Friday, February 29, 2008

Elections hot up...

Elections are getting hotter. BN, is starting the propaganda on all media except internet. This includes radio, newspapers, TV and even cinemas. Not to mention billboards and banners on the road. We are definitely hitting the election fever this time around.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Brock Lesnar Vs. Frank MIR (UFC)

Former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar takes on Frank Mir at his debut in UFC. One of the most anticipating match of the year in UFC. Here comes the pain, BROCK LESNAR!!!

Hottest Girl in CHERAS!!! Jenice Lee!!

Seriously... When I look at this billboard at the first time, I thought its some motivational advert or some women advert like Jenny Craig? When I look carefully lower bottom right... I was like... Holy #$%$#!! God bless DAP! I never intended to blog about politics in my blog. I wish to remain neutral at certain point but I have to break my own rules for this. Throughout my going to be 30 year old life, I never seen such billboard that is meant for politics. This picture to me represent a lot, not just the pretty face. It represent a certain change in this country. And it is from the opposition at this point. She even has a website and phone number? Sad to say I'm voting at the other end of Cheras. So good try Jenice Lee, good luck! Check her out at

Monday, February 25, 2008

Tottenham Hot Spurs win League Cup!

Spurs beat Chelsea 2-1 at extra time to win the English League Cup. It has been a while since Spurs win something in recent times and I must say Spurs deserved their win. Ramos was a happy man seeing his boys beating Chelsea in extra time.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I will start to JOG starting tomorrow...

New light??

Cut the story short. I am getting fatter and fatter. I have to start something very soon. Well, starting tomorrow, I will start to jog after work. Will see how long I last this jogging thing but why quit when I haven't even started trying? Wish me luck...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Bye Bye MARVEL!!

I think its time to let go something from my collections... After serious and deep thoughts... I will be letting all my Marvel figures out on Ebay progressively. I have no place for them anymore. They need new owners...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Liverpool for Champions League Trophy?

Liverpool has no more choices. FA CUP, League Cup and the title race is over. Only left one cup that is within the reach but in a very difficult way. After defeated by lowly Barnsley, Liverpool rebounded by thrashing Inter Milan 2-0. The way this things go is, only Champions League Cup will save Benitez from firing this season. Like it or not, Benitez will have a tough time and Liverpool is going to have a tougher time.


The long awaited Edison's press conference is already over. He apologized and quits Hong Kong Entertainment indefinitely! More of the news HERE.

Few assumptions we can make about this press con. First, KIRA is already paid the ransom, KIRA is the guy who distrubutes the pictures online. Second, Edison might struck a deal with HK police for his safety. Thirdly, Edison is forced to quit HK showbiz. Edison will be gone from HK for a very long time. I think Edison will go to Hollywood to try his luck. Good luck, Edison.

Money Magic

When you talk about money, its a risky business. One shall not undermine the magic of money.
Mortgages are not easy. Getting a right mortgage is also a tough choice. There are so many of them in the market with so many different plans. Interesting enough I read this article about budgeting.
Its called budgeting its the top priority for Brits. Its no secret that many people is budgeting due to sluggish economy. Even in Malaysia, many people are budgeting and picking up the right deal due to the slow economy.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

CNY Gathering @ Superwilson's House 2008

BubbleShare: Share photos - green toy news

It was really one of the most last minute thing I have done in recent times and thank god, most of my friends turned up. Sorry for the people that I missed out. The gathering was rather rush. In fact, if you look carefully, only a handful I called. Only 2 groups of friends I invited this year. Buddies and high school friends from La Salle and my close salsa friends. I also regretted for not entertaining everyone as you all know what happened that day! I will arrange more gatherings at my place soon. Thanks for the people who turned up. I was very happy...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kuala Lumpur is a great place to work!

KL is a great place to work. I took this picture around 7 in the morning. To be fair, this will be the same thing everyday. Imagine if you have to endure such traffic jam everyday in KL. The moment you reach your office, you might not even have the mood for the day. If you wonder why KL people so grumpy, u know the reason now.

Lydia Sum Passed Away....

A sad day for Hong Kong and the many TVB fans. Lydia Sum has passed away peacefully. Her talent and her trademark laughter will be remembered forever. Rest in peace. More of the news HERE.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Edison Chen Changed The World?

Click the image to enlarge. Found this somewhere, interesting enough that it lists down the dates the pictures released up to date. I don't think Edison Chen changed the world. In HK, he might changed the world, out of HK, he just changed HK. Artists or celebrities in HK now are more aware of such problems and they will be very careful of such things in the future. If this happened in USA, stars normally getting more ratings. However when this things happened in Asia, its different. We Asians are still more conservative of such things even though we tend to say open to such things.

Edison Chen in Deep Trouble! Police bargain and got AXED!

Edison is getting more troubles even he is not in HK yet. Billboards of him has been taken down in HK. In a string of pullouts, this will be the recent event. Read more about it HERE.
Furthermore, Edison Chen is now bargaining with HK Police with 3 conditions. The newspaper said that the star is negotiating with the police via his lawyers for 24-hour police protection, a safe house and a guarantee of his status as a witness. According to the newspaper, the police have agreed to the first request if circumstances require, but have refused to commit to the second or third. Read more about the news HERE.

It is no joke about Edison Chen right now. He indeed worried about his safety as there are rumors that HK triads will take him down once he comes back to HK. Not just his career is on the line now but his life as well. We will see how things will come in recent days.

Hot Wheels!! Made in Japan!

How can I resist such things from Japan. Moreover this are Bandai made Hot Wheels. You don't see that often. In fact, most of the cars made are hot anime or hot Japanese series cars! More pictures HERE. I'm not going Gungho for Hot Wheels but this little fellas are just too hard to resist.

California Criminal Law and Defense

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Liverpool 1-2 Barnsley, Knocked OUT Cold!

I don't bother who's the guy name is but Barnsley knocked out Liverpool out of FA CUP. What a shocker or what a disappointment Liverpool had been? Left the UEFA Champions League dream is reachable for Liverpool or else, empty handed season.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Itachi's Amaterasu! Chapter 310 Spoiler!

The pain of Mangekyou Sharingan's doujutsu Amaterasu! Itachi's Amaterasu Vs. Sasuke's 2nd Level Goukakyuu! The extent of damage to the eye until it bleeds. That is how powerful Amaterasu and how destructive to the eye of the user!

The Amazing Race Asia 2 Finale!!!

The Singaporeans beat the odds and won the race in Singapore! To make things more interesting, the Malaysian sisters got 2nd beating favorite Marc and Rovilson to third. It was all until the roadblock that decides the winner! Luck can't help this time around when team Singapore who were the last team but finished the roadblock first. Chong sisters were so happy to beat Marc and Rovilson at the last race. News coverage HERE.


To my horror, since Wednesday my house phone is not working at all. Since then, I live a life without internet access at home. Furthermore, TM claimed they fixed my phone cables. After getting my modem burned last month, this is something that I do not wish for. I just pray that they will fixed my cable today so I can surf all night long....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Parliament Dissolves Today! Gearing up for Elections!!

The parliament dissolved today and Malaysians are gearing up for elections! This will be our country's 12th election and my 2nd election as a voter.

Election rules
The general election must be held within 60 days of Parliament being dissolved, in accordance with Article 55(4) of the Federal Constitution.

Once Dewan Rakyat is dissolved, the tenure of all MPs automatically ends, which also means that they stop enjoying the privileges, perks, and powers related to their function.

Until the next Parliament is convened, the country is run by a caretaker government.

The caretaker government's role is to keep the government machinery running, and should not involve making policy changes or formulating new legislation.

More about the news, HERE.

CNY 2008 @ Jui Wan's & Fei Geng

The food....
Preparing the yee-sang....
Get set and go????
Forget to mention, Jui Wan's place got a lift...
Fei Geng's place...

It was raining. Thank god it didn't rain that much in PJ. Had 2 sessions, one at Jui Wan's and later at Fei Geng's. Thanks for the good food.

Back to work today...

I guess celebration and the holidays are over. Back to work today and pretty busy I must say. Running here and there and now rushing for CNY lunch. It feels so good sometimes to work. I'm serious. Happy Chinese New Year!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Edison Chen And Maggie Q pictures are OUT? Latest on Edison...

Latest rumor picture on Edison Chen with Maggie Q. There are also report on Edison Chen in suicidal bid claim. Read more HERE. On top of that, a 9th suspect has been arrested and there was a small protest in Hong Kong. Read more about it HERE. I bet there will be more news on Edison Chen soon after Gillian Chung broke up her silence yesterday and there will be more celebrities involved will do so. Miriam Yeung declines to comment on the scandal or involved in the scandal. Read more about Miriam HERE.

Salsa Havana Specials on 14th/15th Feb 2008




@ Salsa Havana, Federal Hotel, KL


Bring a friend, a special person or just a bunch of good friends and enjoy a Special Valentines Day Salsa Night


DJ BOSCO will be presenting to all salsa music fans at Salsa Havana the

“Best of 2007/ The Critics Choice”!

Just for RM20 you get...

- Dinner (starts at 8pm)

- A free drink (includes soft drinks (coke or sprite) or house pouring (Tequila, Brandy, Whisky, Rum, vodka, Gin or Mohito or Cuba Libre )

- Casino Rueda Workshop -all levels (by Pat from 9pm to 10:30pm)

- DJ Bosco from New York (spinning from11pm to 1am)





8.00pm – 10.00pm- Buffet dinner with Asian & Oriental Style Tapas

10.00pm – Social Dancing

Dress Code: Oriental

We have fabulous prizes that we will be giving away for best dressed and for those who dance the most gracefully in their Oriental outfits !!!!


This is an announcement from Salsa Havana, I'm not getting paid for this. Martin, the owner is a great guy and Salsa Havana is a great Salsa Club. Do free to drop by, you won't be disappointed.

My SSangyong Actyon Broke Down within a week!

Imagine stuff like this can happen?

Its not even a week old car!

My family got a new Ssangyong Actyon last week. Desmond was driving back home and heard a some noise. After stopping the car, they freaked out when they saw a shaft dropped. They were driving slow on the highway as it is a new car. The car is towed back for a claim. Happy Chinese New Year...

The Evolution Of Dance....Over 70 Millions views!

It is a very interesting video about the evolution of dance. If this video has the hits of over 70 million views on Youtube, you expect nothing but excellent! Great video, must watch!

Monday, February 11, 2008

CNY Dinner @ Robson

Lion dance...
Indians are playing the drums nowadays??

Brandon, SW, Rachel, Lynn, Glen

Rachel's family.

Sometimes, I can write a lot for a simple thing and sometimes I'm just speechless. The dinner was good, I mean the food. Had quite a few couple of red wine and I love the CNY atmosphere.