Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Places And Foods Under Maintenance!

wilson n rach

Well, we are doing some migration work to a new server. Page will up and down for the moment, please bear with us. We are tying to make it quick.. Pray~~~~~ LOL!

Exciting new templates and more stuffs will be coming soon. New categories and more organized articles.

Thanks for the food invitations for the past few weeks and also upcoming weeks, we are grateful for all of your support.

Thanks for reading and more to come, I assure you!

-Wilson & Rachel-

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My First Studio Shoot

I was invited to join a group of photographers for a studio shoot yesterday. Well, I didn't do that well but still manage to take a few shots. Some of the pictures taken as below:




Thanks Yatz for the invitation and thanks Elle for being the model. Will try to attend more sessions soon.

Please do comment! Thanks - Wilson

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Ugly Truth Review

Thanks Buena Vista and DJ Pietro for the movie tickets.

I went to watch this movie without reading any synopsis or so and I'm not a big fan of both actors, Katherine Heigl and Gerald Butler.

The movie started well as Katherine having hard time producing a good TV show and finding herself a boyfriend. While Gerald was employed to boost the ratings for her. Kat found herself a dream boyfriend and with the help of Gerald, would it succeed? As things goes on, they became good business partners.

Despite the heavily bad critics, me and Rachel loved this movie. Though certain scenes were predictable, the bad mouth Gerald was entertaining.

There were a few particular scenes really got the cinema blown off the roof. It was a really enjoyable movie.


Friday, September 04, 2009

My Younger Brother, Ng Chun Seong Featured in Klue Magazine's 20 Under 40 (September '09)

My Younger Brother, Ng Chun Seong Featured in Klue Magazine's 20 Under 40 (September '09). Many might be asking who is he? Where he comes from? Knowing the rest of the entries are heavy weights such as KRU, Amir Muhammad, Chris Chong, Bunkface and personal friend Joon Han and Adly, my younger brother worked hard for his dreams.


8 years ago, my younger brother shocked the family saying he wanted to learn graphic design. During our childhood years, he showed no natural talent in drawing or painting but he told us that he will work hard to learn it. So then he went to One Academy and graduated there. From zero to hero, he mastered his skills in design and his works were getting better and better. From there, he worked in a few months in a local 3D animation company before he decided to pursue his Master of Art in Animation at Savannah Art of College.

He moved to Los Angeles after his graduation to pursue his dreams as a 3D modeler. Getting a job was never been easier. There were a few 3D animation departments closed down at that time. For almost 4-6 months, he was jobless. He stayed at home improving his portfolio and he won a few awards for his work.


His patience awarded by a call from Hydraulx. They asked him to work as a 3D modeler for the graveyard shifts. He happily accepted the job. As it was so sudden, he had to drive more than an hour to go to work as he had no time to move. He got to know that more than 1000 applicants applied for his post. He considered himself lucky to land his job. We at home were very happy as his patience paid off.


He went on and involved in featured films such as AVPR, the Incredible Hulk and many more. My parents would go to the cinema and watched all his movies. We felt so proud to see his name credited. We also felt proud to tell our friends that my younger brother did part of the movie. His works not just limited to us, but to the rest of the world.

If you asked me if he deserved to be shortlisted, I would say he DAMN deserved it! -www.chunseong.com-

Nuffnang Vs. FoodBuzz

There's some issues in my Places And Foods blog (www.placesandfoods.com).

Foodbuzz lately has terminated my contract by stating that, it's either them or Nuffnang. I wrote them an email explaining my stand with Nuffnang.

My contract from FoodBuzz only runs from US viewers, so then I told them that Nuffnang runs in Asia only. Where's the conflict? They kept telling me to take off Nuffnang ads as rules are rules.

Well, I pledged my loyalty to Nuffnang, our own Malaysian company. Nuffnang has invited me to numerous events, movie passes and so on while Foodbuzz gave me nothing. Not to mention, I befriended and met number of Nuffnangers that visit my blog daily.

Now, I run full capacity with Nuffnang ads on my food blog.

Nuffnang 1 - 0 Foodbuzz

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

We Are Spotted In Red Tomato, Malaysia's Free Chinese Newspaper

Yeah, we are spotted at the latest edition of Red Tomato, Malaysia's first free Chinese newspaper. It was our best wishes for the country for this year's Merdeka day (Independence Day).


Well, I didn't say something like ...."I believe in World Peace..." Nope, that's not me!

I quoted something like.... "I would hope 1Malaysia will be a reality one day rather than just singing the 1Malaysia song. I hope for a better future in Malaysia with race harmony. I would also like to introduce Malaysia through my lenses and my blog."

Rachel quoted something different though - "I hope for political stability as lately it has given our country a bad image. Furthermore, I also hope for a quicker economy recovery and higher standard of quality of living. Malaysians are migrating to other country due to high crime rates and the safety issues lately. I hope the government will make this country a safer place to stay.
Thus, I will also try to promote the our country's multi-racial culture to the world through my blog."

Rachel made a longer comment, didn't know she wanted so many things.

We wished the country could perform much better in economy, political stability and safety issues.

Happy Merdeka Malaysia!

Malaysia Truly Asia!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Home Sweet Home, We Are Back In Kuala Lumpur

Plane didn't get delay. Everything was smooth except the "smart" Air Asia counter fella who got us different seats when we checked in at Kuching airport. Well, we were "smarter" when we realized the mistake minutes before boarding.

I was hoping to hot chick to sit beside me since Rachel was sitting behind me. It didn't happen! I got some weird looking guy instead. Rachel got one irritating "uncle" who sat a row behind her who did all sorts of funny things behind; sneeze, blurp and probably fart.

Luckily, I managed to capture a few lovely Klang Valley night shots with my Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ15.


Wide Shot, KLCC at far top middle.


No matter how, we finally reached home. Home sweet home, we are back in Kuala Lumpur!

Thanks for reading, Malaysia Truly Asia!!