Monday, April 30, 2007

Dragonfly, St. James Singapore @ 29th April 2007

After my supper and 3 clubs of the night, we went to Dragonfly around 3 am. The live band is one of the best. It was so damn good!

Ministry Of Sound, MOS Singapore! A place you must go!! @ 28th April 2007

I was there around midnight after my salsa stint at Union Square. Party until 2 plus, too smoky. Great crowd and great music!

The travelling to Singapore @ 28 April 2007, Part 2

We had crossed the bridge, Michael was driving, we were excited! When we reached the immigration, Michael passed all the passports to the immigration guy and he asked the guy, "Do I put the smart card here?" Immigration guy replied, "Has this car entered to Singapore?". Michael answered "Yes, twice".
We puzzled because this is the first time I drove this car to Singapore. Immigration guy asked, "Is this your car?". Mike replied, "This is my card and I entered twice, but this is not my car".
Then Michael asked for Derek card. Michael coolly inserted Derek's card into the machine. Immigration guy asked Derek "Is this your card?" Derek answered "Yes." Immigration guy asked "Is your card registered with this car?" Derek answered "no".
Immigration guy asked Michael again, "Is this card with this car?" Michael answered yes.
We stopped Michael from making more confusing statements and Immigration guy asked us to purchase the autopass card at the office. Steph was mad at Michael "What are you saying Michael?"

Then he checked the passport and asked "Where is DEREK?". Derek answered, "It's me, here. I'm Derek". Immigration guy looked at the passport and looked at Derek in disbelief "You Derek ar?". Derek's passport photo look different from his current state so the immigration officer couldn't recognize him. We all laughed in the car!

Me, Derek and Tony went to buy the autopass card. Since Michael has used Derek's card, we need to cancel it or he will get problems with his car's next entry. Tony was saying Michael panic just now, we agreed. We went to the counter and the lady asked for 10 dollars for the autopass. I smartly asked "In ringgit ar?" She replied "In Singapore dollar". Tony and Derek was laughing. We told about Derek's card situation to them, the lady then said "We call for the enforcement officer to look at this". I looked at Tony and Tony started laughing.

Then she asked me and Derek "Are you guys together?". I answered "No, we are not "together" but traveling together." The enforcement officers came and deleted Derek's entry. We took our card and cabut.

Worrying about Mikey, I took back the driver seat and drove to our hotel with Derek's GPS.

The travelling to Singapore @ 28th April 2007 Part 1

The safest journey is you get me behind the wheels, we had our dim sum and started our journey around 11 am.
We had our petrol stops in Yong Peng town. Tony wanted check the tire pressure and helping me to get the tire pressurement right. Coz of the low pressure, Tony has to stay there around a minute to inflate tire, no wonder the car was so floaty. However, Tony enjoyed and you can tell from the picture.
Derek was doing at the thing he was good at, pumping petrol.
Overview of Yong Peng town. A quiet town until our presence...
We had to drive thru a mighty storm. Visibility almost zero.
However, an incredible driver like me never feared it. It was still manageable.
We had our KFC for lunch and headed our way to Second Link highway to Singapore. (TUAS highway)
Michael explaining the proper way of driving and we were excited as we are entering Singapore. Part 2 will be coming...

The best way of getting to Singapore without getting lost!

The best way of not getting lost in Malaysia and Singapore is to get a GPS system like the above. It comes with voice directions in English, Chinese and Japanese. I manage to find all my spots in Singapore thanks to this tiny machine. And this is Derek's GPS. Can't imagine with no GPS in Singapore.

Naruto 352 Manga!!

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Itachi, you are so dead!

We are back!!!

The Project Salsa Singapore is accomplished and we are back. Will update more about it later. As promised by Tony, we party until 7 am.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bleach 273 is out!

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Its a very good chapter. Some twist to it. Ishida is using his head again. I'm not going to spoil it, check it our yourself!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Its Friday and its salsa time!

Its Friday and its salsa time. Its always nice to get to Friday go to Salsajay for salsa lessons. Rain seems to be over now. Jeamie told us there will be drilling today, lets see what's going to happen later. Tomorrow we'll be going to Singapore, very excited! However, up to now we have transportation and accommodation problem. Let's see how we gonna deal with this tonight. SALSA!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jeamie's Surprise Party Advance Class Performance Pictures!!

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The team of Tim-Tamie, Jacques-Zai and Michael-Nim, our advance class team of SalsaJay! Great performances by them!

Naruto 352 spoilers!!

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Thanks to

Supper at Hj Samuri Kajang Satay with Salsajayers! @ 24/4/7

Me and Derek.
Satay Tony?
What will you do when you get hungry at night? Supper! And where to get good supper? Kajang's Hj Samuri, opposite the police station. Since, Tony in Kajang so we decided to have our supper at Kajang. Trust me the satay is worth the trip!

8 course dinner at Kenny's place in Sunway Mas @ 24/4/7

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Had dinner with my Rachel, Kenny and Kim, Kin, Chan and Sze Wei at Kenny's Wong Shiong Wong Bak Kut Teh shop at Sunway Mas. Its a while since we met and this reunion really was a good one. The food there were good, its good for bak kut teh lovers.

Project Salsa Singapore Update!

Due to some circumstances, Project Salsa Singapore has been change to this Saturday, 28th April. We are still trying to get the Salsajay Flag presentation ceremony this Friday. It will upon to approval of Salsajay Committee Members. By the way, all the seats have been taken.


Image Cubes Soft Opening @ 15th March 2007

Image Cubes Sdn Bhd had a soft opening on 15th March 2007. We had a lunch session inviting a few friends, clients and suppliers. Image Cubes is basically a sister company in the Image group of companies. To see pictures, click here.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bleach 237 Spoiler Pics...

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Got this from No translations yet.

Japanese latest fashion jeans, JEANS with THONG

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Pictures said it all. I don't think this will ever sell in Malaysia...

Man Utd 3-2 AC Milan, Rooney the winner!

Ronaldo scored one and Rooney scored double, one at the dying minutes to give Man Utd advantage over AC Milan's Kaka's double goals. There are still much to play around on the second leg at Milan.

Dudek is leaving Liverpool...

Keeper Dudek is expected to leave Liverpool at the end of the season after being benched by Benitez throughout the season. Once the hero of Champions League has been warming up the bench since the arrival of Pepe Reina 2 seasons ago. The frustrated keeper was at fault for FA and Carling Cup this season, both occasions defeated by Arsenal.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Project Salsa Singapore!! Going down south next weekend!

After some serious conversations with Tony and Derek, we decided to come down to Singapore to salsa next weekend! We are planning to go down on Saturday and come back on Sunday! Singapore here we come!

Jeamie's Surprise Party Practice Video

Monday, April 23, 2007

Jeamie's Surprise Salsa Party Part 3, The Performance

Jeamie is coming, so everyone hiding behind the door with the party "pop"s. Then, she never appeared, walk faster lah Jeamie! After like 15 min, she walked in after a few peeps at the door everyone surprised her! Of course there were other performances tailored for Jeamie which I will post it later, cut the story short. Derek came early after his Perhentian trip, really missed him man! After the beginner's performance, its our turn! So we started and we did well at first. I have to keep my eye on Mike cause he's in front and he can't see us. There was a part when he was getting faster, and I have to keep up the pace but until the "acar" move, he paused and I already started to move, paused to wait for him. Rachel was pulling my hands, and I was like wait... for Mike. Then the finale, the "death drop", Mike was clever to wait for us and when we got in position, Terence death dropped Ru yee! We were like "what the...." and we "death dropped" our partners to a huge ovation! The practice was hard for a few hours but the performance is something that we fought to earn for. The hard work turned fun, fun turned to laughter, laughter turned to the best salsa night I ever had. Sometimes we believed we can't do it but hard work makes it possible, but I rather work it in a smart way cause thats how I am. Jeamie hugged us and kissed us all, she was happy, we were happy, to me that night is just one word, magical.

Jeamie's Surprise Salsa Party Part 2, The Practice!

My high heel salsa shoe, 2 inches high...
Lady's shine with Terence giving tips...
Choreographed with Terence...
The judge, the jury and the convicts... Mike gives out the names of the moves, Terence looking on for our faults, we are the executioners...

Its Saturday! We were supposed to go to Divan at 2pm. Mike asked for lunchy but we were full so went there straight reaching around 2.30pm. Mike already started with Steph, Ru Yee left and we straight away hits the combinations moves. The first fews are really hard. I really tried very hard to memorize all the steps, it didn't work! After an hour of practice, came Tim and Tamie. They tried the music with the moves, things got really worst, I was very disappointed. Seeing me being upset, we moved aside and start to choreograph with Mike and Steph. Earlier on, I called Tony to buy some Sneakers and some 100 plus. We had a break around that time. At 4pm, I am still stuck somewhere, Tamie came and calmed me down so do Tim. Tony still stucked with the combination moves, I practiced with Tamie. What can I recall is when Laney came, I managed to memorize the steps completely. Laney came with the flu. Steph was very sick at the moment, she rested aside, really poor Steph. Ru Yee came exhausted and started to practice with me and Mike. During all this time, the beginners came ard 2 plus and the advance class came around 3 plus. The advance class practice till 3am since Friday night. We practiced until 6pm. We had our horrible dinner at Kiwi's until 8 plus. From 8 plus until 10pm, I was very tensed and I had heated arguments with Rachel as well. Sorry dear, I was too "kan cheong". Terence came with 1901 hot dog and Mike told him the changes and we did a final practice before the arrival of the star. There are quite a number of people surprised at how we danced, do not envy, we are born salsa dancers.. To be continued.....

Jeamie's Surprise Salsa Party Part One, The Masterplan

Since friends have been complaining to me about not much posting about my life, I'm going to put a long one here. It all happened around 2 weeks ago when Tim and Tamie came out with a plan, a surprise party for our teacher, Jeamie Lee. However, we had surprise parties for birthday Salsajayers so they decided to pull a bigger one, PERFORMANCE! To me last week was a busy week which i knew since then so I softly pretended nothing happened and Tamie just pulled me into it. We had a birthday surprise party for my darling on 13th. The list of moves were not there until the next day. It had more than 10 combinations of moves. The list is so long, I couldn't even remember it. As days passed, I didn't manage to practice as I was hooked up on Monday and Wednesday, Thursday was tired which left Friday to practice. To make the matter worst, since I don't have much confidence in the performance, Cigar Divan blasted emails stating we are going to perform on Saturday for Jeamie. It ignited my rage and I messaged Mike and Tim saying I will not perform free gig for Divan. From there I accidentally blasted Tim which I want to apologize to him (I called him and say sorry). After some wise words from Mike and encouragement from Tim (even after I blasted him), I promised Tim a tryout on Saturday which is the performing day itself. Please take note, we have NOT even choreographed the sequence with the rest. At that Friday night, 20th April, Laney dropped a bombshell saying she might not be performing at all and Steph wasn't feeling well as well. Mike smsed Tim, and I got blasted from Tim which I don't blamed him. The class on Friday was exceptionally long! We finished our class around 11pm, which we had 3 hours of footwork drilling and moves combinations practices. Tim and the rest of the performance team of beginners and advance classes are busy practicing at Jacques place waiting for us. After 3 hours of class, Jeamie wanted to eat supper. Sigh, so we went supper and it ended up at 12.30 am. Rachel and Steph was in bad shape as well that night of tiredness and sickness... I hate performing without the confidence and the enough practice. The reason that I promised to try to perform is because of a very big reason! Its because of you, JEAMIE LEE! Will continue on Part 2...

Man City go Thai?

Thaksin, former Thai Prime Minister is rumored to buy out Man City for 92 million pounds. Thaksin failure to get Liverpool's 30% few years back might do a come back for Man City.

Shunsuke Nakamura, Scottish Player of the Year

Celtic Japanese player Nakamura named Scottish Player of the Year by SPA on Sunday. The 28 year old best known with the recent free kick that beat Man UTD 1-0 in Champions League group fixture. Celtic is the first Scottish team to reach last 16 in Champions League.

The Reaping! A good horror flick!

For horror fans, this is a must. I had some expectations about this movie after watching the promos in New York earlier this month. I told Rachel, we must watch this movie! The movie flows slowly as how the events happened but didn't mention from where. I won't spoil much about the movie but there are quite a number of scary scenes that will gives you a jump. Prolly I'm chicken or what, keep a certain expectation to watch this movie. There is a nice ending on this, trust me u will love it.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Liverpool 2-0 Wigan, Spurs 2-2 Arsenal, West Ham 1-0 Everton...

Liverpool extended their lead to the 3rd position with 4 pts after beating Wigan with Kuyt 2 goals. Jenas scored equaliser in dying minutes to drew with Arsenal. West Ham win over the "small club" Everton battling relegation. Man Utd drew with Boro 1-1. Chelsea blew their chances to close the gap with scoreless draw against Newcastle. Watford is heading back to Champions as they drew with Man City and relegated. Reading whacked Bolton 3-1. Liverpool will be focusing on Chelsea this week for the Champions League semi-final. It will be a big battle!

Happy Birthday Jeamie!!

After a whole day of Salsa...
Happy Birthday Jeamie! It was the best outing of Salsa I had in my life yesterday! And it was for you! Happy Birthday our dearest teacher!

Transformers The Movie 2 more spoilers... Arcee and Thundercracker!

Target exclusive Arcee? This is will be at my next wishlist! Thundercracker, still waiting for more pictures of it. Till all are one!

Transformers The Movie Takara Toy List Spoilers!

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Takara going to have a big release with this toys. There are so much to collect!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Transformers 2007 Botcon Dirge

TF classic Dirge! Botcon 2007 exclusive!

Bleach 272 Manga!

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Theres a twist at the end of it. Interesting after all.

Naruto 351 Manga is OUT!

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* Thanks to

Forget the earlier spoiler, this is the real one! Is Orochimaru really dead yet?

Friday, April 20, 2007

Superwilson Vs. Newton!

Satay Celup fight! Superwilson Vs. Newton!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Liverpool 2-0 Middlesbrough, maintains 3rd spot..

Steven Gerard scored 2 goals to help Liverpool to maintain the 3rd spot in the Premiership Table. Arsenal is trailing at 4th place with 2 points lesser. Benitez has confirmed his commitment to stay in for Liverpool and rejected a huge offer from Real Madrid. Talks for new contracts will be stalled after the Champions League games. Liverpool is rumored to offer Benfica's Simao for 13 million pounds and Cisse has been in nowhere land as no offers to him yet from Marseille or Liverpool. Liverpool is expected to win this weekend match before the big one next week with Chelsea.

Happy Birthday Crystal!

Happy Birthday Crystal! Gosh didn't realize I have know you for more than 9 years! We are really that old? Lets go out sometimes, Happy Birthday sweetie!

Bleach 272 Spoiler with pictures...

*- Thanks to

Strawberry is completely defeated by Ulquiorra.  His body is wrapped in a strange darkness.
Orihime: Kuro … sa … ki … kun …?

織姫の部屋を誰か覗いてる。ガキんちょみたいなのが「あーそーびーましょーおーりーひーめーち ゃーん」
Someone peeks into Orihime’s room. Seems it’s those kids. They smirk, “Le~t’s pla~y O~ri~hi~me~cha~n…”

The weird place with Renji and Glasses (Zaelapollo).
Glasses gets bored of the battle.

Glasses calls his subordinates over, all businesslike. Renji’s in trouble.
One of Glasses’ cronies is defeated from behind. The one attacking was Ishida.

Ishida: “What are you doing? You were getting totally beaten, right, Abarai Renji!”
Renji: “You bastard … Ishida …!"
Ishida fixes his gaze on Glasses.

Meanwhile, the kids were torturing Orihime.
Orihime’s face is bleeding.
Close-up: the kids admire her courage.

Suddenly the door of Orihime’s room is destroyed.
Outside is Grimmjow.

There, till next week that’s the end.

Naruto 351 Spoilers with Pictures

Thank you Sho! -


The scene is at the place where Suigetsu was fooled. The prisoners are telling Suigetsu, "You're gonna get killed by Juugo!" and that pisses him off.

He attacks them as they're riled up.

The same time that's happening, it changes to the scene of Juugo and Sasuke

Juugo destroys the walls getting to Sasuke

Juugo puts an end to it as Sasuke transforms and copies Juugo.

Juugo- "He's strong! He's gotta be another one of those copy-cat bastards since Kimimaro!"

Juugo gets ready to lunge

It's here that Suigetsu makes his debut. "Let me handle this," and he fights with Juugo.

Sasuke- "Both of you, quit it!"

None of them are listening. Sasuke stops them with something that looks like a serpent.

Sasuke- " you want me to kill you?"

Both of them shiver

Karin is absorbed in whatever she's doing and pays them no mind

Afterwards, Sasuke goes to bring Juugo along with him as was his original intention. However when Juugo turns back to his original self, he turns scared

Suigetsu- "...What...the hell? He's got some serious split personality going on there."

Karin- "Didn't I already say this? By himself, Juugo can't stop his killing urges. He's unable to control himself. The reality is that he doesn't want to kill."

End of next week

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Transformers Hasbro Commemorative Toys 'R Us G1 Soundwave with Laserbeak and Ravage Review!

A sight of relief!

After a month of searching, I finally got this piece! G1 Soundwave Reissue Hasbro version. I try to get this in New York, there was no luck.
The box is not as big as the TFC Book version, slightly smaller. Like the TFC version, this comes like a book and when you open it theres a sounwave standee, quite cool. Like usual, I will not open this up as I still have the TFC version on display. Enjoy the pictures.

Tomy Takara Transformers Masterpiece MP-06 SKYWARP!!!

We would expect this after Starscream is made for MP-03. Personally, I don't really care and I will still collect the masterpiece series. Since we know whats coming for MP-06, what will be MP-07? A plane again or probably recolour?

Tomy Takara Transformers New Series - "Encore"

Tomy Takara has done it again! They rumored to reissue Optimus Prime and Megatron in Transformers Encore series. Save up your pockets and ready for this, I think this 2 is just the beginning of the full range series.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Nicole @ 17/04/07!

Hey woman! Happy Birthday, sorry for missing out meeting you when you in KL. Will meet up with you again next time. Happy Birthday girl, take care in Melbourne!

Happy Birthday Joe Han @ 16/04/07 !

Happy Birthday Joe Han! U think I will forget you? Nah! Thanks for everything especially stuffs about car!

Bumbu Bali, Bandar Puteri Puchong

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I went over to this nice decorated restaurant Bandar Puteri Puchong last Sunday. The decor is quite a sight and there are things for sale as well. It has the Bali touch. The place was packed! No joke! The foods? Excellent, I love their grills. I had the Bumbu Nasi Campur which is really good and big portion and costs ard 2+. The rest is as good as it looks as well. The service is good, toilet is clean as well. One minus point is its open air, no air-cond. I love the Balinese idea of open air but its just too hot!
Verdict: Excellent food, good pricing and good service!

Bumbu Bali
18 & 18-1, Jln Persiaran Puteri 1,
Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong.
Tel: 03-8061 8699

Man who stole bras got his freedom stole... He was jailed....

"A 43-year-old labourer, caught while fleeing with two stolen bras partially tucked inside his pants, was jailed three months by a magistrate's court on Tuesday. "- The STAR

Chong Lean Hin, of Air Itam admitted to stealing the bras, worth a total RM10 belonging to two sisters." - The Star

Hmm... Is this first of the kind crime in our country? I know Japan is very popular of this. To read more, click here

Monday, April 16, 2007

Peter Crouch saga... Should he stay?

One of the tallest player in EPL, England's second choice striker and Liverpool's hit man Peter Crouch vows to stay on for Liverpool. I never knew him when he was in Southampton until Benitez bought him for 7 million pounds. Even though he is not playing regularly until lately, Crouch has scored 18 goals for all competition for Liverpool this season. Crouch is not as hardworking as Kuyt but he can score goals with his head and his leg. When the new owners bought over, they promised Benitez a transfer fees of 40 millions pounds. With Ukraine's Veronin on his way to Anfield, could Crouch be retained in Liverpool? All time fan fav's Fowler is so uncertain this season as a bench warmer, it would be sad to sell Crouch. Its time again for Benitez to think the advantages of Crouch as he still score goals as a striker. Will Crouch be leaving Anfield end of the season? Only Benitez will know and we hope that we still can lay our hands on the Champions League title!

FA Cup Final: Chelsea Vs Man Utd...

The battle for the Premiership turns to another cup battle for this 2 giants. Is this a dream final for both of them or just nightmare. Could Chelsea stop Man Utd for a double or even treble? No matter how, as a Red's fan will be sitting on my sofa enjoying such battle. One thing I know, both of them will not have their hands laid on the Champions League title, it belongs to Liverpool this season...

Ferrari showed class in Bahrain, Hamilton showed talent and history...

Massa tasted the first victory of the season and Hamilton got pole for the 3rd time at Bahrain! Kimi got third while Alonso struggled in fifth. Heidfeld and Kubica got 4th and 6th while Trulli got 7th for Toyota and Fisichella got the last point for Renault. After 3 races, its still a close fight between Ferrari and McLaren. Look out for Hamilton as he is classy and he might pulled out some surprises for upcoming races and don't forget he is still a rookie.

FHM Singapore Girls Next Door took out bra on air!

They did interview on radio station and they need to take out their bra!

Choong Tan Fook-Lee Wan Wah downed Khoo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong for ABC title!

Choong Tan Fook-Lee Wan Wah downed Khoo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong for ABC title in Johor Bahru Malaysia. The veterans showed the hot shots who's the boss at today's finals. Hopefully Khoo - Tan will pick up their games after this loss.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rachel and Wee's Bday Celebration at Salsajay @ 13/4/07

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Missing lots of ppl on that day. Thanks for the ppl that came. Happy birthday Wee and Rachel!!

Man City 0-0 LIVERPOOL @14/4/7

Liverpool away form once again earns them a draw at Man City. Elsewhere Arsenal close the gap to 2 pts after beating Bolton 2-1 at home. Sheffield Utd stun West Ham with 3-0 win. Portsmouth 2-1 Newcastle, still battling for Euro spot next season. Reading's 1-0 win against Fulham gave them hope for Euro as well. Boro stunned by Aston Villa at home with 3-1 loss. Man City-Liverpool match is a dull affair, end of story...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Massa got pole again, this time in Bahrain!

Massa got pole again, Hamilton second, Kimi third, Alonso forth in Bahrain. Expect close fight tomorrow for the race.

Bleach 271 Manga!

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Espadas are just too strong....

MA 01- Optimus Prime Preview Transformers The Movie!!

Sneak preview of Takara Optimus Prime the Movie version selling at 6825 yen.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The flying car!

The flying car. Check out the spoiler!! I was like what the f**K!! You think the car can fly? The spoiler is higher then Japan GT Cars... Cool!

Max Brenner at Promenade, Singapore

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Max Brenner! We had it there instead of Australia which they have quite a few outlets there as well. The Suckao is good, too bad they are not in Malaysia yet. A good place to go in Singapore's Promenade after you have some sight seeing there. Love the environment there as well as pricing, service was good. Its a MUST GO for chocolate lovers.... Visit their website here.

Salsa Beginner Class, SalsaJay @ 11/04/07

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A super packed class. Cant imagine I didnt salsa for a week. James was there.. Nice to see everyone around! SALSA!

Bleach 271 Spoiler

Spoiler from youtube.

Naruto 350 manga is out!

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Enjoy... Credits to

Our picture gallery....

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Time flies, pictures taken in Australia, Thailand, KL and Singapore.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Birthday BB! Love you always!

Happy Birthday my dearest... Love you!

Nicol David wins Kuwait Open, second title of this year...

"Malaysia’s Nicol David bagged her second title of the year when she defeated Natalie Grinham 9-6, 10-8, 2-9, 9-1 in yet another marathon women’s final in the Kuwait Open squash championships in Kuwait City yesterday. " - The Star

She has once again proved herself as invincible in squash. She is the proud of our nation. NICOL BOLEH, MALAYSIA BOLEH!

Donald Trump shaves Vince McMahon's head!

Poor Vince, he got bashed and shaved by Donald Trump!

Storm above me....

At the time I'm writing now, 4.10pm. Its a storm outside right now. It has been raining lately, the weather has been cranky, hot and rain, hot and rain. Global warming you reckon?

Champions League QF 2nd Results @ 11 April 2007

LIVERPOOL 1-0 PSV, Bayern Munich 0-2 AC Milan....
Liverpool will meet Chelsea in semis and Man Utd will meet AC Milan as well. 3 English teams in the semis! Peter Crouch downed 10 men PSV while AC Milan got 2 first half goals thanks to Seedorf and Inzaghi!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Champions League QF 2nd Round results @ 10 April 2007

Chelsea beat Valencia 2-1 in Spain with aggregate of 3-2, faces the winner of Liverpool-PSV tonight. Man Utd thrashed Italian side Roma at Old Trafford 7-1! with aggregate of 8-2. Man Utd will meet the winner of AC Milan-Bayern Munich. If LIVERPOOL wins tonight, there will be 3 English teams on the semis! And if AC Milan go thru, they will meet Man Utd, and if they beat them and Liverpool beat Chelsea, we will have the repeat of 2005 finals! How ironic!

Nicol reached semis at Kuwait Open

Nicol stormed her way to semis of Kuwait Open. The world number one and reigning world champion took 51 minutes in 10-8, 7-9, 9-6, 9-0 win over the seventh seeded Omneya. To read more.

Bangkok Motor Show Video Clip!

Got this from my mate from Bangkok as well... Thai Auto Show rocks man!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bangkok Auto Show 2007!

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Got this pictures from my best mate in Bangkok! Taken last weekend at the Bangkok Auto show! The BMW was the IASCA best car award in USA, spent around RM 500k to modify that car! The car was bought at RM 50k but spent RM500k... to pimp it up... I will try to retrieve more pics from my mate from Bangkok as well as video clips.. All coming soon!!

Subway, New Yorker Style...

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People has been telling me you are not in New York if you never try the subway. I had a short route from Bloomingdell uptown to Times Square. The network map itself is confusing, but a tracker like me has no problem travelling. I opened my mouth and asked a few girls and I was on my way there. Its underground and its a bit scary. This subs like century old so couldn't expect much right? When i was in the train, there was some dude doing asking donations for him to study in Italy and there were people paying. New Yorkers are nice people... Aw.... Subs are a place not to be missed!

On-Camera Talent Casting Call

We are casting for talents interested for Multimedia Video
presentations. Type of assignments: "How-to" video product
demonstations, advertising campaigns, industrial shoots, etc. If you
have a great smile and can be articulate in front of the camera, you
don't want to miss this opportunity. Log on to
to get an idea of what we'll be doing.

No experience neccessary. Male and Female between ages 25 to 50. Multi-
lingual talents required: American, British, French, German, Danish,
Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc. If you're interested, please send your
particulars below to


Please help us forward this email to people whom you know might be

Date: April 16, 2007
Time: 9 AM to 8 PM
Venue: Focus Image Televideo Sdn Bhd
22 Jln 4/91 Taman Shamelin 56100 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan 56100 Malaysia

Monday, April 09, 2007

Macy's the World's Largest Store!

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"In busy Herald Square, the intersection of Broadway and Sixth Avenue at 34th Street, stands one of NYC's most famous icons of shopping - Macy's Department Store.

Since 1902, Macy's Herald Square is one of the last turn-of-the-century department stores in existence." -

Sorry for my ignorance, but I didn't it was really so huge when I stepped in. If I'm not mistaken, it has 10 floors, with 2 different sections! I was hurrying so I didn't manage to take more photos. Except toys, it has almost everything! The great part about Macy's, the price is reasonable and affordable! I was being lucky that day because they were having "morning sale". Calvin Klein shirts and other branded goods are really cheap compare to Malaysia. There are also better brands like LV, Coach, Lacoste and many more... It basically will take you a day to really walk around the store. The cool thing about this place, its basically still a "pre-war" building, old classic escalators, lifts and so on but well maintained! Its a good recommendation for shopping in New York City!

Pigalle NYC

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Located at 790 8th Ave, New York, NY 10019 (212) 489-2233.....
The nearest restaurant to our hotel (Best Western President Hotel) which I'm going to review later (dunno when). The place, is packed for breakfast. Its a short walk from our hotel to there. Good service, got our table fast. The food? I had Egg Copenhagen with grilled salmon, loved it. We ate there twice! Dena had Egg Florentine, she loved it as well.. The rest I also forgot the names, but no complaints as well. Price is being reasonable for breakfast mostly under US 10 per plate.
Foods are very good, service is excellent, price is good! Want to know more about them? Click here!

The Transformers Trailer that never make it....

This was circulated sometime last year, everyone was excited but the truth this not the real deal but the work is 5 stars!

Portsmouth 2-1 Man Utd... Coughed... @ 7/4/7

Man Utd need to becareful, Chelsea just behind ya...

Reading 1-2 Liverpool, Liverpool 3rd....@7/4/7

Check out the commentary...

PSV 0-3 Liverpool, 3 great goals...Champions League Q Final 1st Leg..

Who is your daddy PSV?? Awaits Tuesday game for now! You never walk alone!

Transformers Sector 7 Videos... Its cool!

Credits to . This are cool clips featuring Grimlock, Reflector and Kickback!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

USA Brooklyn Diner, The Finer Diner, Times Square, NYC Review

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Located at 155W, 43rd Street, Times Square, NYC...
It is quite easy to find, around the cornerstone of Times Square, New York City.
It was packed like any other restaurants around Times Square. We got our table within minutes as we were waiting inside. Service is good, keep asking us to make sure everything is okay... I like the service!
The food....
The prawn was good but a bit salty... This might not be the case cause the Americans like salty.
Same goes to the salmon, good and a bit salty too.
Chicken Kiev was a funny one, it was so juicy at the moment that it was cut opened, the butter juice squirted out!
My beef burger is huge! It came with lots of fried onions and chips as well. "The best burger in New York" - New York Magazine
The price is below US 20, huge portion of food and great location in the city.
You can go to their website here.
Verdict: Foods are okay, service is excellent, price is reasonable!

Things that you don't see everyday...

Girls dancing on top of racks trying to get attention. It created a huge crowd. Good work girls!

Which store? Quiksilver Times Square, NY! Coz of the huge crowd, I couldn't get in. Sigh....