Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka! Malaysia's 50th Anniversary Independence day! 2007

Forget anything else. Today we celebrate our 50th anniversary of independence day. I'm being proud of being a Malaysian. Yes, a Malaysian. Throughout the years the country has gone thru a lot even though I only manage to go thru 29 years of it. From a British colonial to a multi racial country. No matter how to politicians manipulate the country, this is our country Malaysia. I have no problem living with the rest of people. We have great foods from ethnic Malay to Chinese and Indian, we have also variety of fusion foods as well. Thinking of it, the country changes a lot for this recent decade. We have the twin tower, the F1 circuit and other major structures that highlighted Malaysia. I hope there will be more great years coming to us and MALAYSIA BOLEH!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fireworks at PutraJaya!

The fireworks are up!

And the ever amazing finale. This fireworks team is from Italy. Estimated there were thousands of people jamming their way to PutraJaya. It took us around 2 hours to get back to KL. For the 30 min of fireworks, it was worth it. This are not the normal cheap fireworks you saw from KLCC, this are really amazing fireworks that matched those from Disneyland in US. Aug 30th and the final Sept 2 are the last 2 dates. Fireworks starts at 10.30pm. Its once in a lifetime!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

How to learn Hypnosis, I'm not kidding!

I seen hypnosis from movies or TV, where you can basically control a person through hypnosis. As always called a powerful mind control, you can now learn hypnosis online. A lot of times that we misjudged something because we tend to believe what we see and watch from TV or movie or theater. Nevertheless, why don't we learn in a proper way? I've bumped to this site, and they offer hypnosis classes online. I looked through the site and found that there are quite a number of things to learn hypnosis, such as truth about hypnosis, the myths about hypnosis, quick experiment and even how to tell a person is faking it. This are just the few tips on their courses and there's even self hypnosis. If you think you can stop learn hypnosis there, you are wrong, there is also hypnotherapy. Hey, not just that the first 300 customers will receive a FREE HYPNOSIS CD and they offer Hypnosis Diploma as well! Check out now and open your mind to Hypnosis!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'm back...

After a busy week, I'm back to blogging... Give me time.. I need time.. Work was mad, still mad actually. Waiting for my leave period in days time. I wouldn't mind the workload but I had been sick for a while. The vacation coming is a good cool down period for me before the next hectic schedule kicks in. Will blog more once, everything comes easy on me. Please do drop by often, thanks for reading people!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Attacks on me...for toys...

Lately, I have been getting attacks on my CBox from unidentified ppl who is mad at me for selling early Transformers toys. They branded me as scalper and putting harsh remarks on me. Let me get this straight. I did not go and grab toys at departmental stores like the rest and I only extra 1-2 pieces. My sources comes from various toy shops and collectors. If you guys can't get the toys, why don't you pre-order it like I did? Don't come and simply blast at me because you don't have one. Why don't I give you a list of toy shops that you can pre-order?
Diamond Comic, ToyWorkers, ToyWiz, Gaia's shop, XL shop, Ultimate Toys, Aunty Lenny and Graffiti toys. Go and call them and get your toys! Why don't you blame some ppl in that scalped 20-30 rodimus primes, they go and sapu at TRU (Toys R US) in a group? If you are looking for a scalper, those are the fellas. Transformers toys are hot as you can see, ppl waited hours for stock. Nothing comes easy, even getting this toys. Look at the picture, they waited to get your stock.
I am damn guaranteed sure if you pre-order, you will get your stock as well. No point of thrashing me because I'm the few collector who has blog. And if you have eyes, please do check out the prices that I sell are much lower than the rest. I can't stop you blasting me cause what I do is not wrong. I am going to clear this one time once and for all.

Peranakan House, Taman SEA

Just the corner of LDP...
I love this prawn dish....
The fried sotong is marvelous and veggie... I tak tau.. I'm not a veggie lover... but they said its good...
The signature chicken dish.. different I must say. The price is being reasonable and the foods are good. If you are nearby Taman SEA why don't give this place a try. By the way, the service of this restaurant is good....

Chelsea needed to cheat to draw Liverpool...

Chelsea will comes out with a lot of ways to hold or beat their opponents. I remember they used to held goalies during corner kicks, free divers of Drogba and Robben. Yesterday, they showed their talented side again by using Malouda to jump over Finnan to get a penalty. Chelsea fans you can hate me, but watch the video replays again so get your eye sights right! Torres showed his class yesterday and Liverpool do look strong this season. You never walk alone! Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea

Sunday, August 19, 2007

United LOST Manchester derby!

Brazilian Geovanni sinks United with a famous Manchester City 1-0 win. Sven Goran Eriksson's team will be celebrating tonight while United misery continues with only 2 points from 3 games.
Yet again, its too early to tell right now.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Where is TONY?

Where are you Tony, the big head ghost? Picture taken at SalsaJay studio....Well it was one of the classes that really drilled us top to bottom. Lots of shine movements. One of the surprise thing is Sathia was around. Nice to see him back. The rest of the guys just came back from MSF as well. Salsa!!

AIMpromote Lead Management CRM Software

Quite often lead aggregation companies(those who generate and then sell leads) having trouble or problems finding the best lead management and CRM software for their company. Furthermore to have both in a single software, it would be the best solution for them. Now, the new AIMpromote Lead Management CRM Software offers lead aggregation companies the ability to manage and run their entire business from within a single piece of software.
Before I explain more about the lead management software let me explain in brief what is lead management and CRM. Lead management is actually to manage the leads such as leads import and export, lead opportunity value, lead reselling and many more. On the other hand CRM or known as Customer Relation Management is streamline the sales process, and improve follow-up with the sales lead management and sales management features that are built into AIMpromote.
Lead management has key features such as sell any type of lead, in any vertical, manage accounting, sell a lead as many times as they choose, sell leads automatically and run ROI reports on all leads, campaigns, and/or website activity. This are the few key features of many that available. Solve your lead management and CRM troubles with AIMpromote NOW!

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Friday, August 17, 2007 party...

Saddened....I was at Maison and I got bullied straight away. It was one of the moments that I was made to wear that funny afro hair. It was fun though and the DJ was quite awesome. I must say Maison its quite a nice place to hang out. Lovely music, lovely place!


Yet this is a great work by the British. Unlike their ally the Americans, the British government really take care of the environment and make efforts to produce the cleanest and greenest energy. Looking what the they have done will initiate other countries to follow them soon. It is a clear example of a good country showing great example to the world. Well, being a Malaysian, I reckon our government should set this example to start our own greenest energy campaign. No matter what, hails the British for being the greenest! For global warming! The press release is as follows:

9 August 2007: British Gas has announced it is launching two new green energy tariffs, Zero Carbon, which will be the greenest tariff available on the domestic market and Future Energy. British Gas has launched the tariffs, in response to the increasing demand for green energy products.

Householders signing up to the Zero Carbon tariff will:
• reduce their household energy carbon emissions to zero through Kyoto compliant offset schemes which will meet the new Defra requirements
• help fund a direct increase in investment in renewable energy generated in the UK
• contribute to the new British Gas green fund which will:
o invest in developing new renewable technologies such as wave power
o oversee a programme to help schools in the UK reduce their CO2 emissions

GearĂ³id Lane, Managing Director British Gas New Energy said,”Our new tariff responds to consumer demand for truly green energy solutions. It is essential that customers have confidence in green energy tariffs and that their credibility is not damaged by tariffs that claim to be green but in reality do not deliver any incremental environmental benefits. Green tariffs are moving from niche to mainstream products and we’re leading the industry by offering a tariff that will do more for the environment than any other product currently available.”

Under the government’s Renewables Obligation (RO), electricity suppliers in the UK are already required to produce an increasing percentage of their electricity through methods such as wind farms which, unlike traditional power plants, produce zero carbon emissions. For 2007/2008 this figure is set at 7.9%.

In a recent report, the National Consumer Council (NCC) raised concerns that some energy suppliers are packaging electricity which is produced under the RO scheme as “green”, yet it delivers no additional environmental benefits. The NCC called on energy suppliers to take steps beyond their legal requirements and offer green energy tariffs that provide genuine additional environmental benefits, in particular CO2 emissions reduction.

British Gas worked with Global Action Plan and The Climate Group’s “We’re in this Together” campaign to develop Zero Carbon which goes further than any other green tariff in meeting these requirements offering consumers the only zero carbon option on the market.

The tariff carries a premium of £84 per year, reflecting the higher cost of producing energy through lower carbon emission schemes.

Virginia Graham, Chair of Global Action Plan, said, “The British Gas Zero Carbon tariff delivers on all three of the essential requirements of a green tariff which are: additionality, transparency and verifiability. As such it is a very welcome new offering in the market. Consumers signing up to the tariff can be confident that they are getting 12 per cent more renewable energy than they would otherwise have got. The carbon emissions from their electricity and gas will also be offset with emissions reductions from projects accredited by the United Nations.”

Zero Carbon is one of the first initiatives launched through the ‘We’re in this Together’ campaign, which was launched in April 07 as an alliance of some of the UK’s biggest brands who are all working to help their customers reduce their impact on the climate.

Dr Steve Howard, CEO of The Climate Group and founder of ‘We’re in this Together’ said, “We’re committed to offering people ways to make a real impact on climate change through We’ve worked with British Gas to ensure that Zero Carbon is a genuine step forward in delivering more environmental benefits than any other tariff currently available.”

British Gas’s second green energy tariff, Future Energy, offers an alternative green electricity tariff at a premium of just £20 per year. Customers signing up to this tariff will contribute to a green fund which will provide solar panels and other renewable energy technologies to UK schools. Money from the fund will also be invested in development of future renewable technologies and sources.

To sign up customers can call British Gas on 0845 604 0055 or visit

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Transfans Malaysia (TransMY) - The Premier Site for Malaysian Transformers Fans is blocked by Tmnet

This is an e-mail from 'Transfans Malaysia (TransMY) - The Premier Site for Malaysian Transformers Fan' Message:

Dear Members,

I have been in touch with TMNet and this are their replies;

Dear Sir/Madam,  Thank you for your e-mail to TM.   With regards to your website visitors browsing issue, please be advised to inform all your website visitors who are subscribing to our service to revert to us for further investigation. Rest assured we are committed in delivering excellent service and will constantly strive for improvement in all areas of our operation. We hope you will accept our sincere apologies if we have not met your expectation on this occasion.   Should you require further assistance or would like to submit any enquiry/feedback, kindly visit and click "Need Help?  Contact our Customer Service".  We thank you for taking the time to write to us and look forward to serve you better.   Regards, Shaida Customer Care Support, Internet Services, Customer Service Management, TM Retail.
So, to all members who are TMNet users who have experienced disruption of service, please help TransMY by rallying support to assist TMNet to solve this issue immediately.

Note: If you are NOT a customer of TMNet, you can ignore this email.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

GO CANADA, GO Dialaflight Canada

Fancy going to Canada for skiing at the award-winning Whistler's Fairmont Chateau Whistler, which is adajcent to the ski lifts and a brisk walk from the town? Maybe the lovely Ontario, the capital that stands tall on the northern shore of Lake Ontario that will make you speechless? Or even Banff the jewel of Rockies, the magical Niagara Falls, the seventh wonder of the world and the many more amazing places of Canada. Think no more!
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WORST Bus accident of all time in MALAYSIA....

Condolences to all the victims listed here.


1. Siti Sophia Ismail, 23, Alor Star
2. Teoh Kee Song, 34, Padang Temusu, Kedah
3. Zaiton Bachik, 56, Malacca
4. Nur Sharul Miza Mohd Khairi, 27, Sungai Petani
5. Tea Choon Joo, 36, Padang Temusu, Kedah
6. Zuliani Buang, 25, Tanjung Keling, Malacca
7. Shahril Afendi, 22, Alor Star
8. T. Krishnan, 46, from Taman Haji Muslim, Kuala Ketil, Kedah
9. Fadliz Ahmad, 22, Jalan Penaga, Taman Maju, Jasin, Malacca
10. Express bus driver Rohizan Abu Bakar, 37, Lorong 1/2, Taman Sri Petaling, Kulim, Kedah
11. Josli Arshad, 39, Jalan Dang Merdu, Jambatan Duyong, Malacca
12. Nazri Nordin, 35, Desa Baiduri, Jalan Ru 1, Bandar Baru, Ayer Itam, Penang
13. Pang Tee Min, 58, Jalan Ong Kim Wee, Malacca
14. Mohd Yazid Md Yusoh, 27, Jalan Kolam Air Utama, Fasa 4, Taman Maju, Jasin, Malacca
15. Kamis Said, 62, Batu 22 1/2, Pasir Gembor, Tanjung Bidara, Masjid Tanah, Malacca
16. Md Basri, Kampung Pulai Darat, Merlimau, Malacca
17. H. Abu Bakar, 37, from Medan, Indonesia
18. Sri Asiah, 32, Indonesian female - believed to be mother of a unidentified three-year-old boy in ICU
19. P. Sunderesvarar, 31, Kedah

* One dead still not identified

1. Express bus co-driver P.Veeraman, 36, Taman Sri Merbau, Kulim, Kedah
2. Quang Ngol Hung, a male Vietnamese
3. Mohd Fauzi Hassan, 26
4. Chhatrapati Ejam, 24, a male Nepalese
5. Zurina Rashid, 23, Kuala Kedah
6. Mohd Zahidi Che Ahmad, 22, Klawang, Langkawi
7. Ngu Yeh Hui Vinh, 27, a male Vietnamese
8. Siew Ken Ming, 20, Malacca

* One injured still not identified" -Source- The Star

"TAIPING: One of the country's worst road accidents, which occurred in the wee hours of yesterday on the North-South Expressway near here, was a disaster waiting to happen.

The driver had 13 traffic summonses - some still outstanding - and two warrants of arrest against him while the 20-year-old bus, which also had 19 summonses, did not even have the permit to ply the route.

The passengers of the bus, bound for Alor Star from Malacca, never stood a chance against such a poor record - 19 of them were killed along with the 37- year-old driver. Nine others including a three-yearold boy are in hospital, some in critical condition. "

-Source- The Star

How many times we read this? When all this accidents will stop? Why all the talks start again when only there's accident? Last year, promises were made to improve but for one year nothing has been done. All this could be prevented if measures are taken. I feel sad for the victims and the driver shouldn't be there at the first place.

Stainless Steel Tool Box

I had some furnitures moved in few weeks back and only then I realized that I had a problem. One small tool box, many tools. In a way its easy to carry around but it can't simply hang on to all my tools. Well, so that I found stainless steel tool box. Stainless steel tool box offers many different styles of stainless steel tool boxes which not only look great and cool but also it won't rust or corrode when exposed to moisture. In addition, they do carry unique designs and you can even customize the color of the stainless steel tool box! After years of usage, a little help from polish, this tool boxes will shine as if it brand NEW!
This is my favourite tool box among the rest, like a mini car of tool box. Cool!
This post is brought to you by

Rooney and Essien is out!

Rooney is out for 2 months! Essien "belum tahu lagi". No matter how timing is good for Liverpool this Sunday showdown against Chelsea. Man Utd injury woes are not helping them much even though Tevez is available.

KL Traffic Change Again?

Thanks Jennifer for this picture. Well, will this helps? Quite hard to say....Thanks to our very own transport ministry we have all this funny road changes and one way roads. I didn't even see a newspaper notice for this one. Weird though but it definitely its real.

Monday, August 13, 2007

MedicScan, Medical and Insurance card scanner

Scanning medical and insurance card is a big headache. However, lately insurance card scanner offers the MedicScan + ScanShell 800N package enables you to easily scan the image of medical insurance cards. In addition, the images scanned can be stored as a file on your PC or LAN server, exported to a 3rd party applications, published via ftp and of course attached and sent by email.

Often when we buy a scanner we look at their USABILITY. Well, for this its simple, just insert the card into the ScanShell 800N medical card scanner which has automatic card-feed detection mechanism will trigger the scan and scan the card in a matter of seconds. Hence, insurance card scanner will instantaneously take over the process and export or store the image depending on the settings that you had saved.

On top of that, insurance card scanner also has no external power supply and even can scans any photo media including paper photos, ID cards, checks and even rigid plastic credit cards. Not to mention the top class clear and sharp images it produces.

Easy to use, great features, usability and quality top class images!

This post is brought to you by MedicScan.


First time with fellow bloggers and shout out members... Sorry for not partying, I was there early.... farewell MeiQ! That is the first time I meet her and the last time I meet her. Well, she's flying off to Canada soon. Bon Voyage!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stevie G's Magic!

Stevie G give Liverpool a great start with a 2-1 deserving away against Aston Villa. Torres had a good start but failed to score while substitute Babel proved to be a good signing with good runs and flair. Agger still proved to be fragile at times while Kuyt's hard work proves fruitful in terms of goals coming. Liverpool looks good this season with Benitez adapting more attacking play in away games and depth in squad proves vital for this season's upcoming success. We will see more great plays from Liverpool but today we walked away with a 2-1 win. You never walk alone.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


CHOPra CHOP Tottenham Hotspurs at the dying seconds of the game to give Sunderland the debut win 1-0. Roy Keane's team sucker punch Tottenham to get the first 3 vital points for this newly promoted team, after they won the promotion last season. How far Sunderland could go? We will just wait and see....

Friday, August 10, 2007


Happy Birthday Lovely Adrienne! You are getting older! LOL!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! MUAKS!

Snowmobiling Coolest Site, SLEDtv

Miss winter, miss the snow? I'm a big fan of snow if you all notice, I did post some of my snow trips back in Australia even though I sucks in skiing. Snowmobiling will be the coolest thing in snow mountains. Snowmobile is one of the coolest site around for snowmobiling! You can watch cool videos, gear reviews and cool stuffs and they even have a forum for your snowmobiling crave. Check out the cool members from the forum around the globe and buzz about the latest gadgets, news and cool stuffs! On top of that Snowmobile even have snow reports! Well, if that is not enough, SLEDtv is actually a snowmobile TV show! Check out their site now and join the forum to join the fun! Geez, I really miss winter right now!
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BILL GATES no longer NO 1!

Pic- NSTP (Bill Gates- Left, Carlos -Slim- Right)

Bill Gates is no longer the richest man. Mexican Carlos Slim has overtaken Bill Gates with fortune of US 60 billion! The strong performance by Slim’s holdings on the Mexican stock exchange in recent months had pushed Gates into second place, after the US software magnate had held the title for at least a decade. Read more here.