Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Return Of Football Manager Addiction...

Once, there were wives protesting a football game that claimed damaged their family lives. Such great football game is none other than Football Manager. Even there were few press reports on this. The best part of this game is theres are purely running on texts. Read it right. And it is only for REAL football lovers. The addiction can run a person for not sleeping for nights and even turned them to great managers of all time. BEWARE I have returned to manage Liverpool and to bring them to greater heights where no managers have done it before.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Co-operative Home Insurance Services

Simplicity is the best way to live a life. Why would I say that? Why go for long queues? Why even bother to make a phone call when you can do everything on the Internet. Well more over when it comes to insurance. Luckily enough, I have an easier solution especially a home insurance. Why home insurance? Because for the one policy u get from them, u get 4 great cover options. On top of that, when you sign online, you get a 10% off. Well, when you talk about home insurance I reckon you need to find a good and right insurance company. Why don't you get a quote or even check out their other amazing deals. No harm trying, by the way, its your home and there is no place like home.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Britney Spears VMA's Disaster Performance...

Watch it now before they take it off. Well, she looks er hem.... and she looked as if she didn't rehearse. Interesting to see how Britney how she is now. I mean her dressing... er hem... The crowd clapped at the end of the day... reluctantly....

Bus plunges to the sea, looking for survivors....

"Two passengers died after a bus plunged into the sea at the Stulang Laut beach near Jalan Ibrahim Sultan here.

Another nine people, including the bus driver, were injured in the 8am accident yesterday and were sent to the Sultanah Aminah Hospital.

Rescuers recovered the body of Esa Aman, 47, at about 8.30am, and the body of Kweh Mei Phing, 49, around 9.30am.

Johor Baru (South) traffic chief Deputy Supt Ooi Kok Siong said the bus was travelling from Johor Baru city along Jalan Lingkaran Dalam towards Stulang Laut when the driver lost control of the vehicle and plunged into the sea.

It was raining at the time of the accident.

"We will be conducting a more detailed check on the bus. We will also do checks on the records of the bus and the driver," he said.

DSP Ooi said search and rescue operations would continue as the police believed that some victims might have drifted out to sea.

"Besides, the Fire and Rescue Department, we have also enlisted the marine police to help us out," he said.

The Johor Baru Fire and Rescue Department operation commander Abdul Hamid Suhari said 19 personnel, including 10 from the scuba diving unit, are involved in the search and rescue efforts.

"The bus was lying on its side, making it hard to search for victims. We then used a crane to straighten the bus," he said.

Kweh's body was discovered after the bus was lifted by the crane, which was on loan from a nearby construction project.

At about 10.20am, another two cranes arrived to help drag out the bus from the sea. The three cranes finally lifted the bus out at about 11am." - The Star

First they skidded off the hill and now the buses go to the sea. When are we going to learn such things. If raining, drive slow. What is the use of taking such risks? When do we stop such accidents? When??

My MOST PRIZED Collection Up to Date!

My most prized collections up to date, with the likes of Metrotitan. Got this lately and really happy to have this. My first Lucky Draw Transformers. Takara Airazor, Ratrap and Cheetor. I don't know what's the difference but who cares! Till all are ONE!

For Tattoo Lovers...

Having a tattoo is a taboo in the past. However it is long gone now and time has changed much. Tattoo is always an art, the details and the drawings. Well, my friend always told me this, once you got a tattoo, you will asked for more. So then, with or without tattoo, have you ever fancy tattoo singles? I really mean it, HOT tattoo singles! I've looked around it and I would say, getting a hottie is never been easy. I'm talking about profiles with pictures, their locations and their biggest secret, their age. With free registration, getting to know them is just a few click of buttons. If you are too HOT and have too many people try to hook on, you can block the irritating persons. Well, this are just some of the cool stuffs they have. Check out tattoo singles now and you will not be disappointed!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lawyers unite today for a peace march

More than 1000 lawyers unite today to send the memorandum to PM in a peaceful march at Putrajaya. The infamous video clip incident creates one of the biggest judicial scandal. To be fair, the video clip could be right or wrong, if you view it in an open mind without siding anyone. However, can someone prove the authenticity of the video? Its really tough. Forget the clip, at least today we have lawyers hand by hand defending their own rights and their own views. Lastly, as I mentioned early, I will not side anyone until the truth prevails. Like the Hollywood movies, not all the news are real....

Torres "to rest"....

After destroying Reading with 4-2 scoreline with mixture of players, Torres who scored his first hattrick might not even be started this weekend against Wigan. It seems to be RAFA is doing it again. Arsenal will be getting a 70 million pounds transfer kitty while Liverpool is struggling to keep up pace with Gunners. Frankly, this season is one the last chances we have as there is no time to wait anymore.

Lovely Leather Chairs...

Rachel always asked me for a good leather chair. One of the reasons is we are a big fan of spa so we tend to spend times on leather chair for our foot massages. I'm not kidding on this one. Well, interestingly enough I do feel more comfortable on leather club chairs. Well, its leather... so it is soft especially during cold times/winter times or air conditioned in Malaysia. Some people might love black or even brown leather chairs while some might prefer recliner leather chairs. For me being a amateur on leather chairs, I wouldn't want to explain much but I do like the brown leather chair. Let's face it leather club chairs are great chairs even for decorations. Check it out now!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Star Wars Transformers Death Star is HERE!!

The Death Star is here! Damn cool, with sound and lights. The toy is huge. I'm no longer collecting Star Wars as many might know so getting this piece means its really good. The box itself is huge and I think its quite fair to say its a must for collector. 5 STARS!

Binoculars at

Are you a binocular fancy person? Well, I am not so but doesn't mean I don't need one. Times like watching Formula One in Sepang and even "watching" things from far need a binocular. There are also better usage of binoculars say opera or bird watching and so on. So bother to look for a place to get? Why not try the binoculars?They offers the widest selection of high quality binoculars - binoculars night vision, digital camera binoculars, bird watching binoculars, hunting binoculars, astronomical binoculars, marine binoculars & military binoculars. No matter what specifications you are looking for - zoom binoculars, waterproof binoculars, compact binoculars or giant binoculars we’ve got you covered! Not good enough, why not you check out their night vision binoculars. On top of that, you get free UPS in America! They even have reviews and how to buy, lowest price (I really mean it), product knowledge and the best customer service you can get online! There is a toll free number to call as well. There are so many things to talk about their website so make it short why not pay them a visit? Check out their site at binoculars, and all your prayers for binoculars will be answered!

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What can I only say is Keroro is getting too much on me! Well, this are one of the set I have. Interchangable eyes, cool right. I'm trying to get their series to watch. Keroro!!

Beast Machines Clear Out Sale!!

Raya comes early! I'm clearing out my Beast Machines collections. Pls email or msn me at for hot price! First come first serve basis, reservation for 7 days only. This are one time off sale, after this you will not get back such great cheap stocks again. Buy wisely!!



Monday, September 24, 2007

Transformers Powermaster Getaway FOR SALE

Transformers G1 Vintage Powermaster Getaway for sale. Slight tone yellowing and nothing broken. Joints are good, picture one was not transformed properly. This is a complete piece with powermaster and gun. Pls email me for price.

Inspirational and motivational blog, Karl's Blog

I have found one website interestingly lately and I would love to share it here, as usual. It is quite an interesting blog I find and its called the Karl's blog. Let me run a bit of introduction on this guy, Karl Moore. Karl Moore is a best-selling author and business entrepreneur. In addition. he posts inspirational messages to his blog daily, designed to inspire and help individuals in their spiritual growth. Something which is useful for inspirational help. I find his blog and his website very easy and very comfy. I think you guys should check out yourself, its Karl's blog and Karl Moore, the website. Psst... he had a cool voice welcome when u visit his site...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

SNeak Preview of my upcoming project....

Its real, no photoshop. My upcoming project will be unveiled soon. It is my first debut as a director. I will give more info once its confirmed. At the moment, take a wild guess.... :P

Arsenal extends lead, Liverpool's streak continues...

Arsenal pulled a 5 star performance by thrashing Derby 5-0. Sunderland stole a point from Boro 2-2-. Reading won at home 2-1 against Wigan. Liverpool continued their 3rd dull game streak. They drew to lowly Birmingham at Anfield, something that they never did for the past 60 years. Rafa experiments are getting haywire again and Arsenal is extending their lead on top of the table. Arsenal's youth system is paying off now!

KERORO 02 - Tamama Nitohei !

The craze continues!!! Tamama is awesome cute. Notice the eyes are changeable? And even the weapons as well. Comes with the lovely stand the usual! Go Keroro!!!

KERORO 13 Dororo Robo

KERORO's 13 Dororo Robo, the blue guy! After realizing my mistake from my first Keroro, this is a better piece. Not breaking anything and this has becoming addictive. Now awaits the time to get their DVD series! Go Keroro!

Dude You Are Getting a DELL! in France!

No matter what PC you getting consider this, Dell! You might think I'm boring telling you stories about Dell, in fact because I have been using Dell in my office since 1998, they are simply marvelous. From desktop to bureau pc, they have their class on their own. Why would I say that? Have you ever had problem with your desktop? I have in fact and instead of carrying your whole desktop to the computer shop, they come and fix it for you. Imagine in France, everything is so pricy, would you travel around to get your PC fix? Yes if you are in city, but what happened in small towns? Well, you got it dude! You are making a great choice because you are getting a DELL in France!

This post is sponsored by the number one computer brand in the world and France, DELL.