Sunday, December 30, 2007

J.Co Donuts & Coffee...Review?

A brand name that is trusted for delicious donuts?

The infamous queue... Is it really worth the wait?

The lovely box that shares the J.CO way...

Since I can't sleep right now, I decide to blog about some donuts. Well, since the opening at Pavillion KL, the queue has been infamously long. Stories about the queue as long as an hour. An hour for donuts? We, Malaysians can wait for good food. Thats one thing true about us. When you talk about queue, we queue for food but never for buses and taxis. Shame truth. About the donuts, it was good depending which flavor you ordered. My personal fav will be the double choc and the peanut butter thingy. Well, if you want a shorter queue you can go to Sunway Pyramid new wing LG. Go early, shorter queue! This post is not sponsored nor paid by J.Co, its just being me liking to eat lovely donuts and great foods. :)

The Last Few Days of 2007

I am not going to review 2007 yet as there as still a few more days to go. What I can say is I have been busy trying to do most of the things done before 2008. I got my blood check up done at Pathlab on Saturday. Planning for New Year's Eve plans. Sunday most likely I will do some cleaning up again with Rachel. I just came back from Hon Shun and Nita's baby boy full month party (Ryan) on Saturday night. I missed out 2 Salsa nights on Friday and Saturday nights. Sigh... I don't mean to skip... I still love Salsa!!!

Man Utd falls at Upton Park again...

C. Ronaldo scored and missed one penalty helped West Ham to beat them again for the 3rd consecutive times. Anton Ferdinand became the unlikely hero to equalize while Matthew Upson scored his first ever goal for West Ham for the infamous win again. Chelsea on the other hand manage to beat Newcastle with a late goal 2-1. Tomorrow will be an opportunity for Liverpool to close the gap if they can beat Man City.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Amazing Race Asia 2 Episode 6

Sorry for the rest of Asia, Diane and Anne has played slicky! They tricked Team Japan and they were eliminated. Sorry Japan on behalf of team Malaysia. That was so harsh and cruel. A fight for survival.

National Treasure 2 : Book Of Secret Review

Before I start I must say the first episode was awesome. What is this book of secrets? Apparently the President of USA has a book of secrets that passed on from 1 president to another. And Nicholas Cage's ancestor has been framed in a Lincoln murder century ago linked to that book to reveal another treasure hunt. Yes, another treasure hunt like the first one. This time around, the mum jumps the hunt. Don't ask me how, everyone has a mum okay. The excitement of the hunt is no longer there as we seen so much in episode 1. However, you still can go thru the process in this movie. It is a good movie indeed but its not as awe as the first one. That's all I would say before I spilled more stuffs. Let me say again, its still a good movie!

Liverpool got lucky

Well its Boxing Day and there's no holiday in Malaysia. Stayed up and watch Derby V Liverpool. The match showed us definitely a lot of things. There is no creative in the team. What I would say is Liverpool got really lucky. Stevie G keep hacking until he got the winning goal or else, Liverpool would lost the title race. Arsenal and Chelsea slipped on draws while Man Utd took advantage to top the table. What I could say here is the title is still reachable unless there are shit happens!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

AVP Requiem Review * Special Notes, Please Read *

Its a totally different AVP this time around. Early in the movie, a new "hybrid" is shown (mixed alien and predator breed) and then a new Predator comes in to clean the job. The story of this movie is shallow with very less character development. The gadgets and the fighting scenes are awesome. If you are a fan, you will addicted to this movie. The special effects are excellent. Until here I should say, the rest its up to you to watch it.

Special Notes:

After the movie, at the credits, wait until Special Effects and under sub category Modeler/Modeling, notice Chung Seong Ng on the left side. That is my younger brother. He is working on 3d modeling in the movie and I'm very proud of him. He is currently working free lance at Hydraulx in Los Angeles.

Naruto 384 Spoiler ... Death of Uchiha Itachi??

Spoiler picture out early!!! Is this marks the death of Uchiha Itachi? After the death of Jiraiya on 383, another main character going to die this time? We just have to wait and see!!!

Magnetic Diet Weight Loss Program

Anytime when someone sees me, they always said a magic word, diet. I'm not kidding on this. This is a serious matter and I do look into it. There are many methods and many programs out there. Believe me, I've gone through all those things. However, lately I read about this weight loss program which I feel is different from the rest. Interestingly enough it does list out what others might offer for weight loss but they adapt a different method. It is so good that they even give a 100% satisfaction guaranteed assurance. When we look into something, we look for commitments like this. Should I say more or should you check it out yourself? Either way check out weight loss program, you will have no regrets!

XMas @ Mid Valley

Dear Rachel with Paul Frank shirt in Mid Valley...

I am a Decepticon running around in Mid Valley...

I guess the decorations for Christmas are more exciting than the other seasons. And I should say, it was amazing, the best I've seen this year in KL. It is like a forest in the center court of Mid Valley. An Enchanted Forest aye.....

Boxing Day!!

Christmas is over! And its Boxing Day!!! There aren't much things this year so maybe... maybe next year would be more interesting... Pic by Mike Yip at Tim's Bday Bash!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

I can't imagine tomorrow is Christmas! The best part is, not much plans again this year. Salsa gang is going up Genting now and party over there. Well, I prefer a least hectic plan. I am going to cook tonight with Rachel. I haven't been cooking for some time so I guess its time for me to do something tonight. I am still working at the moment and Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ironman Limited Edition??

Got this loose figure from a collector lately and I was told it is a limited edition Ironman. It has been weeks since I blog about toys. Before my "toy fans" started to ditch my blog, let me start blogging about some stuffs I got lately. Well, I'm a small fan of Marvel so there is so much to learn about Marvel. Anyways, the weird metallic painting of this figure hooked me up on buying this.

Guinness New Bottle Launch @ Zouk!

Me and Lu... at the launch...

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Well, it was another great launch and yes I enjoyed myself there with the rest of the clients and friends. The setup was really cool and lovely! Especially the different eras and designs. Great work!

Web Hosting Choices...

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Magna's 4x4 Event, Thai Club @ 3 Dec

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Magna's team has a post celebration event at Thai Club KL on 3rd Dec and I was there to have a few drinks with them. Joey and the rest of the gang was there. Had a few chat and some drinks and left.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Disaster strikes Benitez....

Man Utd got away with a 1-0 win in Anfield courtesy of Tevez goal gives Benitez the big headache. Liverpool now slipped to 5th. Arsenal also won with a 1-0 scoreline against Chelsea. Is the title race ended for Liverpool?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Disaster Strikes SuperWilson....

My life yet again has been saved by my car's Anti Skidding system as the car stalled itself to prevent it from spinning. A lesson yet again to be learned in a really harsh and hard way but thats how my life that has been. For once, I'm speechless...

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Amazing Race Asia Episode 4, Terri (Team Phillippines) responded my message

I never intended to hurt anyone with my comments but those are true words from my heart. Read other comments she made below.

9 hours ago, Team75 says:
Superwilson says:

Terri, SHAME ON YOU! You are so lucky to have a husband like Henry! Terri is making a joke of herself for the whole Asia to laugh...

Thank You So Much! I'm glad that another Malaysian gang up on me again!After this season 2 end! You'll be happy for the big news I'm going to make,cause I told my nanay that I am going with her.So Henry will be happy without me.And If that time come soon,before the season 2 end.GO CELEBRATE WITH HENRY.OK HOPE YOU'LL BE HAPPY PEOPLE FOR HIM!

7 mins ago, Team75 says:
8 hours ago, mrc921 says:

Terri, you are a disgrace to the Filipinos most specially to Filipino women. You do not make us proud. And I'm sorry, you should not be labeled as a typical pinay, calling you typical undermines the good values of a lot of educated and well mannered pinay.


Well at times, it is obvious production team will take the opportunity to show the good or the ugly of every team. No matter how, they do really make you look very ugly in situations we saw on TV. It is still a show after all.

31 mins ago, Team75 says:
You all can have Henry,but make sure that you can provide different women FOR HIM to have sex with,And make sure that he has money in the bank which he don't and his retirement paycheck it's not enough to pay BILLS,that's why my mom died,because I can't even afford to get a refill for her oxygen,now YOU ALL CAN HAVE HENRY,MAKE SURE THAT YOU WILL NOT STOP HIM FOR.PLAYING TENNIS EVERYDAY,OR TO RIDE HIS BIKE OR TO FLY HIS KITE,THAT HIS HOBBY,HE IS NOT A HUSBAND FOR ME SINCE 2003.HENRY'S APPETITE FOR SEX IS i DON'T THINK YOU CAN PROVIDE THAT FOR HIM CAUSE,ME I GIVE UP.nOW AND IF YOU WONDER WHY.

Well for this, I responded as well.

1 min ago, Superwilson says:
Terri, since you responded. Nobody here knows whats going on in your real life and how horny Henry can get. We are spectators, hardcore supporters of this race and indirectly watching you guys fight on TV. Maybe the production team made you guys look bad but since you are in the race, you knew stuffs like this going to happen. Maybe you are right, you are the one who pulls the family together but nobody knows about this. My comments are true words from my heart and no intention to hurt you or anyone else here.

Back to the show, sorry people I missed the first quarter as I forgot to check my time. As expected, the Hong Kong team eliminated. Malaysia's Chong sisters are starting to show their weakness and "Dancing Mums" are doing fine in 4th. Mark and Rovilson looks really strong and will be one of this season hot favourites.

Kioku Day @ Taman Titiwangsa on 2nd Dec

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It was a great day, spending time with Oris to give out balloons to the handicaps and the children for Kioku Day. Lots of activities and games for everyone. Well, it was good to spend some time to do something back to the society.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Martin's Birthday Bash @ Salsa Havana on 1st Dec

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As always, we love Salsa Havana! Thanks Martin for the warmest welcome and the humbleness of you every week and your wife as well. And yes, tomorrow we will be going to Salsa Havana again. We got your invite, so we will see you again tomorrow as usual... :)

The Italian Connection...

Fabio Capello the infamous manager who guided AC Milan to their highest peak as well as Real Madrid to their title is set to be the next England's football manager. With Jose Mourinho pulling out of the job, there is no doubt Capello is the hot favourite. With backing from managers such as Arsene Wenger, Alex Ferguson, Sven Eriksson, Claudio Ranieri and Ruud Gullit, Capello will be the second foreign manager in the history of English football after Sven. Many believes now he can steers England to capture the biggest prize in football, the World Cup. With his capabilities, can Capello bring England the World Cup that they have been longing?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bukit Larut 4x4 Hill Climb @ 25 Nov

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One of the crazy winding hill road in the country. More than 100 corners, going up the hill needs skill. During my ride to the top, I feel like driving my car up but it is never open to public until for that race. In 100 years time elapsed, this is the first time public cars can go up the hill. The road is super narrow, no overtaking roads are visible and it is very slippery if it rains. This place is a superb place for hill climb racing but nevertheless it is not open to public. Record time for this is 15 min for 15km stretch.

Marseille 0 - 4 Liverpool , Liverpool is through

Liverpool faced a must win situation to progress and they beat Marseille in style. Stevie G, Torres, Kuyt and Babel found the net to progress to the second phrase of the competition. The most important match will falls to this Sunday, home match against Man Utd. We will see how Liverpool can go this weekend.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bukit Larut 4x4 SS7 @ 24 Nov

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Well, this will be a simple run but it goes thru the evening. Few fellas got lost in the jungle as we fear...

Massive Roadblocks today

KL is hit by massive roadblocks to prevent BERSIH protest in front of parliament today. This police roadblocks to prevent BERSIH supporters to protest today. To prevent today's protest, several key opposition members are arrested yesterday. Making the traffic worst is today is Selangor holiday so lots of people go to KL shopping unexpectedly hit by massive jams as there were no reports on newspaper as well as other mass media such as TV or radio. My friend who owned a store in Times Square did tell me about the massive loss he made during the last few protests. I will also avoid any KL journeys to avoid such jams as well.