Sunday, August 31, 2008

Merdeka @ Curve

While many people celebrating Merdeka, I had to work... :(
I was at The Curve working....
The crowd was good at The Curve. It was basically packed during midnight. The music was not too bad. Ferhad was there...
I was seating at my video console over looks the stage at the console area.
We were basically enjoying (working) throughout the whole night.

The whole thing ended at 1am and it was fun. There were some fireworks as well.

Merdeka!! Happy 51st Merdeka....

Friday, August 29, 2008

My 1000th Post!

Its my 1000th post! I figured that I must put some sentimental values than the normal stuffs that I posted. When it comes to EMO stuffs, why don't I post how part of my life begins? The title of my blog is Life's Living anyways....
Here I am when I was still skinny going into pre-school when I was staying in UK... Ulu Klang...
The truth is I don't even know where am I in the photo, since I scanned it, I just show it here la...
For one fine day, our school went to the zoo.... And prolly my parents caught me red handed dating... You can see a chick holding my hand on the far right of the picture. And maybe for that reason, my parents sent me all boys school.... and I forgot the chick's name by the way.....oops..
Like I said, I was sent to a boys school. Since I was in the boys school, I had to break up with the chick earlier.... Here, my parents thought I was going to be a fine kid... Well, they were wrong again...
I decided to join the WWF (Wilayah Wrestling Federation) to be a wrestler... I am the guy standing at the far right. We named ourselves Hart Foundation (which later on Hitman and Anvil stole our team name).... From there, I know there's something special in me... and that's how my "super" life begins....
If you manage to read until here, thanks for reading the above BS.... This is my 1000th post and I'm happy to be a blogger.... Happy Merdeka day!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

EVE won't be lonely soon...Wall-E is COMING!!

EVE won't be lonely soon. Someone is kind enough to give EVE, Wall-E!! CHEESIE of Cheeserland has agreed to give EVE, Wall-E!!

Read more about it at

EVE is so excited right now!!

EVE now spends time in front of the mirror (make-up) awaits Wall-E...

Who will do the house chores now???

Road Bully...

It is supposed to be a happy day until I almost had a car accident just now on my way back to my office. A bike came out of nowhere and I almost banged the fella. Rachel was with me and she was shocked so I scolded the biker. The Indian biker then chased me and tried to stop me.

Basically I had 3 options at that time:
1. To drive off cause Rachel with me and maybe to the nearest police station.
2. Stop and argue/fight with that guy.
3. Bang him...

I took choice 1. I had to stop at the traffic light and he banged his hand on my window and he U turned.

I am still upset about the choice I made but at the end of the day, we are safe and there isn't any damages to my car.

Imagine what would happened if I banged the biker? I would need to pay summons and go to police station, send my car to repair and maybe still now in police station and used up a lot of money. And on top of all the above, its not my fault, I was driving my lane and the biker just came out nowhere.

This is not the first time I had this encounters. They did wrong and they want to be road bullies. I had no reasons to fight with him as I never wanted to be like them. On top that, I wouldn't want any damages to my car as tomorrow I have an early shoot. If there's a passenger in my car, I would always wanted them to be safe as I'm the driver.

I'm going home for now....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

EVE still alone and someone tries to cheer her up...

Slimer of Ghostbusters came and cheer her up but no good. EVE still needs Wall-E. Wall-E where are you??????

Sushi Craze...@ Ichiban Boshi

I always love the sushi bar... U can order straight...
What can I say about this place.... Lemme see... This is the second time I'm there in a week... Affordable prices and good food.... And more pictures to come.... I have this craze about sushi is like so hard to explain... Will go again.. Maybe next week... :P

EVE is sad and lonely...

EVE is not just sad and lonely but also mad. Coz she doesn't want to clean up my rooms. EVE needs Wall-E!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today is the day I adopted EVE...

There are so many EVE to choose. Sometimes its hard to choose when it comes to choices.
I brought her back and light her up!

I'm playing with her. Calling her and she responds! EVE is so good girl. Now, she has to "jaga" my rumah.... I wish...

Well as this is an interactive toy. EVE basically can responds depending on your voice tone. Since I love the movie so much so... I bought the toy... :P

Monday, August 25, 2008

CK's last day in office...

The farewell card....

The A Team....

Well, CK left the office last week.... for the sake of "goreng XXL ayam" in Taipei. CK good luck with your ayam biz and dun get caught okay!

Kota Bharu, a living history town...

I love top views...
The padi fields from top...
City is in good shape...
I am glad I made the trip to Kota Baru, Kelantan. I walked around for hours to see for myself how is this town really is. There is no male and female queuing as much as I see there in KB. Chinese foods are there and well pork and alcohol no issues as well.
Building is really old...
Stand alone building in middle of nowhere...

The buildings there are old but they are very well maintained. I would say KB got quite a number of old buildings, rich in history.

KB is very peaceful and harmony. Much peaceful than many cities in Malaysia. People are nice as well.

Wall E....

How scary to see the future we are heading in this movie. And how nice it is to interprete the message by using an animated movie like this to educate the children that watch this movie. Wall E is a loner, a machine that keeps the rubbish intact while humans left this going to be polluted planet.
So after cleaning up "our" mess for 700 years, one probe is sent back here to check for life forms (plant). So happened it is a female bot by the name of EVE. From there, an unexpected love journey started. The rest of the movie, you watch yourself.
This is a great movie to watch for all ages. I'm gonna keep my money to get limited edition DVD for this if possible.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cuba's Angel Valodia Matos infamous kick on Swedish referee Chakir Chelbat !

He said he got injury but he still can kick!

Lose, lose la....Kick referee and get lifetime ban. Shame on you, Angel Valodia Matos. More of the story here.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blogging from Kota Baru, Kelantan

The weather is so good today so I did manage to walk around the town for the whole morning. Interestingly there's no male or female queue as reported from the newspaper. Its very peaceful here and its much better than KL. Lots of markets here as well. The buildings here are old but well maintained. AS reported there's no pork here in KB, its all big piece of bullshits. I will be back to KL tonite and hopefully will upload some pictures tomorrow.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Replace License in 10 mins @ JPJ (RTD)

I don't believe either but I just got my new license at JPJ office less than 10 mins. I did it at JPJ Cheras office at Bandar Tasik Permaisuri. It was fast and furious. No more long queue! I lost my license some time back... sigh...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

First timer to Kelantan...

I will be visiting Kota Bahru for one day work this weekend. We had read so much about Kelantan but this will be the first time I step my foot there. Will take my Canon D-20 there this time around. Hopefully can take some good shots. I heard Kota Bahru is beautiful.

Yaacob Latiff Gathering together gether @ 20-08, 2008

Maybe its the date 2008 2008 or its just pure gathering. We all went out for a mini together gether gathering at Old Town for some chit chat. Maybe indeed it has been a while we din see each other. We lasted till 1 am. Or can I just say that we got conned by Chun Pang coz his wedding is coming...

My Other Blogs....

Let me share with you my other blogs:

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Wilson Ng's Transformers Collections

Since childhood my interest upon Transformers toys has never been faded. I'm not from a rich family but I'm do think that I'm lucky to have such a great family. I never had a chance to have a transformers toy when I was kid so when I worked now, I collect them... in a bit excessive way. Well... I've would love share mainly Transformers toys collections... my collections... HERE

Wilson Ng's Thundercats Collections

I must admit my passion upon Thundercats is not as much as Transformers. Unlike Transformers, I do owned Lion-O at one point in my childhood life. I restarted to collect Thundercats since 2007, and here I would show a decent few of them.... Link HERE.

Places & Foods

I love foods and traveling. As much as I wanted to travel, with limited budget... only few places I went. I tried to go to places to try different foods.... And here I would love to share a few bits places I went and foods that I eaten. Link HERE.

Thanks for reading and visiting my blogs. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Its DATUK Lee Chong Wei now....

Lee Chong Wei has become a Datuk now. Penang will award Lee Chong Wei Datukship on Aug 30th.

So, he's DATUK LEE CHONG WEI! More of the story HERE.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review

Well, watched this last week and almost forgot to blog about it. Basically it happens between part 2 and 3. A lot of people has been criticizing the movie for not being real. Of course, this is animated style aka Japanese anime syle, do not expect anything near the real one. Anakin seems to be more vocal and expressive than the original real robotic version. Yoda speaks faster in the animated movie and Jabba the Hutt has a son. Basically Anakin and his new apprentice going to save Jabba's kidnapped son back to his dad.

For Star Wars fans, sure must watch, otherwise its for more to kids ala Cartoon Network style....

I would prefer a story after Luke Skywalker.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mama who? Mamma Mia! The Movie

I love Mama Mia the song by ABBA but if I would watch this movie call "Mama Mia" is not going to be the song. Well, may I lied or maybe not.

I just don't understand. How can u put an ex-007 with a bad girl from Devil wear Prada. The other doesn't makes sense thing is how the hell Meryl Steep looked so young? Bloody botox? Then, Pierce Brosnan is out of job due to the Speedo six pack Daniel Crag and maybe Get Smart's Steve Carrell. Can Brosnan sing? Never knew he is a Karoake King or something.

With so much of mix matches, must go and see how its gonna be!

How to drive from KL to JB and back to KL with less than 1 tank of petrol!

The teams with Guinness World Record Holder John and Helen Talyor...

Seriously, how to drive from KL to JB and back to KL with one tank of petrol? This is the real deal.
There were 10 teams of 10 cars comprised of Toyota Vios, Honda City, Nissan Sentra, Proton Persona and Proton Gen 2 and they were given a full tank from KL. With record holder John and his wife's friendly tips and advices, all 10 cars finished the task with flying colors.

Tips are easy:
* Drive 70-90 km/h
* No air con or lowest setting
* Don't keep braking and no audio sets on

Basically its safe driving = safe petrol


Sunday, August 17, 2008


When the whole country tunes to the Olympic channel and watching your back, you can really feel the pressure.

Today, the entire nation was in SHELL SHOCK! Lee Chong Wei played the 'probably' his worst game in his whole entire life. Everyone will blamed him for the lost, but I think otherwise.

The pressure has taken the toll to him today. He was NEVER himself today. His shots are not in favour for him. He was luckless and clueless. Worst of all, the coach of the day is Misbun and not Yap Kim Hock or his previous mentor, Li Mao.

I pity Lee Chong Wei today. He played so well till the final. He should NEVER be blamed as he brought home a SILVER medal for Malaysia. Compare him to the Malaysian cyclists. Full stop....

I hope he recovers well after this defeat. He still has a long road to go and many more medals to win for Malaysia. Malaysia TAK BOLEH today doesn't mean we cannot BOLEH in the future, MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lee Chong Wei.... One more win for GOLD

There is no bigger joy or gift for Malaysia then an Olympic GOLD Medal. However, a SILVER Medal also will do but of course gold is the best.

WHY DO we need this GOLD? I reckon everyone is sick and tired of reading newspaper headlining Malaysia's Politics everyday. Wouldn't it be nicer to see a happy news something like Lee Chong Wei one more win for GOLD. There are too many negative elements lately on the newspaper.

BADMINTON is our national number one sport. Getting a GOLD will leave a mark to the world that we can play BADMINTON.

WE Malaysians right now are nothing like Singapore. It was indeed happy to know SINGAPORE table tennis team stormed to final but.... but... after knowing most of the players are "from" China, I felt disgusted. Should a country import good players to play for them or should a country produce a great player from its own.

Even though we Malaysians playing shitty football, at least those fellas are Malaysians. If to achieve success needs buying, there will be nothing spectacular in sports anymore.

Silver or Gold, Lee Chong Wei has did it for Malaysians. It will be a great gift for this year's 51st Merdeka Day (Independence Day).

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lee Chong Wei, our last hope...

Today Lee Chong Wei will play the semis around 6.30pm Malaysian time. He is the final and sole survivor to deliver at least a medal for Malaysia. I hope he will win today to finals for at least a silver medal. A medal for Malaysia will be a great joy for Malaysians. All the best and luck!

A day @ Batu Gajah

I had a one day work @ Batu Gajah today. It was pretty fun just except that I had not enough sleep. Basically I was pretty tired and sleepy. I love driving most of the time so going to places are okay to me except that I'm dead tired. I will be going to Kota Bahru next week, it will be my first visit to Kelantan, I'm pretty excited about it. Going to have a real weekend this week without work, going to really enjoy my Sat and Sun!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mirrors Review

I watched the trailer couple of weeks back which deepens my interest in this movie. Witn 24 star, Kiefer Sutherland, nothing can go wrong much.

The movie started well with the bad mirrors and later moving on to real story of the mirror. Its kinda horror at times but its a good watch for horror fans!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

SISF 2008, Singapore International Salsa Festival 2008!!

Fri 24/10 - Sun 26/10

-> 4 pax/room (RM1,056)
-> 3 pax/room (RM1,128)
-> 2 pax/room (RM1,272)

Performers get RM216 discount.

FULL EVENT PASS (until 31/8/08)
S$350 or RM840 (non-performer)
S$260 or RM624 (performer)

* does not include food, accommodation, and transportation.
* includes night pass, performance pass, workshop passes (Sat & Sun).

* S$360 or RM864 per room, can be shared by up to 4 persons
-> 4 pax/room (RM216)
-> 3 pax/room (RM288)
-> 2 pax/room (RM432)
* 4 beds and 1 attached bath
* 4 days & 3 nights, Check-in Fri 24/10/08 2pm+, Check-out Mon 26/10/08 before 10am
* only available for those with full event pass.

BUSSES (book seperately)
-> AEROLINE KUL-SIN-KUL RM80 each way, RM160 both ways.
-> FIRST COACH KUL-SINKUL RM115 both ways.

For more info, pls email me at:, I'm helping a friend to sell the tickets. Thanks

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Badminton: Wong Choon Han beat Taufik Hidayat!

Lucky or not my office got Astro due to work. Basically, everyone sticked their face to the TV set awaits Malaysians in action today. I was very disappointed by how the archery team Malaysia lost to Italy. However, looking at Lee Chong Wei thrashing the Singapore Imports, I was a bit glad.

Later on, after work, I saw Wong Choon Han's best games ever for this year. He beat the crap out of Taufik Hidayat, the defending Olympic Champion. If the fire continues, Wong Choon Han might get a medal back for Malaysia. Malaysia BOLEH!


After a hectic working journey from JB, I am working again. Today, Firefly unveiled their latest ATR air crafts. Since I brought a spare video camera, I was there basically helping out the guys.
More pictures will come soon. Night...

Saturday, August 09, 2008

JB 4 the Weekend

Heading to JB for work and will be spending the weekend there. Will be back soon. :) Beijing Olympic was a blast!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008 Fireworks Preview!!

The "bubble" swimming complex...
The "bird nest"

And I'm might be missing all this due to appointment later!!!! But I had someone to record for me later. :)

08 08 08

Today is 08 08 08. Could be the best date of all time for auspicious Chinese number 8. Today will be also the opening of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games at 8pm. I might not be able to watch it though.

Sex And The City Review

The formidable team...

I am suppose to watch Dark Night but went to cinema late so no tickets were up for grab. Then, it left us 2 options, Meet Dave and Sex & the City.
Rachel is always a big fan of SATC so watching the movie is kinda make sense. Of course, Steph is the biggest fan as she traveled down south to Singapore to watch the "uncensored" version.
I watched the series and the DVD box sets are still in my DVD closet.
If you ask me why would I watched few 40 years old ladies talking about sex, I would pay to watch them!

The movie was great.... Even though it has been a while since the season stopped but the story is good. There are few good lessons to be learned in the movie and the joke and everything was there. Rachel has already asked me to get the DVD of this so its a great movie. Not much adaptation to TV series are fruitful like this one, I can damn guarantee this!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Olympic Is Coming!!! Coke Bottle China Set of 4, Olympic Theme

Coca Cola~~~~
Olympic is here!!!

How can I not attracted to such great Coke bottles! Well, tomorrow is the big day where the opening of the Olympics will begin in Beijing. I'm going to sit tight and watch the opening (if possible).