Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bleach 276....

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I know its late, but better than nothing right?

No Joy for Lina Joy

No joy for Lina Joy. She loses appeal today and she will stays as Muslim on her IC.

"Lina, 42, was born Azlina Jailani to Malay parents. She was brought up as a Muslim but at the age of 26 decided to become a Christian. In 1999, she managed to change the name in her identity card to Lina Joy but her religion remained as Islam.

On April 23, 2001, the High Court refused to decide on her application to renounce Islam as her religion on the grounds that the issue should be decided by the Syariah Court.

It also dismissed her application for an order to direct the department to drop the word “Islam” from her identity card. " - The Star

Read more about the decision about the rejection of her appeal here.

I wouldn't want to comment much about this because of its sensitivity here in Malaysia. A person's freedom and believes is his/her rights, if a person is without rights where is democracy?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

CROUCHing tiger to stay in LIVERPOOL?

My favorite Liverpool front man, Peter Crouch might be staying at Anfield after all. He has been reassured by Benitez that he is in his plans. That's something nice to hear. Bellamy is most likely to leave as well as Fowler. It will be quite interesting to see who will Benitez is going after this summer. Cisse's fate is also yet to be determined as well, he might be sell off likely. Dudek definitely is leaving. Tevez claimed that he's happy at West Ham.

4 killed, 25 injured in Thailand...

A day after Hadyai, now at Songkhla market blast killed 4 including 2 children and wounding 25 more. It seems to be that its getting a bit scarier in Southern Thailand lately. Nobody claimed responsibility for both blasts. Read more here.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Hadyai Blast! 10 injured!

The fireworks are up again! This time in Hadyai, Thailand. Apparently the bombs exploded in rubbish bins so when you are in Thailand, clear off from the rubbish bins. I'm not kidding. The Bangkok bomb was in rubbish bins as well. This bombs are small, not made to kill but made to create unrest. Thailand is still a safe place to go, just a bit more careful. Want to read more, click here.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Nita's Wedding @ 25 May 2007

It has been a while seeing them both, Nita and Hong Shen. When Rachel, received a call from them, only one thing in our mind, wedding. Well, one thing for sure, I enjoy the wine. I never saw a mother that this is so "happening" and open, that basically she drank half a bottle of wine with us, makes it 3 glasses of wines (big glass). Me and Rachel wishes you guys, "white hair till old"!

Alonso claimed Monaco GP 2007

Fernando Alonso claimed Monaco GP with Lewis Hamilton 2nd, Massa third. McLaren domination continues in Monaco GP with McLaren 1-2. Amazingly Hamilton on pole again now on top of championship points joint with Alonso. Raikkonen struggled to an 8th position.

Tranformers Vintage Japanese TV commercials!


Holy shit! Its Omega Supreme!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Naruto 355 manga is here!

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8 man team started to search. They found one and they were being found as well. Who's who.

Friday, May 25, 2007

ELISABETH HASSELBECK IS A MORON! "The View" 5/23/07 RosieVs.Elisabeth

I'm not a fan of Rosie but this time, I give her 100%. Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the biggest moron next to BUSH.

Zhang Zhen Hong's Interview with The Star...

Check out the dancing part with my instructor, Jeamie Lee. Want more salsa? Go to our salsa studio, SALSAJAY!

HBO-Death in Wrestling

We can laugh and be entertained by wrestling but watching this, please think again their pain and sorrow. You still think its fake? Life is not fake. Vince shouldn't take to blame, but he did play his part as well.

My new favourite wrestler, ECW Bobby Lashley!!

Check this out and you know why I said so...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

AC Milan Vs Liverpool Highlights....

An amazing highlight video of UEFA Champions League 2007 final. Enjoy. You never walk alone!

AC Milan 2-1 Liverpool, revenge accomplished...

No more miracle and greatness. Liverpool lost for not taking the chances, AC Milan won because they take chances to goal. Inzaghi scored both goals and Kuyt scored in the last 10 min. Personally, Mascherano substitution created more problems to Liverpool and Crouch should be in there earlier somehow. Good match, better than the boring FA CUP. As a football fan, theres nothing much to argue, AC Milan is European Champions of 2007. Congrats to them. For Liverpool, we will see how many players will be released this season and who are coming in for next season. You will never walk alone.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The night that we never dream we could achieve. The same mission as 2 years ago. The UEFA Champions League Final, a copy of the same final 2 years ago at Istanbul, Turkey. I am saying Liverpool Vs. AC Milan at Athens! The final that can send Liverpool to win got the record of 6 times! The person to watch tonight is no other than KAKA of AC Milan and of course Steven Gerard of Liverpool. Zenden is fit to play tonight at left flank or the option of Harry Kewell or even Riise to push front. I reckon Mark Gonzalez can wave bye bye. Alonso will be fighting for his place with Mascherano. Crouch might not able to start even though he is the top scorer. Fowler might comes in late for his last dream match. The big news is tomorrow, Benitez will take out his cleaver and start to chop players or release them. The favourite team tonight will be AC Milan but I STRONGLY BELIEVE AND DAMN SURE LIVERPOOL WILL WIN TONIGHT. YOU NEVER WALK ALONE!

Mud flippers, things that you don't see often...

I found a few mud flippers at the river banks of Malacca. This is one type of fish that flips around with its fin. If you think it looks weird, Chinese people in China cook this for soup.. Eww.....

Timothy did it again!

Timothy did it again. This time around, he wasn't the one taking the photo, but is him being taken by The Star's Metro column on Red Bar opening last week. For many times, Timothy made us proud by promoting our studio SalsaJay as it was mentioned as well. Read the article here.

Zhang Zhen Hong will be on 988 today, pls vote!!

Zhang Zhen Hong will be on 988 4pm today! Please listen! More over you can also vote by typing MYVOTE 16 and send to 32366. Voting time is from 22.5.2207 to 23.5.2007 5 pm. They will announce the result at 8pm. Details posted on here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New shelves for my packed toy room.

I got no choice but to add new cupboard or glass cabinet in my toy room. I am currently occupying my guest room for the additional toys that I bought this year. I must find a solution to this. I am browsing the IKEA catalog for hours still trying to get the right cabinet for my packed toy room.

Japanese Snow Pranks!

I will really considering a chair if I would go to Japan.

Japanese "The Ring" Real event!

I never knew "The Ring" is real... Creepy...

Japanese Pranks!

Watch this, no regrets!!

Transformers 3rd Trailer (TV SPOT)

Check out Starscream transformed in mid air. Damn COOL!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

The infamous Hong Kong bus conflict on video!!

The infamous Hong Kong bus conflict which creates a buzz. This is a real video not staged! The pressure of Hong Kong people of their daily life, sighed.

Owen Hargreaves going to Man Utd?

Manchester United is reported to sign a 4 year deal with Owen Hargreaves. The deal reported at somewhere at 17 million pounds. Read more.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Chelsea 1-0 Man Utd, Sorry United...

Drogba scored the winner at extra time for a sweet revenge upon Manchester United. Drogba and Chelsea created history for being the first goal scorer and the first team to win FA cup at the new Wembley stadium. Following the victory, Lampard claimed to stay for Chelsea forever while Ferguson blamed on fatique for the loss. Will Morinho survived the axe after 2 cup victories this season? Time will tell...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Naruto 354 manga is out!

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Its going to be really interesting.

Bleach 275 is OUT!!

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Abarai and Ishida are good tag team partners... Hail the Quincy!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Crashing Outlook Express

It took me 2 days to fix the outlook express and it can't be fixed. I tried the FAQ and HELP sections from Microsoft, won't work. I tried on other tips as well, never worked. I reinstalled my XP, never work. I gave up and installed Eudora Light Mail and trying to retrieve my old messages. Because of this, I didn't do anything much at all for this 2 days. It is really very irritating!!!

Heroes Sequel Trailer, Must Watch!

The latest trailer of Heroes Sequel! ITs a must watch for Heroes fans!!

Patada subte Times Square Breakdancing Toddler Remix

This is a real event and reported in news in US. Check it out!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Salsa Havana @ 16-5-7

A tired and fun night at Salsa Havana. Basically Tony had to drag me all the way to Salsa Havana and promised me an early night back. When I was there Derek and Michael has already started dancing and guessed who was in the house, Lena! LOL. Night was good and ended with Martin's special mix of Salsa Colada!

Picture of the day @ 17-5-07

Read the car plate. Get it? If you don't get it, post a comment here, I will reply u!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Transformers The Movie Characters Picture Gallery!

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The movie characters are out in robot mode! Check out the gallery! Can't wait for the movie to come out! Till all are one!

Transformers Special Edition Pepsi Prime again! Spoiler pictures..

Instead of Takara, Hasbro is going to give this away as for lucky draw. Personally, I feel this one of the ugliest Prime ever produced, the Takara version still on shelves despite the collaboration with Pepsi. Unlike the original Pepsi Prime by Hasbro 20 years ago, the new reissue Pepsi Prime is nowhere near the original one. Yet again, if this goes to lucky draw means its high possibility its going to be a "hot item" for collectors.

Morning rain, morning pain...

The morning rain is a morning pain. I really like the rain at home, but traveling on rainy morning is a pain in an ass. The jam was horrible! Good thing is theres MIX FM getting my mind off the wheels at least. Kudos to the DJs! Ika, Serena C n Pietro....(not sure if the names are spelled correctly)

SMART Tunnel is open! Malaysia BOLEH!

Its opened! finally!
One lane tunnel...
2 lanes tunnel...
After over one month of waiting, SMART tunnel is opened! I went to check it out today and it is really small and tight. I feel like driving quite a distance before exiting at Sg. Besi road. Weird feeling as if we are traveling more than the usual road. Like our Samy Vellu said, its not going to be cheap for this. Since when we have cheap tolls anyways. He also mentioned that this is the first of the kind tunnel in the world. Well, it looks like we are building something outstanding again. Once again, Malaysia Boleh!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fowler "The God" last game at Anfield!

Robbie Fowler aka "The God" last game at Anfield. You never walk alone, Fowler!

Lee Chong Wei's winning game of Indonesian Open 2007

Lee Chong Wei is back, defeating Bao Chun Lai of China lifting Indonesian Open 2007! Malaysia BOLEH!

Monday, May 14, 2007

City sacked Pearce, Jewell quit Wigan

Barely 24 hours after the last match of EPL, English Premier League, Manchester City sacked Stuart Pearce for the bad run they had this season while Paul Jewell quit Wigan after heaps of pressures lifting them off relegation. Big Sam is most likely to go to Newcastle while Owen is off again after colliding with team mate.

Kenny's Wedding Dinner Picture Gallery

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Dinner's pictures and the thrills!

Kenny's Wedding Dinner at Concorde's Hotel Highlights..

* The bridegroom and the pretty ladies..
* Me and Rachel...
*The most happening table of the night...
* The great buddies, Samantha, Eelise, Wilson And Rachel....

Theres so much to remember at Kenny's wedding. The wedding itself is one to celebrate but its the bunch of friends that I have not met for a while that matters as well. For instance, the last time I met Simon was 1997, 10 years ago! A few more that sums up a few years back. It was really a night like a reunion plus the wedding!

Kenny's Big Day @ 13 May 2007, Picture Gallery

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A great day for our friend, Kenny. Its his big day and I am one of the "buddy"! Pictures are the events of whats happening in the morning session.

I hate Mondays!

I'm not Garfield or even thinking to be one. Today its simply irritating, my laptop screwed up without any warnings or signs. It took me a few hours to re-fix, I am still unsure whether its going to be haywire again. Just because of this, my half day is gone without doing anything at all! Imagine how is our life being connected to PC and internet nowadays. It has become so important that will it really takes command in our life on day in the near future? Too much Matrix? Think and think again.

Massa is no fluke, wins Spanish GP!

Felipe Massa of Ferrari won Spanish GP after pole position while Hamilton showed his dominance and consistency once again with 2nd place, home hero Alonso got third. The greatest upset of the day would be Takuma Sato of Super Aguri-Honda of 8th position with 1 point. Nico Rosberg of Williams got 6th.

Liverpool is 3rd, Arsenal is 4th...Sheffield Utd, Charlton and Watford drops...

Liverpool hanged on to 3rd at final day after a 2-2 draw with Charlton while Portsmouth and Arsenal drew goalless. West Ham stunned Man Utd with 1-0 win at Old Trafford while Wigan showed Sheffield United the exit door with a 2-1 win. Tevez scored again to lift West Ham from the relegation zone.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fowler is leaving Liverpool...

Robbie Fowler, one of the most deadliest striker of Liverpool in the 90s will leave Liverpool again this summer. One of the Liverpool players I most respect, Fowler contributed goals for this and last season as well even though he was benched most of the times. It would be sad to see Fowler to leave Liverpool again but this time around, its the best for him. Theres only 2 games left for Liverpool and I hope that Fowler can score more goals in this 2 games especially if he would be given opportunity at the Champions League final game against AC Milan in Athens. Lastly, Fowler will be always one of the football icon I remembered growing up and he will be at the same rank as Steven Gerard and Jamie Carragher to me.

Massa takes 3rd straight pole for Spanish Grand Prix

Ferrari's Massa once again took pole position at Spanish Grand Prix. It was his fifth after his Bahrain's win last month. Read more.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Another hot Saturday!

I know its not the time to complain but it is just too bloody hot. Its one of the days lately that we are having this heat waves that really makes people so sick! I can't imagine people live without air conditioner in Malaysia. Its frying hot!

Naruto 353 Manga is OUT!

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Interesting to see what's in Akatsuki's sleeve.

Bleach 274 Manga is OUT!

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How is Ishida and Abarai going thru this?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Bleach 274 Spoiler Pictures

Only spoiler pics... Manga is not out yet..

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm going for Latin Class today...@ SalsaJay

Today it will be my first day for Latin Dancing class in SalsaJay. I'm not expecting much of this yet but since the trial class we had, it would be definitely different than salsa that I'm currently doing. Dancing, yes has been fun but maybe looking deeper into it maybe find a different perspective? After more than 8 months of Salsa, there are still some uncertainties that I can find sometimes in my steps. Anyhow, the class will be conducted by Darren. He has great profile as a dancer and it would be much stricter and tougher with him maybe. Wish me luck, tonight is going to be fun!

Naruto 353 Spoiler with picture, latest!

By Sujee27 @ NF:


Cover: Itachi, Kisame


(no idea what Kisame is saying)


The Leader is telling them to hurry up and gather together. They do so.


Leader states that Hidan and Kakuzu are defeated. Deidara seems to be surprised because Hidan is supposedly "immortal." Leader seems to think that it was unexpected as well.


(they move on and change the topic?)


Kisame now brings up Orochimaru. Itachi goes ..., and leader confirms that Orochimaru was killed by Sasuke.


Deidara goes "What a moment! How come I wasn't informed of this, right Tobi?" Tobi goes "Ah!" and says that Zetsu told him, and he then forgot to tell Deidara. Deidara isn't very happy about this. ^^

リーダー「オロチマルを殺したうちは……サスケだったか?そいつが間違いなくイタチのところに 向かっている …」

Leader says that Sasuke is now heading towards Itachi.


Deidara asks if Sasuke is alone.


Leader says that he's accompanied by Suigetsu, Jyuugo and Karin.


Kisame asks: Suigetsu? Leader asks if Kisame knows him.


I think Kisame is saying that Suigetsu is from the same village as he. Deidara asks if Suigetsu is powerful. I'm not sure what 中々のやり手 stands for.


Leader then asks about Jyuugo. I think Zetsu is talking about Jyuugo's homicidal tendencies.

リーダー「そいつをうちはサスケが連れ出したと言う訳か…最後に…カリンって奴は…どんな奴だ …?」

Leader asks about "the last member" now, Karin. Zetsu seems to say that she can determine the location of a person's chakra. Deidara notes that this would allow them to locate Itachi.


Leader tells Kisame and Itachi to watch out for this matter. Kisame seems amused.


I think it's over, Deidara is saying that he's leaving. Tobi goes with him. Zetsu leaves as well.


Kisame and Itachi also leave. Blue Hair also leaves.


The scene changes to Sasuke's side.


Suigetsu wants to rest. Karin complains, Sasuke wants to move on, but Jyuugo says that he also wants to rest and asks if they're really in such a hurry. Sasuke gives in and calls for a rest period.

トビ「でもそいつらはイタチさんの事を探してるんでじゃないんですか?イタチさんとキサメさん にまかせとけ ばいいじゃないですか」
デイダラ「ちょっと水月って奴に興味があってな…うん、それにしばらく強い奴と戦ってねえから 芸術が鈍っち まうんだ…うん」

The scene switches to Deidara and Tobi again. Deidara wants to go find "Itachi's younger brother." I think Tobi is concerned because it's supposed to be Itachi and Kisame's business, but it seems Deidara wants to fight strong people (like Suigetsu? Deidara might have been interested in Suigetsu because of Kisame's comment).



Thanks to Mizura and Thanks to Spoiler is yet to be confirmed but this is the most possible spoiler according to the picture.

Transformers The Movie Real Gear Robots Set

Sneak preview of the Transformers the Movie toys. See more here.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Finally the rain is here, but came too early...

The rain did come today, but too early causing a huge traffic jam in the morning. Sometimes, when you wish for something, it did happen but not always the way you expected it. Same goes to life, so be more appreciative of what you are getting rather than expecting. I love the rain but no the jam during rush hour!

Salsa Havana @ 5/5/7

Me and Elyssa!!

After the open day, we had dinner and went straight to Salsa Havana. The 2 Koreans and Winnie is already there waiting for us. It was quite empty at first but later on packed around midnight. Didn't dance much with a lot of girls, but did have fun with Rachel. Then, bump to cutie Elyssa! We left around 2 am and went for supper. Great night!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Best Western President Hotel, New York City

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234 West 48th Street
New York, NY 10036

Actually its a great place to stay given the location and the budget. Its really close to Times Square, less than 5 minutes of walk, opposite Crowne Plaza NYC. When we went there, they had this door key problems, other than that, they are doing great. The room is cozy and clean. Same goes to the bathroom. The personnels there are friendly. Most important of all, theres a lot of restaurants around the corner such as Pigalle. Hersey's store and M&M is at the end of the road. I wouldn't mind to come back to stay again here given the chance. Its simply amazing.

The heat and the sickness....

I went to clinic yesterday for my cough and my sore throat, clinic was packed. Rachel went today to clinic, same thing happened. The heat that has been on going for weeks is not helping at all. I was traveling to Melaka today for my client's meeting as well to Bangi later on for another meeting, the whole trip I drank more than 1 liter of water. Believe it or not, my air-cond is not that cold as it used to be. Scary huh? I'm playing safe now, eat medicine punctually and have at least H20s around the corner. Its really hot now in Malaysia!

Madame Tussauds, New York City, NY

On the very last day of our trip, we went to Madame Tussauds which is quite near to the place we stay in Times Square. I seen it on magazines and TVs, we had a short queue and went in right away. There's quite a lot of celebrities as well as politicians made here. There are a few wax figures, you can option to buy the pictures you took with them such as Superman and the Pirates. It was fun. Enjoy the pictures below plz, thanks...

Monday, May 07, 2007

SalsaJay Studio Open Day for Latin @ 5/5/7 Picture Gallery

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The highlight of the day for me personally will be the latin dance trial. Since it can be social, it will be more interesting to try on latin. We had a short stint with cha cha, quite interesting. Different from salsa, more relaxed. The instructor himself, Darren Yee is a multiple times SEA champion on latin. It will be quite interesting to learn from someone that is so good.

SalsaJay Studio Open Day for Salsa @ 5/5/7 Picture Gallery

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SalsaJay very first Open Day for salsa and latin classes. But we start off with the salsa trials packed with more girls than men as usual. I was there with the gang to give some hands to do the "one hand rope". The salsa classes will be conducted by our beautiful instructor Ms. Jeamie Lee and her wing man, Mr. Fai.

The next wishlist, Transformers NIKE editions!

My next target, this 2 little babies! It seems to be its have been sold out in Malaysia or its overpriced. Will have to source from overseas again.

Man Utd crowned Premier League champions!

Manchester United is the Champions of English Premier League! I guess everyone expected it since Chelsea's form has dipped at this moment of the season. Liverpool still at 3rd, same points with Arsenal at 4th with better goal difference. Both teams are guaranteed Champions League place next season. Tevez inspired West Ham to crush Bolton 3-1 moving them out of the relegation zone.

A very hot Monday!

I will not blame the weather and I shall not blame anyone else. Everyone is so sick! Went to clinic this morning to find it packed! I have been coughing like mad, really not pleasant. I'm now in office, try to go through this sick Monday. I will try to post more stuffs after this.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Elyssa, the 12 years old Salsa dancer...

*Elyssa and Adam doing a salsa dip... - The Star

Elyssa without any proper Salsa training or classes will be teaching at Salsa Havana Studio KL. Tagged along for 3 months only with her brother Adam, Elyssa has become a natural salsa dancer. She will be also performing at the Malaysia Latin Congress, the first ever at Port Dickson. Read more.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Transformers G1 Thrust

Transformers G1 Decepticon Thrust! I finally got this figure after I left in US with my brother. Read more.