Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Flymas.Mobi – as easy as 1,2,3!

Forget the days of logging on the internet, finding your booking and print it out as proof. Those were the "yesterdays". For the first time in Malaysia, things going to be much simpler. As easy as 1,2,3!

Yeah, hear me right, as easy as 1,2,3!


Just log on using your mobile via, for the booking!

Before I go there, how do we usually book our airline tickets?

1. Call our beloved travel agents, not a good thing to do in office. Boss might be around and colleagues might back stab you! Using travel agents will cost more and have to wait longer as the travel agent need to check your schedule through their system.

2. Surf the internet and book online. When there's a MAS Everyday Low Fare sale, the whole world knows, even your boss! So its not a good idea! Furthermore not all offices have access to the internet.

Either way above, you need to proof of purchase and receipts upon checking in.


1. You can check and book everywhere, just with your mobile phone. All phones are applicable and you don't even need to have an iPhone, Blackberry or Blueberry or what sort ever smart phones. Normal mobile phones can book also (proof below!)

2. It's easier to book with mobile phone. You can do it in toilet during office hours, you can do it during lunch our, you can do it in the car (you are not the one driving please!!), you can do it silently during meetings or trainings and you can even do it at night time when your family or when spouse asleep (shhh) ! Just do it whenever you feel like doing it with your mobile phone, and no worries for slow internet connections cause you don't need one!!

3. It comes with BM (Bahasa Melayu / Malaysia) and English!

4. Easy and simple interface! Most important of all. I owned a small phone so I don't need fancy interface, uses easy interface that's easy to read and understand!

5. Payment via Credit card. Easy payment system using credit card. If you don't own a credit card, no problem. There will be a call center telephone number shown during payment page. Hassle free!

6. Confirmation via SMS. Confirmation after payment will be via sms. A QR code will be sent to your mobile phone. Use the QR code to check in at the airport (see below).

Real Life Experience!

I checked my flight using my mobile on at trip to Penang. I log in to and the schedule was shown as above with the pricing. Easy to read and easy to navigate!

Then I booked my ticket via and I received my confirmation via sms.

During the actual day, I needn't to worry about my booking number or my receipts or the troublesome paperworks. I just went there straight, with my mobile phone!

I even have time to camwhore with my beloved friends at the airport. If you wondering what if I forgot to bring my mobile phone?

Well, it's easy. I just borrowed another phone, log in to to receive the confirmation via sms again!

This is the QR code I mentioned just now. I just need to show this on the screen (this from the sms).
Go to the scanner and scanned it! Beep, and green and there we go!

While my pariah Sony Ericsson K770i can do it, sure yours can. Rachel used her HTC to check in as well. No more worries, no more hassle!

While the rest was still queueing up checking in, we already on our way to our flight to receive the best MH (Malaysian Hospitality) by MAS. Not forget, MAS won the Best Cabin Crew award because Malaysia Boleh!

Me and Rachel didn't regret using to check in. We enjoyed our flight to the fullest to Penang.

Well it was because - as easy as 1,2,3!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas and New Year with Prince Hotel's Christmas Menu, KL

Yes, we were away for our long awaited holiday in Trang, Thailand with beloved friends. However, if you want to have an amazing Christmas experience in Kuala Lumpur, you should continue reading this.

Prince Hotel has tailor made a Christmas menu for this festive season.

Firstly, Prince Hotel's popular Japanese Restaurant, Enju.

ENJU Japanese Restaurant: Christmas Eve Set Dinner - 24 December (RM120++/pax)

Kaki Oyster Cocktail was one to look for, for oyster lovers. The oysters were fresh! Rachel had a few of this, she loved it!

Chef with the huge Nama Tarabagani.

This gigantic Hokkaido crabs were air flown (fresh) from Hokkaido and well marinated to taste the freshness of the meat. This was lovely. The crab meat was very fresh and not to mention the crab was huge.

Let me give you the full details of the Enju Christmas Set
The ENJU Christmas Set Eve Dinner consists of:
Kaki oyster cocktail
Mizu gai sashimi
Awabi shiru
Nama tarabagani
Ise ebi age to inaniwa udon
Yashinomi mango pudding

After the Enju, we moved on to Tai Zi Heen. We started off with the Cold Appetizer Trio.

Then sinful raised pearl shark’s fin with crab meat and crab roe in superior broth. For those that against shark fins, you can skipped this. No offense, the dish came with a generous amount of shark fins and the broth was sweet. This was sinfully nice.

Sauteed diced beef tenderloin with leeks, crispy sliced garlic and honey peas in a Vietnamese rice paper basket was something unique. The diced beef tenderloin was tenderly cooked. Not forgeting the well presentation of this dish.

Braised sea cucumber with jade shell fish in sauteed baby cabbage will be suited for vegetable lovers.

Wok-fried glass noodles with prawns, grouper and squid

Tai Zi Heen's Xiu Long Bao was next. It was decent.

Dessert Trio will make sure you leave with a sweet taste in your mouth. I would say this was a good happy ending dish!

Chef Ricky, the genuis behind the lovely Tai Ze Heen menu.

Tai Zi Heen Chinese Restaurant: New Year’s Eve Set Dinner consists of:

Tai Zi Heen Cold Appetizer Trio
Braised pearl shark’s fin with crab meat and crab roe in superior broth
Sauteed diced beef tenderloin with leeks, crispy sliced garlic and honey peas in a Vietnamese rice paper basket
Braised sea cucumber with jade shell fish in sauteed baby cabbage
Wok-fried glass noodles with prawns, grouper and squid
Milk pudding with passion fruit coulis

For reservations: Tai Zi Heen: 03-2170 8888 ext. 8200

We didn't stop there, we proceed to Eccucino next.

Yes, we loved the new Christmas decorations.

And not to forget the Christmas theme cakes.

A hidden Santa, shhh....

An ice cold frozen Christmas tree at the sashimi section.

The cute little house (part of the deco).

The Christmas deco with the chocolate fondue behind.

Yeah, one shall not forget the turkey.

Told you all Rachel is a big eater.

Lastly, me and the gang. It was an amazing dinner experience at Prince Hotel. Very good food served and very good service as well. Top class!

Eccucino - RM120++/pax (buffet)

For reservations: ECCUCINO: 03-2170 8888 ext. 8119/8120

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

OMG!! GOODYEAR Formula Drift 2009 Malaysia Preview

Thank you the organizers of GOODYEAR Formula Drift Pro-Am Series 2009 for the media pass. The event itself was awesome!!

Held for the FIRST TIME! Yeah in Malaysia on 19th - 20th December, 2009 at MAEPS (Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang), the event was world class! I took more than 400 pictures on Sunday alone.

I was pretty excited as this was my first drifting event I attended. Let me show some previews of the event, full update will be coming soon!

They gave me a media pass so I can photo trigger happy! The place was packed!

Check out the hot drifting cars with capacity crowd behind!

Not to mention the sizzling umbrella girls!

Hello ladies!

What am I looking for in such event? Smokin' tires and free rubber smell!

Custom made local cars! Mazda RX 8 Police Car Edition, cool and awesome!

Female hottie driver Azrina Jane! Autograph session with her and the rest of the top class drifters! Woot!!

Dream battle! Mad Mike vs Ryuji Miki!! Crowd went wild for this!

Local Drift King, Tengku Djan vs. Nasrul!!

Not forgetting my camwhore sessions with the hot umbrella girls!

More comprehensive update about the event will be coming soon!

Custom made cars, International Car Drifters, Awesome Drift Cars and Hot Umbrella Girls, nothing more can be ask for!

I hope you all love the preview and heck, you all just missed a hell of an event! GOODYEAR Formula Drift Pro-Am Series 2009 ROCKS!!

Thanks for reading~~~ pst..pst..

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Very Good Halal Chinese Food at China Treasures, SDCC

This was not another food review. This was one of the better food review or could be one of the best.

Place was just renovated and it bring a new "class" of its one. Read more HERE.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Fashion Show of Malaysia, MIFA 2009

Last month I was invited for my first ever MIFA or MIFW - Malaysia International Fashion Week. Thanks to my friend Jen, I managed to grab a very front seat, quite near to the runway. I took hundreds of pictures. All of them are HERE.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Spend RM 800 and Get Free Bali or Phuket 5 days 4 nights voucher!

When I read about it, I was like...."sure or not?"

Seriously, how to believe?

Spend RM 800 on shopping and get free holiday voucher!

No catch, no slogan and its not even a bloody contest!

Go to Alamanda Putrajaya now to 27th December, spend RM 800 on total spending in a day and get this 8-day voucher is validated online and you have a choice to choose between Bali or Phuket for 5 days 4 nights and also a 3 days 2 nights local destination in Malaysia where you choose one destination from Kuantan, Langkawi, Penang, Port Dickson or Perhentian Island.

More info, read HERE.

Monday, December 07, 2009

I Caught My 5 Months Old Puppy Wanking!

We were like wtf? Bosco only like 5 months old already got horny. Trust me, we not gonna touch that pillow of his.

Watch the video HERE.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Nurses and Half Naked Man at Pikom PC Fair 2009

Last time I went to PC Fair is to buy computer or parts. So do many other people like me. However, after a few years of absence, I was at PC Fair today. Gosh, time has passed by so much or I'm getting so bloody old.

It's no longer a cheap PC haven, instead hot cute girls posing mania. I some girls cosplay in some nurse uniform. Not to mention dozen of photographers taking pictures of models. I regretted not bringing my DSLR.

More pictures, HERE

Friday, December 04, 2009

Malaysia's Mix Fm Is Getting Boring

No offense to the people who is doing the Mix Fm morning show. Without Pietro and Serena C, the morning show sucks big time. I know what the hell is going on with Mix Fm and after weeks of it, I switched to other radio station. I enjoy Rudy, Ferhad and the rest doing the show but they keep changing the DJ.

I felt Mix Fm have no respect to listeners changing DJs like that.

I missed the great DJs of Mix Fm.... Richard Ng, Shaz, Pietro and Serena C.

Well, I believe I won't be the single person who is frustrated with Mix Fm now!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

When I Forgot That I Am Fat

You don't tell me, I'm plum or things like that. I'm fat, very fat to be precise. Another word for this, its called obese. The word obese somehow sounds like shit. Either way, it never sounds good.

I was in Larut Hill or Maxwell Hill in Taiping last weekend. Equipped with DSLR, I started to walk around Larut Hill to take the best shots. Then, I thought I would like to jog back up the hill, I ran up. Without minutes, I was breathless. My client caught up with me, ask me what happened.

I told him, "I forgot that I'm fat! shit!"

After years being obese, I got so used to it. It would be a lie that I will not want to be slimmer. Yet, when my age caught up, losing weight is getting much tougher. But anyhow, I always forgot that I am fat.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Food Tasting for Pizza Hut!

Me, Chris of, Jess of and Ken of

Thanks to Chris, I was invited to my first ever Pizza Hut Food Tasting! It was coincidentally falls on my birthday!

So then what happened when Birthday + Food Review >>Find out MORE!