Sunday, May 31, 2009

Susan Boyle LOST! Dance Group DIVERSITY WON!!

Its official! It's unexpected but its the truth and the fact. Susan Boyle has LOST! Read more HERE.

Susan Boyle's Final Performance...

Diversity Final Performance...

Diversity Vs. Susan Boyle...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Bali Trip Experience....

In March, I went to Bali for the first time in my life. In fact it was also my first time to Indonesia (pai seh).


I encountered something interesting there. Its called Nyepi, Bali's New Year. It was called "Day Of Silence" where Bali will be locked down for a full day. This includes the shut down of the airport and also there will be no people on the streets. Strange? Unique? Interesting? Read more about Nyepi HERE.

I also went to white water rafting at Telaga Waja River. The experience was fantastic. My best white water rafting experience so far. Thanks to my friends who advised me to try white water rafting in Bali. Read my whole white water rafting experience HERE.

In Bali I stayed in 2 different hotels in 2 different areas. As recommended by Lonely Planet, I stayed at Ellie's Hotel at Nusa Dua for 2 nights. The place was amazingly Balinese ambient! Read more about Ellie's HERE.

I also stayed at Febri's Hotel in Kuta area. I loved how convenient they are in Kuta and their lovely services. Read more about Febri's Hotel HERE.

If you ask me to go to Bali again, I would never hesitate to answer YES. Bali is an amazing place.

Bali is a darling.....

Friday, May 29, 2009

Toyworkers Transformers 2 Midnight Sales Cancelled

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the organizer has cancelled tonight's midnight sales. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Pls do come back as I will announce more details on upcoming sales from Toyworkers. Toyworkers is owned by a good friend of mine. I deeply regretted such incident has happened.

Let me repeat it again.

Toyworkers Transformers 2 Midnight Sales Cancelled Tonight!

... and I won't be there...

Bye Bye Altis!!

It has been almost 5 years since I got you.

Within this 5 years relationship we had, you never ever once disappoint me.

With your 1.8 VVTI Engine, I had once a Porsche tailgated me at 180km/h which resulted a summon which I had to pay for RM 300. Thank you very much... Yet, I can go around 500km per tank in town and 600km++ on highways.

You never ever broke down on me.

And you save my life at least 3 times.

Once in Genting while Initial D~ing downhill.

Once when I got asleep while driving.

And numerous time during heavy rainfalls.

Today, I had to let you go. I hope you understand.


It was a great 5 years with you.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Naruto 449 Spoiler (Pictures)

Nagato : Gedou Rinne Tensei no Jutsu !

Konan : It's ok, Konan. I made new choices and gave up on others.

Sasuke : Prepare yourselves, we're moving to Konoha.

Bleach 359 Spoiler (Pictures)

Source: FLOL
Verification: Confirmed
Credits: Sheetz

First it's Stark's fight. He casually fires a cero.
Shunsui avoids it. Stark notices something strange in the sky above and looks up.
Switch to Hitsugaya.
Tensoujuurin is the name of Hyourinmaru's fundamental ability.
力が未熟なので卍解状態で御しきる自信がなかったらしい。(巻き込んで殺さねえ自信がねえという過去の台詞 が回想される。)
The power is immature, so he doesn't have confidence in his ability to control it in his bankai state. (There's a flashback where he says something to that effect.)
Not sure what he's talking about here.
Hitsugaya asks her name. It's Tia Harribel.
Hitsugaya fires his ultimate attack (Ice Heaven Hundred Flower Interment, or something like that)
Snow falls from the sky, and Harribel tries to use Irubiendo to melt it, but the instant it touches Ice flowers start to bloom.
The flowers continue to bloom on her body and she gets covered in ice.
Hitsugaya declares that when the flowers finish blooming her life will be extinguished. The end?
一方レスピラから逃げるデブ。助けてーと声を上げたところで、砕蜂の準備ができたらしく卍解と唱えて次週へ 。
Then it's Oomaeda running from Barragan. Just when he cries for help Soi Fon calls out "Bankai!". Until next week.

Bleach and Naruto Spoilers

Bleach 366
Credits: sheetz
Verification: Confirmed

One by one each of the vizards take down the menos.
They kill the menos using something like ceros and with kicks.
They put a barrier around superchunky's head, and take him down by singing.
Then they all rip off their masks.
記憶に残ってるのは ましろキーック
The only thing i remember is Mashiro kicking.
最後に平子が どうやずいぶんうまくホロウ化を扱えるようになったろ?
At the end, Hirako says, "How do you suppose we've learned to handle hollowfication so very well?
It's about time we finished this, Aizen!"
He waves his sword in front of him. Quote:
The one who's singing is the long haired guy, and Lisa uses 2 swords to cut things up.

Naruto 456 Spoiler
: NF
Credits: Nja

(Nja apologizes for last week, saying that he had a hangover or something)

Simple spoiler from Nja:

Danzou swiftly ends the battle.(He forms seals and something that looks like Temari's weasel summon comes out of his mouth. The enemy gets chopped up)
Danzou uses the Sharingan to swiftly attack and calculate the number of enemies.

Scene change to Naruto

Kakashi puts the Root ninja tailing Sai to sleep with a Genjutsu.
(Naruto's and Konohamaru's Oiroke no Jutsu is used to distract two of them, thereupon they are taken out with a simple Jutsu.)
Sai: You won't be able to have faith in me, won't you?(It's almost like he's betraying the Root a second time)
Kakashi: You're already part of Team Kakashi! [I/We] believe in you!

[sai] immediately smiles

The Mizukage & co. are staying at an inn.
[Details about Choujuurou's sword. See below]
The Tsuchikage & co. are camping
The Tsuchikage informs his company of the site of the summit.
There won't be shinobi guarding the site, but warriors(samurai?) will.
The Kazekage heads straight for the summit site.

Back to Samui & co. A clone of Yamato is tailing them back to the Raikage.
Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato; the three of them are in pursuit.

Chapter ends there.[I think]

[Nja explains how the fight with the root ninja went again]

*The kanji used for "warrior" here is the same as "samurai". Interpret it how you wish.

Danzou's fight is hopefully more clear and accurate now.

Edit 2:
Tsuchikage is better fixed.

Edit 3:

Small note is the single line with the Tsuchikage saying there won't be shinobi on duty should be:

He says that it will be samurai, and not shinobi, who'll be the ones securing the location

And I believe it's literally named Taisouken* Hiramekarei** for Choujuurou's katana

*Great Twin Blades
*left eye flounder and right-eye flounder (a type of fish)

Terminator Salvation Review

Thanks Buena Vista for the premier tickets. After missing 2 premiers last week, I tell myself not to miss this one.

The movie started with how Marcus was sentenced death and how he was reborn. John O Connor meanwhile was busying searching for his father, Kyle. When Kyle is kidnapped to Skynet Headquarters, John must rescue him or he will not be exist. Kyle is his father. Then, Marcus got himself exposed as a cyborg and became the enemies of the human. Want more? Watch it yourself.

The movie shows the development of T-800 by Skynet. And also the older version like T-400. Be thrilled as there's some unexpected scenes in this movie. Seriously...

The movie itself was quite good. The visual effects were stunning! There will be more Terminator sequel coming I hope (spoiler).


*For once, I'm so worried Christian Bale would say, "I'm Batman!"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Haze Is Back!


Congratulations, the annual event is back! Haze 2009 is here.

After weeks of hot sunny days, now we facing haze. Why can't people just stop burning forests?
And after years of having this, no one can stop this?

I know its not from us but still.... Malaysia Truly Asia.....

Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Younger Brother Escaped Earthquake In Los Angeles

My younger brother who worked in Los Angeles told me that he had a fright during the last earthquake experience he had. It was 5.0 earthquake. He was in his apartment and it was pretty strong...

Thank god he is okay.

Aren't we lucky that in Malaysia we don't have earthquakes? But in Malaysia we have Mat Rempits, Malaysia Boleh!

The Heatwave

I needn't to elaborate much about the heatwave we've been getting lately in Malaysia. Surprisingly, last few days there were thunderstorms. Yet, it happened during a period of hours in late afternoon.

I couldn't imagine people without air-con at home with such heatwave. Maybe they could hang out at the malls to get free air-con. Still, its really bloody hot!

Another thing I couldn't understand is, why am I not still shrinking? Especially my waist area. I had been running around, getting really tanned but still so fat.

Please heatwave my tummy!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Total Blackout!

I was supposed to have one of the best dream that I could never remember. Yet, around 3 something in the morning, there's a blackout. The whole neighbourhood was in dark.

I never had a good sleep. I couldn't even get out from my house as my auto gate's battery flat out. I had to climb out over the fence. Sigh.

So then I visited Tenaga Nasional website today and checked out their company profile.

"Powering the nation for over a decade, TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD (TNB) is the largest Electricity utility in Malaysia with more than RM67.0 billion assets. Committed to providing uncompromising excellence, our Company is listed on the main board of Bursa Malaysia, & employs approximately 28,000 people to serve a customer base of over seven million in Peninsular Malaysia & Sabah. Today, TNB continues to lead the effort in fostering enhanced economic & social development in the country." -

Yet, after a decade of powering the nation, you still gave us BLACKOUT! Shame on you!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The New Balance 15km Marathon

Last Sunday, I went for the Pacesetters New Balance 15km run at Lake Garden. My second marathon in this year and it was my first 15km run in whole 31 years old life.

I tagged along Tony for this run. Together 3 of us reached Lake Garden around 6.30 am. After finding a parking spot, I realized something is wrong. They got me 2 sizes smaller T-shirt. I got a M size shirt. After putting on the shirt, I look like a fat dude on a tight shirt with belly popping out. Well, I don't care anyways.

At the moment we reached the starting point, we heard the race horn. Me and Tony rushed to the pack and started running. The ladies who will be starting 15 min later, started to cheer for the men. Everyone was so excited.


There were lots of people who joined this race. The first few km was tough. It was uphill all the way. From there, I started to drop to the back of the pack. This was tougher than the KL City day run. For some stupid reasons again, I didn't train for this run.


By the moment we left Lake Garden area,I spotted quite a number of ladies runners. Even though they started 15 min later, some of them starting to run past me. Trust me, this time around there were lots of hot chicks. Yet, I couldn't catch up with them. In my heart, I would only say... "wait for me....."

So the theory about fat men running for hot chick is just a myth. BUSTED.

I started to walk and sprint again. I kept pushing myself. It wasn't easy. It was a mental battle. Rachel also caught up with me. She tried to push me to run but I left not much energy in me. I couldn't keep up with her. My foot felt like breaking apart. Even though with the new NIKE running shoe, the pain started to be unbearable. I could felt my muscles aching on the calf and the thigh area. My shirt was soaked with my sweat but thank god no tears.

I told myself I must complete this race. I kept on going.

My time actually improved. I ran around 1hr 48 min for 10 km. Big improvement than the 2 hr plus I did at KL City Day Run.

After passing the 2nd water station, I was determined to finish the race. By the moment I saw the Lake Garden entrance, I paced myself up. I thought the finishing was near. Strangers cheering for me. "You can do it, its just a bit more"....

Then, I heard "Fei Chai (Fatty), run run!!" It turned out to be that idiot was a long lost friend of mine. That was encouraging, huh.

The closing line was never been near. There was like another 2km before the finishing. I slowed down a bit, started to walk again. By the last 100m, I sprinted to the finishing line.

By 2 hour 45 min, I finally finished the race. It was much tougher than I expected. I was sitting, panting for another 30 min. Tony and Rachel were there. They helped me getting my drinks.


I enjoyed the race. Even though as tough as it is. It was fun. We went straight for 1hr foot massage after that.

I'm happy that I'm able to complete the 15 km marathon. I would be joining the Standard Chartered Marathon next month. See you guys there.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Salsa @ Little Havana


It could been weeks or even months. I had not been salsa dancing socially for that long. We decided to go for salsa dancing at Little Havana, a salsa haven on Friday nights. Trust me, I was rusty. I was unprepared. I let Racheal Tan flying spinning around the dance floor. Yet, she survived the bumps and the heels. She could only said, "Wilson, harder!" I was like, "Are you sure?" However, another salsa friend, Tammy got unlucky. The girl dancing beside us decided to do a styling which basically slapped on her face. Ouuuch.... Darling Rachel had fun today. She was dancing with lots of guys. Well, for me still needs lots of practise.

Will go to Little Havana next Friday again? Maybe?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Port Dickson Outing with Special Privileges People

Few weeks ago, I was invited by a few friends for an outing with special privileges people to Port Dickson. I had no reason to reject it, even though I didn't know how will my schedule be.

Since it was from Rachel's friends, we decided to tag along Jolene. and from there, Jolene tagged along Pietro from Mix Fm.

The outing happened on last Saturday. My beloved friends; Mei mei, Jun How, Jui Wan and their friends chartered a bus and picked the special privileges people from Seremban to Port Dickson. Then, Pietro decided to drive us to Port Dickson from KL. It was very nice of him. Having a "live" Pietro in the car was 10 times more entertaining than the radio.

When we reached, everyone had already starting to play at the beach.

The super smart me, forgot to bring extra clothes and towels. So I could only watch from the beach and snapping pictures with my DSLR and compact camera.


Everyone was so happy playing water by seaside. By noon, everyone went to the shaded area under the trees to have lunch. Before the lunch, one of them wanted to dance the chicken dance song. So then Rachel and Jolene joined the group and started dancing with them. Later, we also sang John Lennon's Imagine.

I felt so useless there, only helping carrying things and distributing foods around while Jolene and Rachel busy feeding them. Some couldn't speak properly, and some has hard time eating. I felt that we were so fortunate and yet we complained about our lives everyday.


After lunch, we stayed on with them for another few hours before we left. We left home with big smiles in our heart.

I would like to thank again to Mei mei, Jui Wan and Jun How for the invite. I will be looking forward for the orphanage visit next month. May god bless you all for your honesty, your courage, your kindness and your never ending love givings. I felt so ashamed as I have done much lesser than you guys.

God bless you all

Bleach Manga 357 Is Out (Complete Version)

Brand new Bleach manga chapter 357. Full pictures, sorry this post going to be very long.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Angels And Demons Movie Review

Thanks Buena Vista and Advertlet for the movie premier invite. On yeah, thanks Krispy Kreme for the free donuts.


Uncle Sam, Selina, Me and Jason of

Like Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons revolves around the myths of Christianity. Tom Hanks (Prof Langdon) was once again asked to help a crisis in the Vatican after the pope is passed away. Mysteries then unveiled as its the revenge of the secret brotherhood of the Vatican in the past. Prof Langdon has to race with time to save the Vatican from a total destruction. To save the Vatican, he has to solved puzzles with signs and clues. Will he able to save the Vatican? See it yourself.

The movie was enjoyable and very much evolves around Vatican city. Some might be offended by its myths and teories about Christianity and Vatican City as well.

Its not as good as the first, but with Tom Hanks, the movie hardly goes wrong.

Wedding Registration Application @ Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN), Putrajaya

Its never been easy to pick a date for the wedding registration. Being a superstitious Chinese, that will make it more complicated. Why would I say that? Firstly, we need to look for a "good" day that suits to our birth dates. Then the day must not be a weekend or clashes with other weddings, events or such.

After weeks of planning, we decided to go to Putrajaya to do our wedding applications. We took our time and drove there slowly looking for the Presint 3 sign where the JPN is located.

Its our first time there.


The place was huge and nice. Signs were visible so looking for the wedding registration counter was easy. There's a few notable signs includes divorce application. Geez.

The wedding registration counter is on the first floor. There wasn't many people there at that time. We felt we got lucky. We took our number and we were served by the friendly lady there. She gave us the application form and briefed us about the wedding registration and the process. The lady was "uber" friendly and informative.

She told us that they don't do wedding registration on Thursday and so happened that our date is on a Thursday. It means that we need to choose a new date after weeks of planning. Looking at the situation, the lady gave us a solution by asking us to pre-register first and change the date later. She was fantastic.

The wedding registration is based on first come, first serve basis from 8 am to 11.30 am. On the actual day, we need to get a number and wait for our turn. We were fine with that.

The place itself was a beauty. We seen a few lovely pictures on the walls. Its much nicer than other wedding registration places. Our choice was a right one.

Few things you need to know:
1. Bring your actual I/C
2. Bring 1pc passport photo
3. Wedding session is from 8.00 am to 11.30 am daily, they closed on weekends and Thursday.
4. The actual form is at the counter, used them!
5. The whole application cost RM 30 and pay during the actual day.
6. It's first come first serve basis means, come on the actual day and take a number.

After finished submitting our application forms, we decided to hunt for a lovely Chinese restaurant for the actual day. There's no Chinese restaurant in Putrajaya! We scouted around for an hour, going from hotel to hotel, there wasn't any. So then we decided that on the actual day, we would drive back to KL for the wedding lunch.

For now, we need to prepare the new date and the things we need for the actual day.

Naruto 447 Spoiler

Source : NF
Credits : Nightjumper

Hanzou gives to order to kill Nagato. Hidden Rain shinobi appear.
Nagato repels their kunai with Shinra ??[Tensei?], surprising the ninja.
He takes the opportunity to save Konan, but his legs are hit by Hanzou's Katon technique[s].
Both his legs are crumbling...
(That's kinda why he's in a wheelchair now)
[Unsure]Hanzou is surprised when Nagato is standing with his Rinnegan, even after being hit by his Katon tech[s].
While Nagato collapses,
Summoning: Gedou Ma Zou[Lit.: Heretical Demon Statue]
(It's just like the statue that extracts and keeps the Bijuu)
Konan shouts: "Don't use that technique!"
Several black rods comes out of the statue and pierces Nagato's back.
Thence, in Musou[Lit: peerless; unparalleled; unparallelled; matchless] Mode, something like white dragons emerge from the statue's mouth.
They hit the Konoha Anbu and the Hidden Rain shinobi, their souls being extracted one by one.
The filler ninja are wiped out.(Danzou probably fleed after seeing the statue)
Hanzou escapes through Shunshin no Jutsu.

The end of the story, back to present time.

And afterwards, he says something like his comrades had died one by one.

He demands Naruto's answer.
Naruto remembers what Ero-sennin said.
(The stuff about everyone understanding each other~)
[Naruto:] Ero-sennin believed in me and entrusted it to me.
That's why I'll believe in what Ero-sennin believed in.
That's my answer!!
And that's why I won't kill you!

The end

Cover/spine is of Sasuke.

More info:

Sorry, I forgot to write this:
Nagato transforms from his healthy self to his crippled self when the blacks rods hits him.
[I think nja is saying that he's taking pictures of the spin-off about the Gutsy Ninja]

Nothing is confirmed yet until the pictures are released. Bear with this first.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bleach 357 Spoiler

Barragan releases his "death breath" everywhere.
After seeing a building rot away from it Soi Fon tells Omaeda to run and starts to run herself.
Soi Fon becomes furious after watching her arm rot away because of the death breath.
She asks Omaeda to cut off her left arm.

Soi Fon:

"Omaeda! Cut off my left arm!"


"Do you want me to die?"

Her left arm is cut off.

The scene changes to Hitsugaya.

Hitsugaya: "Your water can't compete with my ice type zanpakutou!! It can all be used as my weapon!!"

Halibel: "Really?"

Hitsugaya releases his ice dragon but it is overwhelmed by Halibel's water.

It ends with Hitsugaya being blown away by a direct hit from a piece of his own ice.

Nothing is confirmed yet until the pictures are released. Bear with this first.

Salsa Cruise Asia: Salsa Masquerade Party @ Bossa Nova

On the April 17th, Salsa Cruise Asia organized something different in Malaysia's salsa scene. It was a salsa masquerade party at Bossa Nova, at Parkroyal Hotel.

For your information, Bossa Nova usually plays salsa music on alternate Fridays.

So then, I prepared myself with a nice little mask of "V for Vendetta" I bought from a collector shop. I love the mask, something that I craved for sometime.


Me and my instructor, Salsa Sam of Havana Estudio. I'm currently learning at his studio. He's a great salsa dancer, teacher as well as a performer.


Me and Rachel.

The party started really late. I danced a bit only as I had to wake up early on the next day.

Anyways, thanks Salsa Cruise Asia for the party!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

This year's mother's day was something special.

On Saturday, me, Rachel, Jolene and Pietro (Mix fm) went to Port Dickson to spend some time with "special privileges" people from Seremban. A few close of friends of us chartered a bus and transported them from Seremban to Port Dickson. We had a great time with them.

For the dinner, I brought Rachel's parents and my parents for a mother's day dinner at Delicious.

On the next day, my parents brought us to award winning restaurant, Gu Yue Tien for some amazing dim sum. I did manage to jog a bit before joining them at Chulan Square. I will blog about the food later on.

On the afternoon, me and Rachel went for a Star Trek movie session which later on she loved it. Then, we bought some Pacchi chocolates for mum. It was a great dessert. Mum loved them.

Well, that's all for this year's mother's day. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, May 09, 2009


After reaching home around 12 am after my event coverage, I was searching for my beloved DSLR charger. Well, for the looks of it. I misplaced it again. Or in other words, I bloody lost it.

Will buy a new charger over the weekend. Event I had was a very "exclusive" event. Will blog about it once I cleared my backlogs.

On Saturday, I will do something very meaningful. Happy "Wesak" Day and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Star Trek Review

Thanks to Nuffnang and for the tickets today. Appreciate it.

I waited for this movie for quite a while and today I managed to watch it.

I loved Star Trek The Next Generation. Never ever watched the original series. Prolly not my era.

The stereotype of Star Trek is it's a pure boring sci fi movie. That's so damn wrong with this new movie.

JJ Abraham reborn Star Trek. I wished he could reborn Dragonball, but James Wong had already screwed it so badly.

I won't be revealing anything here. No spoilers.

Let me tell you what I liked about the movie.

The opening sequence was fantastic. The story of the movie flows very well. There's character development and the visual effects was superb. Most of the actors were pretty good in the movie. And to be frank, there's quite a number of actors there were quite well known.

Seriously, forget the "old timer" Star Trek. This movie brings a lot of energy and its very appealing.

I would really hope they gonna make heaps of sequels of this. This is a brand new "era" of Star Trek.

This movie is a worth to watch.


I might make mistakes. I might be careless. I might not be that good.

But I got the BALLS to admit my failures.

I don't BLAME others to get FAME.


I don't play the blame game. Its for cowards.

Again, I have DIGNITY!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Run Wilson Run

In 2 weeks time, I will be running for a 15km New Balance run. However, I didn't do any preparation or training yet. So, today I went to Lake Garden for a brisk run with Rachel.

It was horrible!

Silly me wore a NIKE cross trainer shoe. Running with it was like running with a brick. Secondly, I wasn't doing anything lately, so basically I can only manage to do a few short runs.

This proves how unhealthy I had become and scary it is. I hope I won't be the last person during the run.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Heineken: A Night In Rome In Kuala Lumpur ( 25th April 2009)

My last event of Heineken: A night in Rome series was in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday. I was supposed to be at Miri for the last event yesterday but a close friend's wedding canceled my trip. I heard Miri's event was huge success! It would be great if I were to be there. Oh well....

Last Saturday, KL had one of the finest party in town. Located at the Mercedes Benz showroom @ Menara Hap Seng, the place was packed! By 8 pm, crowd was starting to build up. By 9pm, the place was full house.


The crowd was entertained by the make up and hair do of the models by Redken.


Look at that crowd!

The crowd was awesome. Lap Sap was spinning the music later on the evening and the crowd went wild. Lots of Heineken, lots of entertainments and lots of cool music.


It would be a lie if I would say I didn't enjoy the event. Though I was a bit tired throughout the evening, but its all worth it. Me and Racheal. Party till 3 am. Went home, shower and slept at 5 am.

I'm too old for this.

Heineken: A Night In Rome In Johor Bahru @ 18th April, 2009

Last fortnight, I was at De Bali, Johor Bahru for Heineken: A night in Rome. The place itself was a beauty. Facing directly to Singapore, its located at the seaside. By night time, the place was full house!


With more proper lighting, I would really look like in Rome. The backdrops were outstanding!


The stage was outstanding. DJ console is at the back of the runway.


I managed to get this (lucky) shot with my Panasonic Lumix. Loved this picture.


Me and Anne.


Me and Racheal Tan. We party until 2 in the morning. The crowd was wild. It was a great together event! Johor Bahru was "happening"!