Saturday, February 28, 2009

Havana EStudio 10th Anniversary Party

Last year's Dec 13, there was a great party. It was so great, it took me more than 2 months to blog about it. It was the Havana Estudio 10th Anniversary Party!

I stopped learning salsa since 4-5 months ago. Reason being that me and Rachel thought a break would be nice. Then, it became longer until the 10th Anniversary Party where we had lots of fun. Since the theme was celebrity/superstar theme, I tried to wear as close to the theme.


Tony wanted to give us a surprise. He bought his "suit" from India. It cost him a few hundred ringgit getting the whole attire.


We were looking for Sam and Aishah and we found them. Sam was P. Ramlee while Aishah was Saloma. Very cheeky! They had a very cute "Malaysian" salsa dance. It was really good!


Then, we met "Ali G" Derick and "Bjork" Lena. Derick got himself quite a number bling-bling for his theme.

A few dance performances were shown. Then, I was chosen for the best dress men. I told the crowd, I was trying to impersonate "Kung Fu Panda" and I won a night stay at Westin.


It was a memorable salsa dancing night as we danced till late. It has been a while since I enjoyed it so much.

From tomorrow onwards, I'm back to salsa classes with Havana Estudio. It's nice to go back and have fun again. ~~~ Salsa!!~~~

Friday, February 27, 2009

Bleach Manga 347 Is OUT!

Like many past Fridays, BLEACH is out as well. Check it out HERE.

Naruto 437 Manga Is Out

Naruto Manga 437 is OUT! FOR FULL ENGLISH VERSION PLS Click HERE. - credits >> OneManga

Naruto Manga 437 is OUT! FOR FULL ENGLISH VERSION PLS Click HERE. - credits >> OneManga

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Do A Blogger Needs To Read Lots Of Blogs?

Hmm.. I had been blogging for almost 2 years already. Time flies right. I never thought I could even write properly back then. Of course now, my England improve a bit.

There's a question always hits me when I met other bloggers. They tend to read a lot of other blogs, which I didn't (no offense). I seldom read blogs except a few that's on my list. I don't really go and explore that much of blogs as there are too many of them.

So sometimes in gatherings or such, I felt so left out. And I do felt "paiseh" as I didn't explore others blogs as well. Its not really a big dillema or something but how many bloggers do really read that much?

Do a blogger really needs to read lots of blogs?


I went to the IKEA Sales today. To the extent of my kiasu-ness, I woke up 6 am, went to McD for breakie and reached IKEA at 7 am. To my surprise, there was not much people there. Well, the truth is there's nothing much on SALES. Only a few here and there, it wasn't the big sales they used to have. I heard people used to "camp" overnight for the SALES.

Me and my "tulan" face waiting for payment counter...

Even there's nothing much things on sales, still got people buy so many things. This dude bought 10 dinning table sets. (I asked him)

And the whole load of stuffs waiting at the car park. I guess whether its a big or small sales, people tend to buy something. However, the lesser crowd of today means....

The market so bad ar? IKEA SALES wor....

Guinness St. Patrick's Media Launch 2009

This year's Guinness St. Partick's Media launch was an eye opener. Even, before the media launch, I've seen many people's pictures had been "Shamrocked" in Facebook. The big eye opener of the launch will be the gambit. Most of the gambit, prolly some lights or some products or some backdrops, but this one is a bit special...

Checkout the KL Tower..... before...

KL Tower was "Shamrocked" St. Patrick's Shamrocking way!! KL Tower turned green for the whole night... that was really so cool... (picture was not photoshop to make it green)

So then, I started to walk around and bump to a few friends...

Lu was pretty quiet that night, so I decided to take lots of pictures with her... :)

Then, with other girls also...

With the gang.... Thanks guys....

With my lady boss...

Oh... and I bumped to Kenny Sia also. Had a very good lengthy chat with him.

The event was a blast. Enjoy a Shamrockin' yeah!

Edison Chen Is Back!

The last year scandal didn't end there. He's now facing court charges but he will only testifies in Vancouver, Canada and not in Hong Kong. More of the news here.

Edison Chen scandal sparked a huge commotion in Hong Kong industry last year. A few actresses were hit by the scandal and yet to recover. We will how this court proceedings go.

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Lunch with Hitomi Gosetsuke

I had lunch with Hitomi Geo..Gose...Gosu.. Gosetsuke yesterday. I preferred calling her Hitomi G. Knowing her for sometime, it was my first time meeting her.

We had lunch at Dave's Deli. A place that I used to love.

It was really nice meeting her. Its really hard to put in words that how cheeky she could be.

Sorry for the late post, Hitomi!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Naruto 437 Spoiler With Picture!

Don't read if you don't want to get the spoiler rumors.


1. Ma Frog is killed
2. Hinata is dead trying to save Naruto. YES, Hinata confessed her love to Naruto and got killed.

Naruto went haywire and turned to Six Tail Kyuubi!


Called OCM today and they said registration has closed! Been freaking busy for the past 2 days, appointments and meetings and now I F**KING MISSED IT!

No words can describe my sadness now!

Bride Wars Review

What happen when 2 best friends wanted to have the same place for wedding at the same time?


It's undeniable wedding has such influence to the female gender, no I'm not trying to be sexist, but that's how the truth works.

It was no shocking when I looked around in the cinema, mostly female movie goers.

So when 2 young girls growing up with the same wedding dream turned best friends. Everything can be shared, but not wedding! It's in the movie and I feel its how it works in reality. I would say its not an unreasonable war between the 2 girls. It's something that might happened in our life. The movie showed how a small misunderstanding and miscommunications will sparked a fight and even a war between friendship. However, when a person calmed down, one will realized how important is friendship than conflicts.

Its an enjoyable movie to watch. Tips for young non-married couples to watch.

Baby Girl Princess Breanna

At last!! Mahjong Queen Cynthia became a mother! After enduring months of pregnancy and hours on the mahjong table, a princess is born!

I felt so bad after I couldn't made it to the hospital to see Princess Breanna. So a few days after that, me and Rachel decided to visit princess with Erick and Joyce.


Little princess cried when we disturbed her afternoon nap. Well, gorgeous was so fussy and kept on crying. She was so adorable and cute.


Princess managed to kept quiet and opened her eyes. She was thirsty. Look at her little hands, so cute.


Then, princess pretended to be asleep when we wanted to play with her, so cheeky!

Congratulations to Cynthia for having a lovely pretty Princess Breanna! We will see you very soon on the mahjong table again.

Monday, February 23, 2009

KL International Forest Towerthon Challenge 2009: I'M COMING!!

Today, I woke up and my body was in pain. More like getting literally ran over by a truck or something. So in the office now, my next motive will be the KL International Forest Towerthon Challenge 2009. I went through a the leaflet I got from OCM and the registration is OVER? SHIT!

I called up OCM just now and they told me, they extended the registration until Wednesday, phew....

So... what's now?

I ain't gonna chicken out for this. Rachel will not be going as she got a really serious skin tear around her ankle and we doubt that she could recover in time for the climb. My cousins had already agreed for it. So now I have around 5-6 people wanted to go with me. I'm up for it. I really hope I can recover in time for it. By Wednesday or Thursday, I hope the pain will wear off. I will register asap.

Entry Form

Rules & Regulations

Registration: 2nd Floor, OCM Building (opposite Stadium Negara)
Tel: 03-27152843

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Finished 10km KL City Day Run

I woke up at 6 am today. Getting ready for my first 10km marathon. Once I was at my parents home picking up the rest (2 cousins, sis and sis fiance), we found out that we were late.
We did a few wrong things; wrongly registered Rachel and Adeline as male contestants, got the time all wrong and we were almost too late.

At the brisk of 7.30 am, everyone has already started warming up for the race. By 7.30 am, the race started. I jogged with the rest towards Bkt Tunku. After a 10-15 min jog, I started to slow down to walk. I did short sprints to try to follow the crowd but I wasn't that worry at all. There were quite a few behind me.

The shit thing about marathon was there was no toilet. So it took me a while to get off a few ladies group for me to do it behind some bush. After some short sprints out of Bkt Tunku, running at the highway was tough. Imagine the smoke and the carbon monoxide from the cars, trucks and lorry, running under such circumstances was not easy. I caught up with Rachel earlier on and she sprinted away once she saw me... wtf..

So I took my time and camwhore as well... There was quite a few people behind me.

While reaching Padang Merbok, I saw a couple running with their hands together.... how romantic...

I smartly ran to the wrong side at the finishing and clocked somewhere around 2 hrs. Not bad for first timers like me huh? Once at the finishing, my cousins and my sis and her fiance were there cheering. My cousins were 30 min earlier than me. Well, my sis and her fiance took a cab half way (wtf). Rachel got the wrong socks and her skin of her ankle was torn and bleeding. She went to the St. John's tent to get some treatment.

It's a first time for everything. I hope my tummy will get smaller after this attempt. Next run hopefully will be KL Tower Climb next week. We'll have a few more days to decide still. For the run today, there were lots of small kids running for 3km and other citizens running for 5 km as well. It's a very healthy event and I should say its a shame after so long only we enrolled for this. I might run again next year. For now, I shall go to the nearest spa for my foot massage. :P

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Run Is Tomorrow....

I'm at home cleaned up my little pond and blogging. Getting ready for a birthday party tonight. Tomorrow will be the run. I hope I can do well... Anxious...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine with Walls Ice Cream

Many might celebrated Valentine's day with dinners and such. I celebrated my Valentine with Walls.
Started at Times Square, Walls gave away Walls Corneto for FREE! Yes, FREE! No gimmicks, nothing. Check out the queue.....

Shila (One in a million) and me...

Then I headed to One Utama and also FREE ice cream give-aways.

At one point, there's a guy even said out loud "I love you" to win a box of ice creams of Walls. There was lots of love in Valentine and lots of ice creams as well.

Going to KL City Day Run!

Date: Sunday, 22nd February 2009
Time: 7.30am
Venue: Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
Distance: 10km, 7km, 5km & 3km
Registration: 2nd Floor, OCM Building (opposite Stadium Negara)
Tel: 03-27152843

I promised to go to marathon, didn't I?

The first one will be KL City Day run this Sunday at Dataran Merdeka. Got myself signed up at the OCM few days ago. Registration is only RM 5 without T-Shirt. They said "economy is bad, no sponsor".

The issue is can I finish in 1 hr 20 min? or finish at all? I will try to push for 1h 20 min.. er hem.. try lar... Certificate will be given for my category, if complete within 1 hour 20 min.

After this weekend, maybe will try for KL Tower Run next weekend. However, will see how it goes first. If really can cope, I don't mind trying for the KL Tower Run.

There will be always a first time.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I totally DSLR-ED! After desserting a Canon 20D for more than 2 years, I decided to start using it. Lots of things had happened in this 2 days. Lots of short photo shooting tips by a friend.

I went to get accessories for my DSLR. A Nissin Flash, a NEW Multicoat UV Lens, A New Battery Charger and a New Camera Backpack. To me its a decent start for my DSLR adventure. Since my friend is having a Canon 40D and a Canon L Lense, I had been doing lots of experimental shoots in my office. And his bloody L Lense is a bloody good one.

I was around KLCC area earlier on so I managed to take a few snaps. I chose the best few and post it here.

Yes, its my VIRGIN Night Landscape DSLR shoot.

This is shot in 5.6 aperture, 1/8 shutter speed, no tripod. Photoshop a bit to re-adjust some mid tone.

4.5 Aperture, 1/20 SS, no tripod.

5.6 Aperture, 1/8 SS, no tripod.

I figured there's a long way in my DSLR. I'm just too excited with the pictures I took. More will come, trust me, it will....