spoiler (Updated with Pictures)

It starts from Ulquiorra's flashbacks.

It's a figure of Orihime slowly disappear (as he's turning to dust)

(なんか色々思ってる このなんちゃらはお前らの頭を砕けばみえるのか~
He is thinking a lot of things like If I cracked you guys' heads would I be able to see it? If I tried to open your skull would I understand?)
(The writer skips it)

 これが 心(ハート)なのか
Is this a heart?

The opening page is Ulquiorra.

The scene goes back to Yammy.

The huge reaitsu from above fades away.

Did Ichigo win...?

ヤミー あ~あせっかく手伝いにいってやろうとしたのに
Yammy: Ahh... I was trying to help you, but you got beaten up in the end.

3人で話 あいつは10番だいける って見たいな展開に
Three of them talking: "He's only number 10 so we can win..." It seems something like that is going to happen

Yammy enrages and releases! Choukyotaika (means something like turning to a giant)

ヤミーの10の1が消え 0に
At number 10 of Yammy, 1 disappears and leaves only 0.
I'm a Espada whose number is changed after the release!!

Who said Espada is number 1-10?
Actually it's 0-9

Three of them are astronished.

The scene changes to Hitsugaya
He's being pushed down

So a captain is someone like this. It's your time to die.


Naruto 444 Spoiler (Updated with Spoiler Pictures)

Naruto and Nagato talks.
Nagato fires a black rod from his wheelchair.
Naruto takes it to his stomach.

He then sees Jiraiya's death and how Kakashi died from Nagato.

Nagato[Thoughts?]: I try to manipulate Naruto and take him back, but Naruto is resisting the black rod.

Konan: To repel Nagato's chakra at this range, what a kid.

Naruto: [I don't get what he's saying, sorry]
Naruto's eyes turn into frog + Kyuubi eyes

Naruto: I can't forgive you, I want to kill you right now!

He charges at Nagato

But he stops just before him.

Naruto: I don't know anything about you, why do you hate [Konoha]?
Talk to me!

So Nagato starts talking

I have two pain[ful events], one of them is my parents being killed

Then Nagato begins talking about his past

At the height of the Great Ninja War, we had been too late at escaping, so we were hiding at our family's house.
Two ninjas came into our house.

They were searching for some food

Nagato's parents: Nagato, you need to hide.
Then they charge at the two ninja

The ninja: They're enemies.
They kill his parents instantly.
The ninja: There's one more around here.
The ninja search for food
They look at the corpses
The ninja: They were just civilians, huh. Why would civilians, in the middle of a battle... We're sorry, kid

At that moment, lighting strikes outside, and what Nagato sees, is a Konoha headband


And then, the Rinnengan is activated


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Standard Chartered Marathon Run : I'll Be There!

After my first attempt for 10km run was successful few months ago, I am no longer in shape (even though I never did in shape) to go for another one.

Many might not believe at first but when I completed the race, only then my friends knew that I'm serious about it. Even though it was 2 hours plus, but I'm proud of it.

Running never been my cup of tea. However, the satisfaction and joy after the run was somehow amazing. I had a huge body ache for 3 consecutive days. It was like the best gym workout ever.

The best part was, we never trained for the 10km run. We just went there and run!

I will be joining Standard Chartered Marathon Run but not for the 42km or the 21km. I'll running for 10km again. Before that I might join other marathons for fun. There's Malakoff and New Balance run before then.

Here's the thing...

If a fat guy like me can complete the race, why can't you?

When A Robbery Is Just Few Doors Away

Many might find me irritating lately for posting so many related stories about crimes in Malaysia. Well, to be frank I would rather not to talk about it.

However, one shall not run away from the fact.

Just as I posted the robbery video, there was a robbery in my neighbourhood few days ago. Somehow the talks about having the neighbourhood gated came to a halt. I'll make a few calls to the committee members tomorrow for updates.

The thing about this is its a few doors away from my house. It happened in the afternoon. I was totally speechless when I heard about it.

The lack of police force in my area is not going to help things around. I can't believe that our lovely country turned to a crime frenzy place. It wasn't like this 10-15 years ago.

I had become more careful when traveling around especially at night.

Am I too cautious or over worried?

Maybe, but when a crime happened a few doors away, I have the every right to be afraid and cautious.

I just wonder...

When our homes are not safe, where else can we go?

Knowing Review

The review of this movie came really late. Reason being I watched other movies before this.

Many mixed reviews from friends before I watched this. In fact, few of them had already spoiled the movie nicely for me. Damn! It's either you love or hate this movie. There's no in between.

Any how, I placed my bet that Nicholas Cage not going to screw this up. I wasn't wrong indeed.

The movie started 50 years ago where a little girl placed a sheet of numbers for a time capsule.
The numbers then picked by Cage's son in the present time.

The mystery started when Cage realized that the numbers represents disasters. Plot deepens when he realized that there's a few disasters yet to come.

I'm going to put it nicely here. No more spoilers already.

I must say I loved thrillers like this. I loved how the plot goes and I loved the ending.

For non science fiction lovers, they would find this movie ridiculous. For me, I think there's possibilities of such events.

The ending part's special effects were quite outstanding.

After watching the movie, Rachel felt that it was quite scary. Indeed life is so short but have to endure so much for the sake of life.

I enjoyed the movie very much and do recommend this movie for those yet to watch this movie.

I fall into the loved this movie category.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Robbery at Taman Maluri Video

This could be happening to you.

A girl friend of mine got robbed in a gated community in TTDI few weeks ago. Same goes to another girl friend in Cheras.

The tactic was either you enter or leave your car. They will follow you, and hit on your face.

Beware, preventive measures such as looking around and make sure the gates are closed all the times. Nobody can help you if there's 3-4 robbers with parang.

Fast & Furious 4 Review

I would still recall the first Fast & Furious when I was in Australia. My Aussies mates back then were not impressed by Japan Imports until they blew away watching Fast & Furious. For the first movie, its all about "NOS". The introduction of Vin Diesel in the movie made him the star today. So did the Korean star in the movie.

After years passed by, now we have Fast & Furious 4 uniting both actors. I thought this will be the same. I was quite wrong.

The Part 4 was quite impressive actually. Equally good with the first or much better. Why is that? More racing. More cars. More babes.

Its no secret if you want to watch this movie, you go for the car and babes (and the dudes if you are a chick). If not why bother watching this movie?

This movie relates a lot of revenge and friendship. Lots of usage of GPS in racing this time around. Both characters develop to a next level where sequel can be always there. There's no lost love in this movie, more cars and effects are seen in this movie.

A must watch movie for Fast & Furious fans.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Going to Ipoh this weekend.

Work again. I'm going to miss out 3 weekends for work. I won't say that I'm unhappy about it but I always treat my job as fun fun fun. Lots of stuffs at work but I'm still a bit lazy to do about it. Please check out my food blog, a few updates there >>>

Please do have a nice weekend.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bleach 353 Spoiler with picture

353 The Ash

Ichigo has been struck down

Ori: "Kurosaki! Kurosaki!!"
(note: originally it's saying "classmate Kurosaki", but it sounds weird in let's stick with Kurosaki)

The look of Ulquiorra staring at him.

Ulqui[Even though the arms and legs are endlessly regenerating, they are but empty shells. Has that punk already regenerated his inner organs that were destroyed? Just now, if that blow had not suceeded...the one that is laying there dying would've been me]
(note: seems to be... ichigo thinking about Ulqui?)

A light has descended upon Ichigo's body?
Ishida "The has been blocked..."
Ulqui: "Hyper regeneration!"
Ori: "Kuro...saki?"

Ichigo stands up without hesitation
"Me? Is there supposed to be a hole in my chest?"
Ori: "Kurosaki..."
Ichigo: "Inoue...are you okay?"
Ori is smiling slightly
Ichigo notices Ishida's state/appearance
Ishida "So you've finally awaken?"

Ulqui: "Such a stubborn punk!"
Ulqui pulls out Ichigo's blade from Ishida's torso that was impaled earlier
He throws the blade to Ichigo
Ulqui: "Holding it, let's decide this fight."
Ichigo: "Was I the one who impaled Ishida?"
Ulqui: "So you know eh..."
Ichigo: "Was the one who hacked away your left arm and leg also me?"
Ichigo: "Then, you'll come and cut off my left arm and leg!"
Ori: "Kurosaki!"
Ichigo: "Until awhile back, the one that was fighting you was a "hollowed" me. That isn't me, if we continue to fight in this manner... isn't it a disadvantage for you...isn't it!"
Ishida "Kurosaki! Do you know wtf you're talking about!"
Ulqui: "Alright, if that is what you wish..then let's do this your way."

Ulqui spreads his wing: "So it has come to this...let's slaughter each other!"
Ichigo is astonished.
Ulqui : “You better hurry and start.. I don’t even have the energy left to walk…If I can not strike this last blow, there will never be a victor.”
Ichigo: “…I refuse”
Ulqui: “What did you say!”
Ichigo: “I said I refuse! This…method of victory…where does it exist!”

Ulqui is shocked
Ulqui: “Tch! Even till the end…you are a unpredictable punk…”
Ulqui looks at Ori
Ulqui: “It was hard but I finally managed to spawn an interest towards you people. But now…at this moment.”
Ori has a puzzled expression…
Ulqui: “Are you afraid of me…woman?”
Ori with a face full of sadness “I am not afraid of you”
Ulqui: “Oh…”
The instant Ori decides to touch him…
Ulquiorra has disintegrated into sand and disappeared…

It would be nice if they show Aizen fight next week.

Naruto 443 Spoiler with picture

443: Meeting
Rasengan hits down Pain.
Naruto takes the black rod and stabs himself to confirm the location of Nagato.
Flash back inside Naruto about happiness and peace.
Hinata is getting better under Sakura's treatmeat
Gai's team heard the victory of naruto from Katsuyu
Neji says to chase after Naruto but Katsuya stops him.
However, he insists to go.

Shikamaru's dad finds Naruto
Naruto: I have to go by myself.
Ino's dad: No
Flash back inside Shikamaru's dad about his talk with Shikamaru.
Shikamaru's dad: Count on you, Naruto.

A small door opens from the trees wrapped with paper

Nagato: Konan, leave here first.
Konan: Nagato.
Naruto: You're the real one in the back!
Nagato: The peace will come very soon.

Naruto and Nagato's thoughts
Chapter ends.

If this is real then this week is nothing much. Will wait till the rest of the pictures to be out.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Transformers 2 Spoiler! Michael Bay Killed Another Autobot in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen!

Michael Bay could be the most outspoken director I've seen in times.

He did it again. This time around, he revealed the death of another Autobot! Damn!

'I didn't like Arcee, so I kill her,' director says of short-lived pink Autobot.- Michael Bay

Damn! Out of the many, he killed Arcee!

Movie is around 2 months to go. Can't really wait as there's too much leaked info by the director.

More of the news here. (Michael Bay's Interview with

Liverpool's Last Hope

It's a dim chance.

After Man Utd's win against Aston Villa, Liverpool's chances are becoming lower. Its not going to end, but just lower.

Around 7-8 matches left, anything can STILL happen.

It's left for the strongest to win the title now. Even though Man Utd is leading the league right now, a few draws would see them dropped to 2nd place.

Another thing is Chelsea, they are still trailing with single points. They still can upset the rest.

If Porto can drew with Man Utd, something must be wrong.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Shinjuku Incident Movie Review

To me honest I wasn't impressed at first by the movie title. Lots of news about the movie getting banned in China due to the movie brutality. I didn't really plan to watch it but since I got tagged along why not?

The movie started slow with how Steelhead (Jackie Chan) went to Japan to look over for his girlfriend Xiu Xiu.

The movie then reflects the dark side of Tokyo. The works of an illegal immigrants were working. He then also helped by Jie (Daniel) to settle down in Japan.

Story then revolves when they had more complications in their life when they crossed path with several gangsters and yakuzas. Things were getting more interesting when Xiu Xiu is married a to a local gang leader.

There's lot of realness in the movie. Jackie and Daniel acted well in the movie. Its a must watch movie. One of the better Jackie's movies. Least fight but emotional.

I have no complaints of how the movie ended or how the story goes. The story itself was quite strong as Steelhead revolves from an illegal immigrant to a different person.

I shall said this again, watchable movie!

Friday, April 03, 2009

About Manga Spoilers

Its very noticeable that the blog lately had been posting manga spoilers for Naruto and Bleach. I'm a huge admirer for both manga and posting spoilers here will be somehow permanent at the moment.

I had been missing in action for 2 weeks and I will be traveling again next week. I would consider this weekend to be a good time for resting.

I woke up today very dizzy probably overdosed my cough syrup. I missed a schedule video shoot today, but someone was in plan to cover for me.

There's so many things that I would love to post it there but there's too many to write and too least time to do so.

Naruto 442 Spoiler

Full chapter should be released very soon today.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Back From Lumut

My last 5 working days in Lumut was fun but tiring. On the third day, I was down with flu and fever. Well, I carried on and I'm back at home now.

The bloody hot weather played its part and the traveling time as well.

I must admit that I'm getting old. Can't really keep up with the young ones and the old ones. I need a long sleep tonight. Will update more soon. Taking my medicine now. :p

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

In Perak Right Now

I'm stuck in Perak for a few days work here. Going back home tomorrow if we can wrap up everything in time. Been working very hard here. See you guys soon.

Bleach 352 Spoiler

Spoiler early out! Ishida killed by Ichigo!!