Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Temporary VICTORY for Bandar Mahkota Cheras residents....

I blogged about this in April because I had a friend who is staying and has been frustrated about the issues for years. The issues heightens in May with on and off blockages by Grand Saga. However yesterday, cabinet orders the road to be temporary open and Suhakam to open inquiry about the alleged police violence on the video clip above.

After so many years on this issues, so many attempts by the opposition party to help out the residents, so many residents opposed, the cabinet finally give them a temporary victory for the residents. For now and here on, we will see how will be this "SAGA" continues, but we hope the VICTORY will last forever....

A good friend to the RESCUE!!

I was very busy this whole week around. One of the nights, I was suppose to do a wardrobe check and I had like an hour time. A great friend came to the rescue. Well, at least we had like half an hour of chat in Starbucks. This great friend is no other than Missy Mynx. Thanks a lot for the jokes and laughters we had. :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A very RUDE comment for Sze Chuan Victims

Reading a few fellow bloggers' blog I found this very annoying video. Its in Mandarin and its very insulting to the victims of the Sze Chuan. I'm just speechless after listening to this....

Captain Tsubasa DVD Review

This is the original Captain Tsubasa from the old days. From Wikipedia, it says around 1983-1986. I watched the series in 1990s after renting the tapes from the video stores. Had to stop as the video store doesn't have the entire series. Well, I got the DVD version few years back when SPEEDY was selling it so I decided to get the 2 series from primary to high school series.
AXN is now showing the Road to Dream series.

Let me tell you the difference between the old and the new ones. The old ones are pretty unrealistic slow and lengthy while new ones are fast, realistic and simple. Younger kids might like the new ones but since I started with the old ones, I will love the old ones.

From the original series, you can see basically "anything" can happened from exploding footballs to wonder free kicks. Remember Hidetoshi Nakata, the infamous Japanese playmaker from Japan. He was inspired to become a footballer by watching the original Captain Tsubasa series. Unreal it might seems like but it reminds you that football is your friend and nothing is impossible. By delivering such message, I dare to say Captain Tsubasa is "god like" anime for football fans....

Try to get the original DVDs but I can tell you is tough though. :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gundam Fair @ Sg Wang

I'm no big fan of Gundam but so coincidence I was at the area so i snapped a few pictures. Make it quite a few pictures... :P


A fellow friend spotted me and the gang in one of the website. Just for the fun of it, put it here. Having a hectic day today. Thanks Anne for spotting us in the website... :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Craze on Sushi

I have been stuffing myself with sushi lately. Take away, Sushi King and my new fav, Sakae Sushi. In fact, I feel like going to it again maybe tomorrow after my sound recording work in the morning? Maybe? The picture is the dragon roll which is one of my fav. Anyways, I'm pretty hungry for any sushi for now. Can't wait till tomorrow...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Raikkonen FORCED Force India Sutil OUT

Rain + No Traction Control + Street Race = Monaco GP 2008

Force India's probably first and last chance to get a 4th placing was crushed by Kimi Raikkonen and I would say Sutil's dreams were shattered as the car was not good enough to race.

Hamilton got a bit of luck won the race followed by Kubica and Massa third. I'm not going to write much about F1 this days but today's race is interesting enough for me to write a bit...

Good news all around!

Went out with some friends this past few days and got to know one of them will become a dad. To me, that's the greatest news to hear than hitting the lottery. Being as ignorant as I am always, didn't I realize that 2 of my old friends had been going out together for years. I felt so embarrassed. To conclude all this, I had not been really going out enough with clients or friends until I am so outdated... For now, I'm getting ready to go to gym again after a week of work and sickness....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Indiana Jones: Kingdom of Crystal Skull Review

Around 24 years ago, when I was like 6 years old, my parents brought me to cinema sitting on their laps watching a movie called Indiana Jones. It was an excellent movie which I can still recall part of the movie. To get my parents to bring me to a movie 24 years back, the movie is must be something. It was really something and still something.

After 24 years later, in 2008, Harrison Ford wanted to give us something back in return. Maybe a real finale. When I saw the trailer a couple months back, I laughed. Indiana is really getting too old but I promised myself I'm gonna watch this old man one more time. Indeed today I watched it and it was a right choice.

Another adventure with a new mission. With a new kid on the block as his sidekick will he's gonna be in his way or vice versa. The movie is fun like it used to be. Indy still fights like what he did 24 years ago. Of course this time around, he is much older he used to be so he won't be so man or macho as he used to be. The story is quite simple and like I said its more about the adventure of it and of course the old famous Indy song.... It brought me lots of flashbacks and its a damn worthy movie to watch.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

The "Empty" Kettles....

For most of the people who doesn't really know me, they never know that I'm a homey person. One of the few reasons is because I just so get used to stay alone for this few years. I seldom hang out with friends as I'm too lazy to go out. The other big reason is the effect of the empty kettle.

Do this simple test, if you hit an empty kettle, you get loud sounds, but with full kettle, you will get softer sound. Same goes to humans. In my life, I met lots of empty kettles. They love to brag, talk rubbish and talking lies in front of me. Most of this people are men. There's a few girls I knew by then are empty kettles but not as much as men.

I wouldn't mind if they bragged a bit but when lies or bullshits comes to me, that's it. There are quite a number of friends I had to let go because of this. Stubborn you might say I am but I felt that I have the right to choose talking to the right person that respect you as a friend. I have no respect to pretenders, they are really low life scumbags.

Thinking back lately and sometime back, I started to laugh a bit. Why? While people might be impressed by their pretenders' skills and impressions, I pity them because they are empty inside. Sometimes, I felt lucky also because I can see them out soon, because i have the guts to be myself and being a pretender at least!

Connie Talbot , a future DIVA

British You Got Talent!!

British You Got Talent Final!!

Connie Talbot- " I will always love u..." (Taiwan)

Connie Talbot with Yoo Ye Eun -"You Raise Me Up" (Korea)

When Simon Cowell said she's fantastic you know she is something special.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting KOed....

Well, I am supposed to be in Bangkok right now but... a very bad sore throat and bad fever KOed me today. I had to stay back, cancel the trip to rest and to work. Now, I have to only look forward for the November trip for my best friend's wedding in Bangkok. I'm feeling much better now after taking a jab in the clinic this morning. I hope I can feel much better after all the rest I needed to take for now I hope.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Working tomorrow....

Many might be partying and clubbing till morning tonight but I will be sleeping very very soon. Tomorrow I have a video shoot and the call time is around 7 am. Might not be the best time but its the time I have right now before I leave for my Bangkok trip. Good night everyone.

Speed Racer Review

For all the old Speed Racer fans, watch this. Its as close to the anime we used to watch. The animations and visuals are crazy. Theres a bit humor here and there. The race is a bit fake, due to the originals but its ok to me. This is more to a family movie than a racing movie.

Lee Chong Wei for Malaysia's First Gold Olympic Medal???

Malaysia lost to China 3-2 at semi-finals of Thomas Cup 2008 in Jakarta is a result hard to swallow. Malaysia battle tooth to tooth till the last match. Even though Malaysia is not in the final, there is some blessing in disguise.
The match against world number 1, Lin Dan was flawless. However, looking at the match, Lin Dan wasn't 100%. Chong Wei's victory against Lin Dan is a big mental battle towards to Beijing 2008. With the men doubles' inconsistency, Malaysia most concrete hope will falls to Lee Chong Wei. Will Lee Chong Wei get Malaysia's very first GOLD Medal in Olympics? We have to wait and see...

FA Cup Glory goes to Pompey!!

Portsmouth won the FA Cup with a 1-0 win over Cardiff. "King" Kanu scored the only goal marks one of the most successful season for Portsmouth. Portsmouth will play their first ever Uefa Cup next season. This remarkable result will add great honour to Harry Redknapp. The father of Jamie Redknapp, former Liverpool captain and England outfit. Jamie was one of the brightest England prospect but marred by constant injuries.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Escalator Horror Story... Almost lost a hand after stucked in an escalator!

This is the actual picture....

A friend had the worst nightmare happening on an escalator. Weeks ago, she and her family went shopping like usual in a shopping center in Klang Valley. Her son loves to sit on the steps of the escalator even though how many scoldings he got from the mom. Towards the end of the escalator, the son screamed and my friend managed to pull his hand out. Eventually, her son sleeves caught into the escalator so it pulled his hand. The skin of the hand is totally gone and my friend almost fainted looking at the picture you are seeing right now. You can see the bones as the skin and flesh are teared from the incident. If she would have slow pulling his arm out, he might lose his fingers now. Her son's hand now will be scarred forever.

To all parents, this are real pictures and real incident. The bill costs her 15k and she didn't have an insurance. Its no joke for kids to play around or sit around on the escalator. Incidents like this could happened to anyone.

Pictures shown here are with the consent on the parents of the boy who is my friend.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sauna Nightmare

I am not a big fan of sauna but since the steam room was out of order to at the gym, I had to go. The sauna room in my gym is small, so having a few guys cramping in one small cell is not something really to look for. Few dudes went out so I manage to grab a seat. I was cladding with my towel and my undies if you were wondering. So there was this early 40s thin dude sitting on the other side. When I was sitting down I was like accidentally, saw a big bunch of bush with "banana" sticking out. I was like wtf. Look I don't care how big or long your "gun" is but the sauna is a public room. For fucking god sake, he might get bush fire with the bunch of stuffs there like from the Crazy Movie. I feel there is a do and don't in sauna. Getting naked in the sauna room with other dudes are a big no-no. I will stick to the steam room as always and try to avoid the sauna room for now.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pork Pork Pork!! @ Elcerdo!!

Pork pork pork!! Never had so much pork at a meal! Visit this restaurant by the name of Elcerdo and had a feast of pork there. More pictures HERE.

Signs from mother nature??

2 massive natural disasters struck Asia within a month killing thousands and left millions homeless.

Cyclone Nargis took Myanmar by surprise and casualty estimated at around 60,000 to 100,000 people died. More on the reports HERE. Reported 1/3 of the victims are children and they are dying because of lack of clean water and diseases.

A massive earthquake at central China near Szechuan province left more than 12,000 people died and 18,000 buried under the rubble. More of the news HERE.

Are these signs from mother nature? Or just the sign of global warming. No matter how and what, people should stand hand by hand to help this needed people. God Bless.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Man Utd for Double...

Man Utd clinched EPL title in style and they will do it again for Euro Champions League. Why? I tell you why. John Terry got his arm messed up and he will not be in Moscow. Second, Man Utd looks more offensive than Chelsea. Thirdly, they need to revenge for Liverpool. Chelsea is weak without John Terry. You can tell from yesterday's game. I believe in Man Utd for now.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

EPL Showdown Tonight!

Well, the tightest race we have seen in many years. Tonight, a champion will be crown and there is 2 teams going against each other. They are Chelsea and Man Utd. I'm going to tune in tonight and yet witness the biggest upset of the year or ....? Either way, they going to have another showdown in Moscow very very soon for Euro Champions League Final. God bless....

Happy Mother's Day !!!

Before I get a slapping from my mum, I would like to wish Happy Mother's Day to every mum in the world. I spoke to a few friends about this and they asked me what am I going to do today. Well, I will not buy anything to my mum as she will give it away most of the times. I'm going to bring the family to a nearby seafood restaurant. The last time we went, it was quite good. I don't mind having a great dinner even though I just to the gym in the afternoon did a brief cardio. So... so... so... Happy Mother's Day again! Its ur day, mum!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I'm not trying to say the Transformers Blackout. Its just really stupid nowadays. I went home yesterday night and the whole area was blackout. This has happened like one or twice in a month or 2 in my area. I don't understand is, we paid full price on electricity and we still get shits like this. Same goes to TM net, try calling their hotline and which single day there wasn't any announcement that they have disruptions on their services. Basically, I was sleeping in my car until morning, and the power came back like 8 or 9am. Do we really need to go through this?

Friday, May 09, 2008

The PEOPLE and the TOLL....

The never ending story of Cheras Mahkota access road continues. 2000 people gathered yesterday to stop the reconstruction of the barrier. Read more HERE.

Cheras residents in stand-off to protect toll-free road video

Thursday, May 08, 2008

TIRED Like HAM...???

Why Chinese said in Cantonese, "Tired like ham?" What's ham gonna do with tired? Well, finally I figured this century old meaning out. It might take one person in thousand years to solve this mystery and I did by myself. How does a ham feels like? Lazy by itself, and it only stays in a flat surface so when you are so tired, you would feel like a ham. Lying down like a ham and never feels like waking up. Mystery solved.


Well, after some unexpected busy week in and out, I might need a break after all. I spoke to a friend or 2 about going to Hong Kong in October. I will be going to Bangkok at this month end and most likely end of November as well for my best friend's wedding. There are so many places I haven't been, places like Vietnam, Macau, China and even many Malaysian islands. Either way, I wish that Bangkok can come earlier.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

Well, it should be the much awaited fight between Jet Li and Jackie Chan. If you like fight sequences, you get this right. So many fighting variations, so many different fight sequences. Well, I might still say it like 10 more times. The story wise, well it didn't really work out I guess. The lead actor is like a stiff bamboo doing nothing. Michael Angarano, whoever he really can't act well. Michael at the whole movie more interested in getting on the Little Sparrow then saving the world. There are few nice location scenes and its nice for family and kids as well.

Monday, May 05, 2008


Forget the boring shit of Spidey 3, Ironman is the real thing. Since Marvel took control of the movies like this one, they produced kick ass movie. The movie flows well and it is not boring. A bit of story telling here and there but not too much of drama. Simple story for a superhero and some comical scenes in between. I love the movie. Its a good movie, good for family and even big kid like me. With 100 million at the first opening weekend, you know this is good shit!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Building a new blog!

Don't be upset, I am building another new blog. Its more on Transformers only and please don't get mad with me. Click on the banner to check out the blog but it is still under constructions. Check it out maybe few days later for more updates. Thanks!

Google Page Rank Up to 4?

Well, well, well... After weeks after I got dropped to 3 for Google Page Rank. It seems to be I might be going up to 4 again. I got penalized last time maybe because there is a Payperpost tag on every post and it might be mistaken as a paid post. I took it out since then and didn't write for Payperpost for quite a while. Thanks Google for ranking me up to 4 again.

I'm hitting the Gym again...

I guess I have no choice left. No point for me doing something silly like taking diet pills. Well, I guess there is no shortcuts in life. I'm currently will do a 30 min cardio at least 3 times a week for now. Let's see what will I get after this.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Euro Champions League Final: Chelsea Vs. Man Utd (Moscow)

Chelsea 3-2 Liverpool. Benitez's masterplan failed today as Chelsea picked up the goals on extra time instead of Liverpool. Chelsea deserved the victory and Alex Ferguson's biggest nightmare has just begun. God knows why Benitez took off Torres for Babel which he scored the last goal. Lets do a fast recap, Drogba scored, followed by Torres, Essien's goal was disallowed followed by Lampard's penalty and Drogba's second goal of the night. Babel scored the last goal for Liverpool. Great game, Chelsea deserved to go to Moscow. Let's back to Ferguson's nightmare. The worst case scenario is Chelsea still can pipped Man Utd for the league title and... and... Chelsea still can beat Man Utd for the Champions League final. That will be the biggest sucker punch for Man Utd. Remember the ball is round. Liverpool never scored in Stamford Bridge but they scored 2 today. Man Utd, you never walk alone...