Sunday, March 29, 2009

Its Sunday

Yeah, its Sunday alright. Will be away again for work outstation. Need some rest badly lately. More stuffs will come after this job trip. Have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Naruto 441 Spoiler

Naruto escapes from the Chibaku Tensei and lands back on the ground. After this, the sphere crumbles.

Hinata crosses Naruto's mind and seeing no trace of the village of the villagers, he worries he might have destroyed them, but Katsuyu, still hiding in his clothes, assures him they are okay.

Nagato coughs up even more blood

Team Guy just arrived. Tenten checks Hinata. Pain missed her vitals, and with immediately medical treatment she will be fine.
Hearing that, Neji uses his Byakugan to find a medical ninja. Lee discovers Ma frog he says "there's an injured frog here" They're wasting time (laugh)
Guy says one word: Akatsuki... So much for this, I'll tell you the things you want to see

Change to Naruto he says to Deva Realm that he wants to speak to the real body for negotiations.
Breakdown - Talking to you after all this now would be nonsensical

Naruto is like "Well, then I'll have to look for him myself" Katsuyu asks how he's going to do that.
Naruto has an idea: He'll engage Deva Realm in a fistfight, break of one of the black rods and pierces himself with it. Using Sennin mode, he can locate the real body like tracing a phone call.

To finish off Deva Realm, Naruto throws a Fuuton: Rasen Shuriken, which Deva realm deflects, but it seems Naruto took advantage of the five-second interval by throwing a second shadow shuriken.
The end

The next issue has a colour cover. Conclusion... and unexpected end... what's written. It would suck if it's Nagato dying from coughing up too much blood
The spine of the magazine has Gaara on it.

Bleach 351 Spoiler

Ulqy uses his special technique (name means "disappear")
そのまま動くなよ…できれば近くで使いたくない 的な会話
The conversation goes something like, "Stay where you are...I don't want to use it at close range if possible."
Ichigo stands perfectly composed.
Ulqy fires one shot.
扱い(必殺技)が難しいな 的な会話
The conversation goes something like, "This technique is difficult to deal with."
He prepares a second shot.
Can Ishida take out that continuously firing technique of his?
While he's getting ready Ichigo uses sonido.
He reappears in front of Ulqy who fires his second shot at close range without hesitating but
Ichigo blocks it with one hand and Ulqy is shocked.
Ulqy is cut by Ichigo's sword and falls.
Something about Ichigo stepping on his head?
The big explosion at the end is Ichigo letting loose.
He never had a chance. (I guess he means Ulqy).

Stuck In Bali : Nyepi

Nyepi is a Balinese "Day of Silence" that falls on Bali's Lunar New Year (March 26, 2009). It is a day of silence, fasting, and meditation. The day following Nyepi is also celebrated as New year Gudi Padva in Maharashtra and Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in India.

Although Nyepi is primarily a Hindu holiday, non-Hindu residents of Bali observe the day of silence as well, out of respect for their fellow citizens. Even tourists are not exempt; although free to do as they wish inside their hotels, no one is allowed onto the beaches or streets, and the only airport in Bali remains closed for the entire day. The only exceptions granted are for emergency vehicles carrying those with life-threatening conditions and women about to give birth. - Wikipedia

I'm really stuck in Bali now. The celebration caught me unaware. I'm now having a full day in my hotel in Kuta watching cable TV and sunbathing on the pool.

There will be mandatory no lights tonight so the hotel will be blackout! In fact, the whole Bali will be without lights! This is really a real first time to me for this.

This few days in Bali was really lovely. Will blog about it more when I'm back.

Thanks for the lovely wishes.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Am Engaged!

Well, its about time I guess.

Earlier this month, I was invited for a Hot Air Balloon Workshop in Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur. Of course, it was all smartly planned by me. I spoke to the lovely people of Skyevents of my intentions and they set up nicely for me.

So then when we flew up the air, we took a couple of pictures.

Then, I surprised her with the ring. The basket was small so it took me a while to kneel down and ask the "magic" word.

It all happened so fast.

She agreed and I'm officially engaged.

Thanks Josen for being the photographer last minute.

Proposing on the hot air balloon was one of my college assignments in my Sociology class back in college. It could be a dream proposal to many, anyhow I made it possible here.

Thanks for the best wishes from the friends who knew about our engagement. There's quite some work to be done from now till the big day.

So then, there goes my singlehood.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Short Trip To Singapore

I went to a short trip to Singapore on Wednesday. Really tiring and the weather was so hot.

The trend in Singapore now is pay cut. Recession down under is getting worst. A met someone who is working from home now. He worked for an American company. Some employers took the opportunity to cut the salary of the workers. To them, its better to have pay cut then getting retrenched.

Looks like the recession is yet to hit us that badly yet. We will just have to wait and see.

Naruto 440 and Bleach 350 Is Out!

Quick update!

Naruto 440 Is HERE.

Bleach 350 Is HERE.

Credits- OneManga

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Naruto 440 Spoiler

it's all just talking ><
九尾が4代目登場して うおおおおおおおおおお4代目~
kyubi growls "gngggggggggggggggggg yondaime!'
so they move to another place to talk

why did he put the kyubi in his own son, shit happened, it was tough
Naruto punches the 4th (naruto pwns the 4th people! you heard it here first- kwgod)
minato believed his son would be able to control kyubi's power
naruto: because I'm the 4ths son [he seems satisfied with this]
something about naruto asking yondy about pain and yondy saying he'll find out.
Naruto learns from the 4th that Pain is being used by madara
he tells naruto that when kyubi attacked 16 years ago someone as behind it
he tells naruto it was someone with a mask
naruto remembers tobi

stuff happens and naruto escapes the ball in sennin mode

長門 我にかえったか…
nagato: you've returned to your senses have you?

next: final battle with pain


yondy lived in naruto's mind
so he knew about jiraiya's death

まあ封印式組みなおして チャクラもう残り少ないから 「じゃあ」
yondy fixes the seal, says his chakra is low and leaves 'in an opportune fashion'
kinda like that.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Neighbourhood Security Issues

Yesterday I was invited for a meeting regarding neighbourhood security issues.

It was organized by a neighbour to initiate a neighbourhood security program.

The turn out was better than expected when around 70% turned up. The meeting came at the right time to discuss a options and possibilities to tackle crime in the neighbourhood.

I was introduced to most of the neighbours that I never knew. For the first time, I heard about robberies and snatch thieves in my neighbourhood. There's a house that got robbed 4 times in a year.

There's a man got his leg slashed in front of his family because he didn't has any money at his house.

Another lady was slashed on her belly in a house robbery as well.

This are the very few of the crime spree happening in the neighbourhood.

We formed a committee at the meeting.

I hope within this few weeks, the committee can enhanced the security in the neighbourhood. Maybe CCTVs, fencing and gated securities.

Getting everyone together is never been easy. Moreover asking everyone to fork out a certain amount of money to maintain security. Whatever it is I hope everyone will not give up hope.

With better enhanced security, everyone will be happier and safer.

A peace in mind.

Huge Updates @

There were heaps of updates on foods in several places in Klang Valley. Please go to my food blog at

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bleach 349, Naruto 439, One Piece 535 Is Out!

Manga Chapters are out!

Bleach Manga Chapter 349 Is Out, check it out HERE.

Naruto Manga Chapter 439 Is Out, check it out HERE.

One Piece Manga Chapter 535 Is Out, check it out HERE.

Source- One Manga

Please do enjoy the chapters this week. Bleach and Naruto were simply amazing.

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Female Friend Was Robbed and Beaten On Her Face

I was told that a close girl friend of my sister was robbed and beaten on her face. She was robbed when she was going in her car in the morning. The robber followed and there was struggle. She was beaten badly on her face while struggling with the robber. She was picking up her car on her way to work.

This happened in an apartment's parking area in Cheras.

This is not the first time I heard about this. My friend's condo also got broke in last year in Subang.His condo worth more than 300k. Time is really bad now and I hope everyone to be extra careful to surroundings and belongings.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dragonball Evolution Review

Thanks to Fox for the lovely tickets for the Dragonball Evolution movie.

I'm a die hard Dragonball fan since I was 15.

When the rumors and the trailers were out, we all knew this movie is going to be a screwed up.

I read a newspaper article where director James Wong arrogantly said there's no point to follow the manga, sad to say he's no Michael Bay.

Yesterday, I was very excited to see how good is this "big mouth" James Wong's Dragonball Evolution would be. Well, it was dull.

Unlike Transformers, manga like Dragonball has a in depth story. Manga creator Akira Toriyama took 10 years to complete Dragonball series and James Wong took 1 movie to destroy everything.

Its a shame to see a Caucasian to play a role of an Asian character. On top of that, the story and plot was lame. There's going to be a sequel but will people watch it though?

This movie will goes well for non Dragonball fans as its very family oriented.

However, I just don't understand why adapt a manga when you don't adapt the story?

Bleach Manga Chapter 349 Spoiler Pictures Are Out!

Ishida lost a hand...

Ichigo transformed??

Early spoiler pictures are out. I only managed to track down 3 pictures by now. Would post more of the spoilers if I could find.

Interesting chapter this week.

Naruto Manga Chapter 439 Spoiler Picture Is Out! Yondaime!!

Holy shit! Yondaime is back?!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Human Beatbox

I was taking a break during the weekend and started to browse Youtube and I stumbled across a few videos on human beatbox. I got hooked and started to search for more.

First one I got is a compilation of Will Smith's human beatbox. Yeah, the days he was in Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

He was really funny. Almost forgot that he was from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Alex aged 14-15 doing beatbox. Look at his expressions during his beatbox.

It was an audition for French Idol. The guy's name is Joseph. He was doing a few TVC for Vodafone and Windows Vista after that.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Royal Selangor Club's Newest Sports Honorary Member: Dato' Nicol David

Yesterday I was invited to Royal Selangor Club for a dinner. It was for Royal Selangor Club's Newest Sport Honorary Member: Dato' Nicol David.

The Royal Selangor Club (Malay: Kelab Di-Raja Selangor) is a social club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, founded in 1884 by the British who ruled Malaya. The club is situated next to the Dataran Merdeka, or Independence Square, padang (field), and is accessible from Jalan Raja (Raja Road). -

Well, I was excited to see our very own world champion. Even though she just lost her Malaysia Open final, she is still someone we adored.


The dress code: batik or sports jacket. I "borrowed" a batik last minute, thank god. If not, I would had been kicked out.


Dato' Nicol David receiving her membership and later on the feast began (I'm gonna blog about it later).


Me, Rachel, her parents and Dato' Nicol David. She was very humble and very friendly. She took pictures with all the guests.

I do find a bit weird when everyone addressed her as Dato'. Yet, she really deserved the title.

Many Malaysians will agree that she's the best sportsman in the history of our country. If there's anyone else better than her, tell me who?

We all wished her the best of luck and her career. It was a lovely dinner.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Lovely Sunday

I did this today. Going to blog about it soon. Busy long weekend...

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Long Weekend

The great thing about weekend to me is I can have the whole Saturday morning or Sunday morning to update my blog. I often blog nowadays as I'm free in the office since January. However, busy days are coming.

I'll be going to a few places at the end of the month until early next month. Might be flying to other places pending to clients' approval.

I visited Princess Breanna again yesterday. She was getting prettier! (Pictures coming soon). When Rachel and I carried the baby, the majong gang told us to get our own. We smiled.

I'll be riding hot air balloon tomorrow with Rachel. I am very excited about it, first time experience. I'm off now to blog about, can't really seems to finish blogging about the foods I had.

I'll be working on a roadshow today and then salsa class. Monday will be a holiday so....

Have a nice weekend!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Manga Naruto Chaper 438 and Bleach Chapter 348 Is Out!

Lovely Friday! Naruto and Bleach manga for this week is out!

Check out Naruto 438, here.

Check out Bleach 348, here.


Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bleach Manga Chapter 348 Spoiler Pictures Are Out!

Only 2 pictures at the moment....

Spoilers (not confirmed):

Ressureccion Segunda Etappa
"Within the Espada, only I have been able to use this second release. Not even Aizen-sama have I shown this form to."

It ends with Orihime arriving just as Ichigo gets pierced in the chest by an attack.

Birthday Mouse Is Out in Mousehunt

I've caught one too! Joyce caught one too! Happy Birthday Mousehunt!!

Protest at GSC Cinemas for Watchmen and Watchmen review

Thanks Steph for the tickets. I had been waiting to watch this movie. There's lots of hypes about this movie on the Internet. I was invited for a special preview earlier this year and I watched a 20 min teaser of Watchmen.

As I went to the cinema with the rest, saw the "Watchmen" and took a picture with them. Then...

A group of protestors came and protest the movie. They were walking around the cinema protesting the movie. Everyone was .... wtf?

To make it worst they went to protest in the cinema hall! Then, the superheroes came and chased them away. Prominently, Rorschach.

About the movie. I was a bit some how disappointed how the movie went. It was too long (expected it) and the pace was a bit slow. It doesn't mean that the movie was not good. The story was there, introductions of each superhero and the ending was somehow unexpected. There were lots of nude scene (censored) as well as "censored" naked Dr. Manhattan. The story was actually quite complicated for a comic book. Its too "human" for a comic book.

Its a superb movie for Watchmen fans. Complicated for the rest. Its an either "you love it" or "you hate it" movie. Watchmen deserved to be "watch". Movie was around 2hr 40 min.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Naruto 438 Spoiler Picture Is Out! CHAPTER NAME: SEAL'S RELEASE! *Updated lots of pictures!!

Sakura: The feeling of this chakra.... It's from that time[?]...

Gamakichi[?]: What the hell happened/is happening?!

Cut-off panel in lower-right corner: Hinata went out to Naruto....

* Translations Might Not Be Accurate....

Krispy Kreme Is In MALAYSIA!!

Krispy Kreme Is In MALAYSIA!! NOT In Singapore!


This is shot in front of Berjaya Times Square. I wonder how long will be the queue when they open their store?