Saturday, January 31, 2009

Red Cliff 2 and All's Well, End's Well 2009 Review

I had a double movie session on Thursday to finish what we called CNY movies this year. Let me review Red Cliff 2 first.

The movie starts where it ends at Part 1 immediately. I figured if I would write a summary for a 2 1/2 hour movie, it would take a lot of time. So cut it short, I would just write how I felt about the movie.

Liu Bei and his troops involvement (except Zhu Geliang) is very minimal in this movie. Cao Cao is outstanding again in Part 2. The battle scene was spectacular, there were so much fire. Its really hard to shoot scene like that even though there's quite a number of scenes are visual effects.

This would be the best Chinese made battle scene ever made in movies. John Woo definitely didn't disappoint his fans on this 2 part movie. The movie should end like this and a pre or sequel will not be a right choice.

I confess! I only watch this movie because of Sandra Ng...LOL...

How the heck could I miss another "outstanding" performance from Sandra Ng.

The movie itself is funny. I would say it has been a while since I've seen a nice HK comedy movie like this. The cast of the movie itself consists of mixture of "heavyweights" of HK actor and actresses. There were quite a number of moments that were really funny. Even though some might be ridiculous but that's a "Kong Chan" movie should be.

Even though some people might not like the movie but personally I think it was a good movie.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Naked Couple at Holland V, Singapore

I guess its hot in Singapore so they might want to have a quick breeze. Or Singaporeans got nothing much to do so they want to try something new?

Uniquely Singapore...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

WWE Chris Jericho wants to fight Mickey Rouke of "The Wrestler"

Mickey Rouke mentioned Chris Jericho which pisses Jericho off. Jericho issued a challenge to Mickey Rouke to Wrestlemania. Any fights, not just wrestling.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bangkok Trip Part 2: BKK First Day

Sorry for the ultimate long update for this trip. Bangkok taxis are pretty cool, even though most of them can't really speak well in English.

The taxi I took from the airport was pretty good. There's even a small panel advertisement at the back of the seat of the driver. Of course, in Thailand most of the taxis are Toyota Altis. Sad to say most taxis in Malaysia are Proton. Well, I'm driving Altis myself, felt ashamed that its only worth as a taxi in Bangkok.

The taxi driver was basically trying to show off his "pimped" taxi. There's a VCD player in his dashboard. And later on, he showed me some sexy Thai group MTV in bikinis. I was like wtf?

When reaching my bestie place, I saw Jusco and Carrefour. Little did I know that Jusco has already foot stepped in Bangkok.

After meeting my bestie, I put all my luggages at his place, I quickly went out to a nearby shopping mall.

My first stop was Central Ladprao. Central is a Thai owned shopping department that is pretty huge in Thailand. I was told that this Central Ladprao is normally visited by locals only. I hang out there for a few hours checking out the places before my dinner. Before that I had a Samurai Pork Burger in McDonalds.

I was brought to this Chinese Steamboat restaurant by my bestie. It was pretty good. The name is Ruen Pech, if not mistaken.

Then, we took a cab to Khaosan Road. Khaosan Road is a famous backpacker area. With lots of booze and food, it was a quite happening area at night.

After that, we proceed to Central World. I considered myself lucky as they were having a Heineken Beer Party at Zen World 18th Floor. It was really a very pleasant place to chill and hang out. Before midnight, we left the area and called it a day.

Part 3 will come very soon...

Happy Chinese New Year 2009!

The Ox is coming.... and its going to be a very bad bull...

2009 will be a tough year with many countries having recessions.

However, before all the craps coming in, we should enjoy ourselves fullest for now.

I wish everyone the best of health, best of luck and really hope we can beat the shit out of the "bad bull" this year. Let's us have a great year!

Happy Chinese New Year

Friday, January 23, 2009

Inkheart Movie Review 2009

I never consider myself a big fan of Brendan Fraser, even though I loved Mummy 1 and 2. I always loved fantasy movie. LOTR and such.

Brendan is a silvertongue,a person with a gift that reads anything turns to reality. However, the catch is someone must goes into the book in return of making something / someone to this world.

Instead of trying to tell the story, let me elaborate my views on this movie.

The characters are chasing one and another for the whole damn movie. At times, you get so bored of it. The story is not strong, very predictable. There's no really plot or something. I saw kids sleeping watching this in the cinema, I yawned a couple of times too.

I wished the movie could be more magical, but its not. The truth, I find the movie is slow, bored and disappointing.

Skip this movie, get the DVD later. I really find this movie BORING.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why FHM Thailand Is Better?

I was walking around when I was in Bangkok and I saw a magazine store... so when my eyes were busy browsing thru the rack I saw.... The FHM Bag...

The FHM Bag reads... *This Bag Contains Nearly Naked Girls And Calendar 2009*

Enough said, I bought the FHM.

I will reveal the "sexy" calendars later on. For the mag, its in Thai, so I see pictures only. I paid 120 Baht for it (RM 12).

Something I Found In a Bangkok Taxi

Some might find it disturbing, some might find it weird....

However, if the sign is up means there were lots of people doing this in his taxi....

Please DO NOT FART... Taxi driver hates the smell....

Monday, January 19, 2009

All About Women 2009 Movie Review

I was a bit skeptical of watching this since there was Four Christmases tonight. Rachel wanted to watch this so I followed. Surprisingly this movie is directed by Tsui Hark.

Movie revolves 3 different types of ladies. Each with their own unique identity and their needs. Of course, its all about the 3 women.

I'm not doing to blog about the details of the movie, as it kinda complicated to explain.

The movie itself is "fun". Fun in the sense of a different way of interpretation of the story by Tsui Hark. There's a lot of turns and twists in the movie and how it blends towards the end is a journey of laughter and adventure.

There are 3 hot chicks in the movie. Kitty Zhang, Zhou Xun, Kwai Lun-Mei. This is a movie about love. And this is NOT a typical Hong Kong movie with lots of nonsense.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

2009 So Far

16 days has gone, just like that.... another week or 2, Chinese New Year will be coming...

The past 16 days treated me like a big bloody "Tom Yam" Soup... sweet, sour and yet spicy...

I had a very short trip to Bangkok, just to redeem my canceled trip to Bangkok last year as I was very sick a day before the trip. The trip lasts for 3 days 2 nights. Very short trip but a very fruitful trip. I was having a great time with my bestie there.

Right after I'm back, I was with Rachel with her scheduled operation. It took me a few days there. Visiting the hospital from time to time. I will blog about Rachel's operation later on, as I felt its very important.

When Rachel was out of the hospital, I was down with all sorts of nonsense. Flu, sore throat and then suddenly tummy ache. For a 30 year old like me, I believed NOW that my body might not able to cope with my SOUL. Make it short, I need to lose weight, I'm unhealthy.

The places such as restaurants and the traveling has taken a toll on my body. My body now seems to respond to me saying, "Wilson, get your big ass up and start working out, I'm tired"...

I know I might not to be able to achieve the miracle that my friend Tony achieved, but the 7kg target could be possible. Tony lost around 20 kg in a year.

In 2008, I had given my collections "shrinked" to cope with my spending. In 2009, the tradition will continues. I hope to shrink my collections to only 1 room. I'm occupying 3 rooms right now.

Business is already a worry to most of my friends and clients. Everytime when I met a person, they talked about the economy and the market. This few months are quiet months indeed, most parties suffered from the economy downturn now. I'm having a quite a dry month as well, as dry as Sahara.

Maybe its 2 am and I can't sleep or its just being me so "saja-saja". I went to the gym today. Workout wasn't that good, but at least I can feel the pain right now. Since my cousin has joined the same gym, I might visit more often until my contract runs out in a month or 2.

I never joined a marathron, or a walktron or a megatron before. This year could be the first time for me doing it. Maybe a short one like 5 km? or 2km? or maybe 100m?

The yawn just hit my face hard so I'm really sleepy right now. I really want to blog about my beloved Bangkok trip soon. Like the same old same old, thanks for reading my blog.

They Wait Movie Review 2009

After living in Shanghai for three years, Sarah, her husband, Jason, and their young son, Sammy, return to North America for a family funeral. However, Sammy starts seeing ghosts and then falls gravely ill and traditional western medicine offers no hope. It all ties in with the Chinese festival of Ghost Month, when the doors of hell supposedly open and angry spirits are given the chance to terrorise the living. Sarah turns to a mysterious pharmacist who warns that a living corpse is holding her son in a death grip. Sarah must find out what the spirits want if she is to save her child.
(Source: Cinema Online)

Since the summary above gave out so much information about the movie, I will list down things that I understand and I don't!

In a very logical manner of my views and perceptions, I do understand in the movie:
1. The husband, Jason got few tattoos and he's a businessman.
2. Sarah and her son, Sammy can see ghosts.
3. Pharmacist that knows everything.
4. Older Chinese people are tend to be evil.
5. Caucasian believe in Chinese ghost
6. Jason uncle was a bone collector.

Things that my little small brain can't understand after watching the movie:
1. Jason is a very busy man.
2. Sarah and her son, Sammy can see ghosts only in Northwest but not in Shanghai.
3. Pharmacist can become a "bomoh".
4. Why the ghost only revenge after so many years.

Even though its a English title movie but most of the cast are Chinese. The movie is somehow rather short maybe certain part of the movie has been cut. There's a storyline so its not a movie that is made for the sake of making. Ending is expected to be like that. I won't say its a 5 stars scary movie. Maybe 3 stars?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What Is One Two Five Ten?

On a wedding dinner last year, my 30 year old male schoolmate said,

"Why don't we do a 1,2,5,10?

So I asked him what's a 1,2,5,10? He did it promptly.... I was like ......

Want to know 1,2,5,10? Scroll down pls....

Get ready!

This is what we called 1,2,5,10! Seriously I'm a bit old for 1,2,5,10 but what the heck, just do it anyways!

I felt that by doing 1,2,5,10, it will make your pictures nicer, cuter and younger... No hassle, photoshop free!


Flu Fever Puke

Well, maybe its the weather or maybe its me. I had been running around since last week. Had a few days trip in Bangkok. Then, Rachel admitted to the hospital for her operation. I was everywhere since I can't over night at the hospital, I would accompany her till late before I went back home. I'll blog about Rachel's illness as I felt it could happened to any female.

I had been trying to crack my brains out trying to come with a concept for my work. For me, to write a blog is easy but creating something for work, it was really so not cool.

The flu came yesterday. The fever came just today, and the puke was just now. God bless what I've eaten today all gone down to the toilet bowl. I paid a visit to a doctor at a nearby clinic and I'm recovering.

It might be going to be a hectic week again as I might be coming down to Singapore. "Might". Or else, I will be rushing some work a lovely presentation this Thursday. Either way, I need to cut down to those lovely restaurants visit as I have not been feeling healthy in any ways.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day for me. Good night....

Friday, January 09, 2009

Bangkok Trip Part 1: Reaching BKK

The first trip of the year 2009. Booked the flight last year and I was pretty excited about it. After a lovely 2 hours sleep on the airplane, the captain announced that we will be landing. The name of the airport is long... its quite hard to remember the whole name...

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport

Long right? The moment you in BKK (not Burger King Kingdom), you need to do something important. Change the time. They are 1 hour earlier than us. Since I'm on a free and easy and budget tour, I will be staying at my bestie's place near Chatuchak. While, he was busy working, I took a cab at the public cab stand (cheaper) and continues my journey.

Part 2 will be coming soon.. as I'm rushing now to SJMC....

McDonalds Samurai Pork Burger

McDonalds sells pork? I'm not kidding you!

Checked out no. 3, the infamous McD's Samurai Pork Burger! Well, of course this McD is not in Malaysia. Had this in Bangkok, Thailand.

To be frank, it was not that good... I prefer the normal ones...

Beware people, McD Thailand sells pork!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

From Bangkok with Love....

I wished I brought my card reader here so that I could post the lovely pictures I took here. Bangkok has been really good for me. I walked until my feet almost blistered but I enjoyed it. Its sad to be the last night here, in front of the PC still thinking whether should I be out drinking like yesterday or resting my aching feet. I'll be back tomorrow as its still 11.30pm here. Lots of hot issues in KL, I'm up for a big grilling on Friday. Byeeeee......

Monday, January 05, 2009

Superwilson's New Year's Resolutions

I hope this year I can accomplished what I couldn't do last year.

Everyone has their new year's resolutions. At the beginning of the year, everyone seems to be so excited to list out the wonder things that they want to do. However, most of them failed miserably and passed on saying it will happen next year. Sad to say, I'm one of those people.

I figured why don't this year I make a list achievable stuffs so that I can really accomplished the list.

So my list goes like this....

1. Lose weight... Be modest, 7 kg for the whole year?

2. Save money.... My luxurious eating out sessions, my shopping and my holidays will be lessen to achieve this....

3. Exercise.... instead of going to gym, I'm looking for some sports.. maybe badminton or something... my body is aching from yesterday's 2 hours session of badminton...

To me, if the list is 3, it will be easier to accomplish. I hope I can met the above requirements at the end of the year.

So for now, I'm going to Bangkok tomorrow for a short trip (booked last year). Thanks for reading....

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bedtime Stories Review

My first movie of year 2009. I watched this movie mainly because of my younger brother's involvement in the film. He's a 3D modeler.

First thing I must say the trailer looked very good. The movie itself, lacked of depth. To be truthful, this is a Disney movie, engineered for kids and family. There are laughter and fun, not so much of stupid things like Adam did in the past. Its a great movie for the kids, fun movie for the adults if you don't mind watching it without a great storyline.

Few things I understand from the movie:
1. Happy ending
2. The kids got power
3. Bugsy got big eyes
4. Hotel owner is stupid and shallow
5. He got a brother in law

Few things that you don't understand even after you watch the movie:
1. How the kids got power
2. Why Bugsy got big eyes
3. Who is his brother in law
4. Where he got money at the ending
5. Why Rob Schneider didn't say "You can do it!"

A great movie to laugh for family and kids. Not for the serious movie goers.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Major Updates on My Food Blog

Lots of eating lately, I had been trying to put everything on my food blog. I guess it will take a while. There are quite a number of updates. The list goes...

Click the names to read more, thanks...

1. Magic Wok, PJ
2. Xi Men Ting, KL
3. My Elephant, PJ
4. Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, Sunway
5. YY Famous Dumplings
6. Max Brenner, Singapore
7. Oriental Maju Palace, KL
8. Tai Thong Imperial Palace, Puchong
9. Pork Chop Noodle, Petaling Street
10. Cosy Corner, Cheras

Remember to visit my food blog at

There will be more updates coming soon! Have a great weekend everyone!

New Year Resolution Not Yet

Life is treating me good lately but so I haven't really draft up my New Year Resolution. Going to have a lovely weekend so will figure something out soon?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Yes Man Review

Critics had been harsh on Jim Carrey on this movie. No matter how they said, I'm a YES man to Jim Carrey's comedy movies.

I think the storyline was good. Turning someone to positive is really a good thing for anyone's life. However, a person should be positive in heart and NOT to anything. That's why the ending turns out like that. I did make a comparison with YES Man to Liar Liar but both are quite different movies. Well, we don't really see much stupid acts from Jim Carrey but he still entertain us in a different way now.

In a way, I felt that we could be in his character in the movie. I learned something from the movie. This movie is worth to watch.

Female Newscaster Caught at Sex Party in KL

KUALA LUMPUR Police arrested a female newscaster of a private television station and 25 others who took part in a sex party at a hotel room in Jalan P. Ramlee on Thursday. - The Star Online

While we celebrating our New Year's Eve in Kuala Lumpur, there was apparently a sex party taking place as well. Well, on top of that, there was a female newscaster of a private TV station was caught as well. Private TV Station... I wonder what private TV station is that. More on the story HERE. Anyways it would be interesting to know who is the female newscaster....

Happy New Year 2009!

Many might go here and there to celebrate. I opted stay around my house. I went to a lovely Thai restaurant (which I'm going to blog about it later) and went to a small spot in Cheras where I can view the fireworks at KLCC from far.

The amazing thing about this year is there were really a lot of fireworks! More of the fireworks pictures? Click HERE.

Happy New Year everyone, I wished everyone to have a Great year!