Tuesday, July 31, 2007

SINGAPORE!! We are coming!!

SINGAPORE!! WE ARE COMING! In October, you will get a bunch of SalsaJayers travelling down south! Thank god its in October so means I still got time to diet.

"Thank you for booking the following tickets using our web site:

1. Unless otherwise noted at the time of purchase, your tickets will be mailed to you within 5 working days to the address you have indicated in your booking form.

2. If your order is made within 5 working days of the event date, your tickets will be held for pickup at the event venues box-office, an hour before performance time.

3) Please take note that we do not mail tickets to foreign
mailing addresses.Tickets can be picked up at the venue's box office an hour before performance time.

Using Visa you purchased:
Friday 19/10/07 , 4:00PM


Subtotal : $584.00
Handling Fee : $1.00
Total : $585.00

Please retain this email for your records."

Thanks Tony for the ticket booking!!

Spotted a 355 Spider....

Some time last week, stuck in a jam and spotted a 355 spider yellow Ferrari. Just manage to get a few shots just for fun. Thinking why don't I post it here no harm.

I bumped to 2 gorgeous ladies... at work....

I'm so short standing beside Hannah Lo
Me and Stephanie Chai....

Bumped to 2 gorgeous ladies at an event few weeks ago. They are really nice people to work with.

Monday, July 30, 2007

O'Briens @ The Curve

My fav, hot choco with mashmallows...
I love the tootsies for no reason. It just taste great. I always love hot choco with mashy. Place is cozy enough for me to stay there for a while. Sandwich was great, price was reasonable as well. I don't really mind to go over for lunchy again. More pictures here.

An IRAQ Fairytale....

Younis Mahmoud, the captain scored the winner at 71st min against football giant Saudi Arabia to claim their first ever ASIA CUP. This is not just a story or even a fairytale, its a fact. Their country still battling at home for a freedom they are still trying to achieve. One must say that US led war to Iraq is not giving them peace but more grieves. Innocent people killed more than those killed by Saddam Hussein era. What has done is done, the damage still continues by every single day. Despite, encountering all this, IRAQ produces a great football team. A team of a brave men living in dreams and a Brazilian Jorvan Vieira that guides them to that dream. This is not just football, its for the people of Iraq. The underdogs of the tournament has won the tittle. ASIAN Cup 2007 will be part of the bigger history. Iraq humiliated Australia 3-1 in group matches. They played fantastic football. Must remember, they have no football fields to train and yet they achieve such a feat. We MALAYSIANs who have been playing football for more than 50 years are punching bags of this tournament. SHAME ON YOU! Learn from this warriors, don't always look for money, waiting people to get blame. Playing in Jakarta, people lived in fear as the semifinal match against Korea, 50 people was killed by suicide bombers. However, they have something to cheer and to be happy about. It is about a team of footballers going to a competition that they could never thought of winning. This is a lesson about football, bravery and passion. This has prove money cannot buy success. From here, I would love to see European clubs to open their eyes and give this players a chance to play. Let their dreams continue and let them play proper football. Don't waste such talents, give them a chance, a plea I would ask as well. Lastly, FAM please stop blaming god knows who on failure, learn from this. Today is a great day for Asian football, today is a great day for Iraq and today is a day to remember. Thank you and good night.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

BEWARE PUCHONG! Jeff Ooi IS Coming!!

It is reported that blogger Jeff OOi might join DAP for the next election. His destination will Puchong and Kinrara. It is very interesting to see a blogger to contest for election, but as your loyal reader, I reckon Puchong will benefits your presence. Jeff OOi Boleh! More read here.

Blast at Tony's Birthday @ Sanctuary

Tony and his buddies!
Rachel, Missymynx, Me, Zique, Tony
Rachel & MissyMynx (Steph)
All night long... Already 4 bottles, how many coming?
Zique (Michael) with the supply...Denise?, Me and Tony
Baby kissed me...
Mike and Steph! So adorable!

Rachel and I WASN'T invited to a party (I don't give a shit) but we WERE welcomed to Tony's Birthday at Sanctuary. It was a blast. Sanctuary was basically PACKED! Bloggers and best friends, Michael and Steph came as well. We went off early, I was definitely overdosed with Hennessy and Black Label. There will be more upcoming news on my salsa, you will be surprised and you will be entertained as well. For now enjoy, the pictures on Tony's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY!!

I was on TV3 Remaja!

There were 2 interviews, first Zodie (Predaking), second me (superwilson). I looked horrible (I was sick during the shoot), saddened. This is the first time on TV so I was a bit shaky, I'm still a bit shy of it.

Source: Magickat (TransMY) via Youtube.com (Thanks to Transmy and the Transmyians to support us for this)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Heinze tomato ketchup spilling over Man Utd, Ferguson eat your words?

Heinze tomato ketchup did something that Ferguson never think of. Heinze gonna bring Man Utd to court. Ferguson eat your words and get what you have done to tomato ketchup. Liverpool will get the ketchup at the end of the day. Get a new ketchup or better go and eat chilly. Liverpool will get a new flavor this upcoming season and it will be Heinze tomato ketchup.

I had signed up for Pay Per Post

Exactly a few months back, a friend of mine said that he made money from blogging. Out of curiosity I asked how and he told me about Pay Per Post. It took just a while he explain to be about blog network. By then, I gave my thought about it and I started blogging again. Then, I've signed up for payperpost. Well, as I blog and didn't I realized that my blog qualified. From there, I made my first post. It was around 6 dollars. Well, it was approved. If you wonder why would I write about payperpost now because I received my first post money few days ago. Of course I am excited as there are more to come. Must I say that eventually blog network changed my life. Now I loved blogging and I have more readers, and with that I can also earn side income with blog network. I have now and then recommend more bloggers to blog network. They love the idea so much. I constantly check their site now and eventually meeting a few other bloggers from there. It is a blessing to have such great company helping bloggers and advertisers. I am happier before now because I had signed up for PAY PER POST!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Derek Surprise Birthday @ SalsaJay, U GOT PUNKED!

Derek behind.. me getting the girls shot!
Derek, no matter how you still will get Punked by Salsajayers. We outsmarted you this time! HAPPY BIRTHDAY mate...

Rain like no tomorrow!!!

Can you what I'm seeing. Its 5pm and its raining darn heavy. Don't think can go back early todady.

Happy Belated Birthday ZAI

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! SORRY for Missing out your party at SALSA HAVANA! Don't ever think that I would forget to post your Birthday greetings here!

LIVERPOOL and MAN UTD fighting for a HEINZE Tomato Ketchup!

Liverpool and Man Utd is currently battling for one tomato ketchup name HEINZE. Man Utd don't want to play him and don't want to sell him. Heinze is not a nobody so when Liverpool wants him, Ferguson becomes a crybaby. This is football, look at Italy and Spain, players go anywhere. I do hope Liverpool will get him soon. At the end of the day, who will win the HEINZE? We will see... will see....

An Amazing and Adventurous Journey of a Malaysian Blogger

As many may know that blogging is already part of my life, When I start blogging, there is so much I had to learn, quality and interesting blogs, viewers and links. Must I say after months of blogging, I'm still trying to achieve more viewers to my blog. Recently, I manage to read quite a few lovely blogs particularly from Malaysia. One must agree that we Malaysians can blog! The blog I bumped to is little princess. Interesting enough little princess has 2 kids and they are so cute! I even found that they want to couple of places such Japan, I am so jealous, lol! Well, I'm not going to spoil any more. You can check it out at little princess. Let us show our Malaysian bloggers BOLEH!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Battle of the Gulf, Asian Cup Final 2007

IRAQ stunned South Korea by winning 4-3 at penalties while Cup holder Japan bite the dust defeated by Saudi Arabia 3-2 in an attacking match. Japan has themselves to blame for slopping defending while Korea blew it by not snatching the win at full time. It will be a battle of Gulf and I would love to see Iraq getting this one. With country in war and problems, Iraq a nobody reached the final beating bigger and fancier team so why, not? Iraq to win.

Best of Ice Hockey at HockeyFuture.com

Ice hockey is a rising sport here given the media coverage and the matches they arranged. We have TV coverage on hockey but its often outdated probably by a few days. I do understand they are also hockey fanatics as well. For hockey lovers, let me feed you with a great site to satisfy your needs on hockey. HockeyFuture currently is doing a 2007 hockey draft review on teams. On top of that they even listed the top 50 prospects with profiles and picture, NHL Rankings as well as ISS Top Ten. That is not all, they also offers country and league team pages. Hence, they have a chatroom and trade rumors board as well. Not to forget they have radio as well! So check out the news and review on hockey draft now. Follow your hockey idol and get their latest news at http://www.hockeysfuture.com/nhl_entry_draft/ - hockey !
This post is brought to you by HockeyFuture.com

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Bumblebee / Bumble Bee Sings!

Check it OUT!! I'm not kidding! The latest and coolest toy you can get in the market. Once it sings, it will never stops. And the best part is it dances as well. Bumblebee is so damn cool

David's work selected at CG websites!

* One of his work is selected at CG Arena!
* Another work of his selected as editor's pick for CG channel! BRAVO!!

AuthorHouse, the leading self-publishing company

Have you ever thought of publishing your own book? I had a thought a couple years back when I thought I had a great story but when thinking it properly to get a publisher is not an easy task. I know a few friends that enjoy writing but never had a chance to publish them. Well, now the wait is no longer an option. Publishing a Book is no longer hard with AuthorHouse. Since 1997, AuthorHouse has a publishing goals of 27,000 copies of books. As a leading self-publishing company, publishing a Book goals now can be guided with AuthorCentric Self-Publishing Process. Authors also remain their rights on their books unlike other competitors. From publishing to marketing, printing to distributing, everything can be done easily here. I must admit that this is a good opportunity for first time author, maybe another star writer in the making, who knows?Publishing a Book now is never been easy!

This Post Brought to you by AuthorHouse.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Transformers The Movie Replicas

* Bumblebee Replica
*Barricade Replica
*Megatron replica...

I'm still awaits Optimus Prime replica, this are just movie replicas, non-transformable.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Alonso wins German GP, Massa second, Webber third, Kimi retired....

Alonso showed the rest why is he 2 times F1 champion by overtaking Massa at the last few laps of the race while Kimi's car failure puts him out in misery. Red bull celebrated their first podium finish with Mark Webber as he slipped at the last few corners and almost overtaken by Wurtz. A lot of crashes and a lot of drama with rain comes in and out. Hamilton got 9th position, no more records to be broken.

Transformers PSP Kit Exclusive!

Exclusive Kit for PSP! 21 in 1, I didn't manage to get it, took this picture from my friend's set. Why all are this exclusive never mass produced? I only know 2 people who got it in Malaysia so far!