Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hidden tiger CROUCHing PETER, Peter Crouch guns down Gunners! Liverpool 4-1 Arsenal

Peter Crouch's first hattrick crushed Arsenal in Liverpool's 4-1 win. Its a sweet revenge for Liverpool this time around. Peter Crouch made his presence felt by showing Benitez he is still a striker that knows how to score. Daniel Agger scored the other goal as well as William Gallas for the opposition. Arsenal kept trying but its the mighty Red's defense that kept them at bay. Liverpool's win leapfroged Arsenal to the third spot at the Premiership table. PSV will be the next opponent, and the dream to a Champions League title will be closer.

Ruby, The Salsa Queen....

She is so adorable..... Should we have a salsa class like this?

Street Fighting Salsa...

Never restrict yourself from imagination. Creativity is quite important in Salsa as well. Check this out!

Donald Trump Hosts News Conference for WrestleMania® 23

Donald Trump Hosts News Conference for WrestleMania® 23! Check the ending between Donald Trump and Vince McMahon, its damn cool!

Transformers Trailer No. 3! Latest!!


Riise is BANKRUPT!

"Liverpool full-back John Arne Riise has been declared bankrupt by the courts for an unpaid debt of around £100,000. Riise, understood to earn around £50,000 a week, was declared bankrupt at Liverpool County Court on Tuesday. "-

I find this a bit amusing, coz he is earning 50k a week and he got bankrupt coz he can't pay 100k? Read more..

Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm going to Big Apple next week...

Its confirmed and I had my visa today. I'm going to Big Apple, New York City for a shoot trip next week. I will try to blog from NY or else I will blog with tons of pictures once I'm back from NY. This is my first time flying to US and I am going to take a very long flight to there. I will be blogging until this Sunday as my flight is in early wees of Monday.

Salsa, the timing....It sounds easy but it takes time and efforts...

Salsa's parent dance is the Mambo. As the tempo of Mambo music became faster, it’s dance steps had to be modified and so we have Salsa. To stop the dancer moving off the beat, the Mambo's one beat step on count 4 was replaced by a half beat step, with a placing of weight on the next half beat. Because the music is screaming for you to move on the next beat, an additional step, a tap followed by a half beat pause, was introduced on the next count to act as a brake, to stop the dancer moving. Salsa music seems to scream for you to start moving and keep moving, so many dancers start with the tap on the first beat of the music.

Like most modern music, Salsa music is 4/4 time (4 beats to a bar of music, and therefore four dance steps to a bar of music. Salsa music screams for you to move on the first beat, but you are not allowed to, so you tap with your toe or kick with your heel, to stop you from going straight into the step that is meant to be performed on the next beat.

Some teachers count the Salsa movement as quick-quick-quick-quick, others use the Mambo count of Quck-Quick-Slow but this can be confusing to the beginner. Its probably better to think of the movement as Rock, Rock, Close and Tap.

In most Latino dances, you commence your steps on the 2nd beat of the music and change weight from one leg to another between the beats. In Salsa your feet only move on the 2nd and 4th beats, the change of weight which gives the dance its look and feel occurs half way through the 2nd beat, on the 3rd beat and half way through the 4th beat. On the first beat, you tap the foot to stop you from moving - think of it as a brake. Therefore, counting from the 2nd beat of the music, my preferred count is 2 & 3, 4 & 1 - check out the section on the basic movements and this will become meaningful.

*-Article from StreetDance Australia's Dance Survival Guides.*

Timing is very important in salsa, especially for guys. If you missed one step, you get one step faster or you take one step more, you will get ahead with the girl not finishing her move. Up to today after months of salsa, I'm still try to improve my timing, listen to more Salsa songs. With the help of the SalsaJay gangs, I improved as days gone by. Don't ever think timing is a small thing, coz without timing you will be dancing alone!

QBA at The Westin Kuala Lumpur

The often packed Salsa Club in KL. This is a nice video presentation from them. QBA is at The Westin, KL next to Star Hill, Jalan Bukit Bintang..

Malaysia Salsa Competition 2004 Jaztin & Yanqing

Very cool moves, a lots of spins and the girl has a quite a few sexy moves... A must watch!

Transformers G1 Cassette Ratbat and Frenzy MOSC Set

Its hard to explain the feeling getting Ratbat. The evil decepticon cassette from Soundwave. This set comes with Frenzy as well. Noticed that this cassettes comes with accesories and weapons that tend to get lost. I'm still packaged it nicely until one day I will open it and play.

Transformers G1 Swoop MISB Review

Finally I got Swoop with box. The hardest to get Dinobot, Swoop can be easily broken and it is hard to maintain. Its not for those rough collectors where the beak tends to break easily. From G1, Generation One, Swoop is one of the later Dinobot created by Wheeljacks. The only flying/airbourne Dinobot, Swoop attacks with his missile launchers which included as accesories. The chrome part is hard to maintain has well as it is easily get chip paints. I always love the Dinobots... This one as well... :)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Andorra 0-3 England... Stevie G show...

Imagine England without Gerrard. Its basically Stevie G's show that saves Steve McCLaren's butt this time around. Gerard this time around scored 2 goals. I wonder how many this Stevie G can save England. For god sake, someone just pls kick McCLaren OUT! I'm not bias on him, but what is England doing lately? Nothing, just plain lost... they are lost in a game called football...

Surge Nitro Limited Edition cans! Set of 4

Kevin Nash, Rey Mysterio Jr, Sting and Goldberg are featured in this US limited edition Surge cans. Had this for a while, bought this coz I'm a huge wrestling fan. Goldberg rulez!!

Bring me sunshine! Singapore's Coke with Lemon!

Coke with lemon from Singapore! Had someone to buy this over for me. Notice...New Limited Edition...What a good promoting way for coke collectors to sell and collect.

Staircase to Heaven??

Staircase to heaven? Nah, I don't think so... Managa to take this picture at the Pandan Roundabout at Jln Tun Razak when I stuck in a jam. Its looks pretty scary to me. But I wouldn't mind to try to climb up given a chance though.... Am I joking? I'm still thinking about it...

Bleach 269 Spoiler pics!!

*Spoilers from

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The VODKA that goes BLING-BLING!

*Its in gold in color and its bling bling!

I got to know Absolute Vodka got this limited edition from Adele sometime last year when she bought her bling-bling in Dubai. This gold color plated vodka is actually a shell to the original vodka bottle. Impressed by the bling-bling, I got mine at Bangkok. To me, every limited edition thing is a worth to collect. BLING! BLING!

Happy Birthday Laney @ 27th March 2007!

Happy Birthday Laney! Its nice to know you and you are a good salsa partner! Glad that you like the flowers we gave you. Ya, I almost forget, you are one year older! kekeke... O tanjoubi omedeto gozaimasu....

Happy Birthday Adele @ 25 March 2007

Happy Birthday my dear sis. You are one year older! Happy Birthday!!

Naruto 348 Spoilers with Pictures!

"The Strawberry's spoiler:
Suigetsu & Sasuke enters some place which looks like a prison, where those Orochimaru imprisoned are put.

They meet Karin, a woman with glasses. At first, she refuses to go with them. Suigetsu leaves the room and as he does, her personality suddenly changes. She locks the door to the room. She then lets out a breath, takes off her glasses and gets close to Sasuke, then says "Well, if it's Sasuke who says it, then I suppose I'll go". Sasuke says "What the? You changed your mind quite fast.". To this she responds "Well, I am assigned to watch-duty here after all, so I had to think a little about it".

She gets closer to Sasuke. Sasuke says "You.. back away a bit". She then says "Say... Why can't it just be you and me? Suigetsu isn't necressarilly... huh?"

Suigetsu apparently returns to the room by destroying the wall. Suigetsu then says "Let's get going, Sasuke. If Karin aren't going to come..." Sasuke says: "Nah, she's coming". Karin says "W... Who's going to come! I'm just... happening to go in the same direction as you! Errhrm!".
Scene switches to a man in a prison cell who's mumbling: "No... a woman after all... Yeah, a woman it'll be, no wait... a man after all... yeah, a man it'll be." End."

Its all about Sasuke again. What happened to Naruto? This chapter is for Sasuke's fans again. He ain't god!!

F1 Test Track Sepang @ 27th March 2007, F1 cars gallery

This album is powered by BubbleShare - Add to my blog
This album is powered by BubbleShare - Add to my blog

This album is powered by BubbleShare - Add to my blog

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

F1 Test Track Sepang @ 27th March 2007 videos

*McLaren F1 Car...

*Super Aguri Honda Car....

*BAR Honda in blue....

F1 Test Track Sepang @ 27th March 2007

*At grandstand, behind me is the Ferrari's pit, Sepang F1
*Mikey with my SLR posing happily in front of his fav team, Ferrari...
We went to Sepang after Mikey had an appointment with his client. It was a bloody hot Tuesday, I was sweating like hell. To make matter worst, I left my camera in my car which makes me to walk back to my car back and forth, 30 minutes. Quite a number of people turned up at grandstand, some with family. Its a real good experience for the kids that came today since today is free. When we left, only Ferrari and Renault hasn't test their muscles yet.

Little "Rachel" got her wish!

"PETALING JAYA: Little Rachel Chan had been so enchanted by the yellow men on TV that she wanted to meet them. So the seven-year-old wrote them a letter.
“DiGi man, can you come to my house please? I like you because you are yellow.
“I see you on TV, you follow people; please, please, please come to my house and follow me to school.” Yesterday, she got her wish"- The Star

This is so sweet! It seems to be DIGI marketing campaign really works. Thanks DIGI for making the little girl happy. Theres once when I was at Desa Hartamas, I bumped to this yellow man as well. They were celebrities, girls took turn to take pictures with them. I didnt manage to get my camera, if not I would do the same. To read more about lil' Rachel, click here..

Coke Coca cola World Of Warcraft China plastic bottle set of 8

I love this bottles. Set of 8 from China. World Of Warcraft Editions. Howeverm this are plastic bottles with plastic labels.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Coke Coca-Cola Mugs Nascar 18 and 97 Official

Official Coke Coca Cola Mugs from USA. Nascar editions, no 97 and no 18.

Coke Bottles UAE Light & Normal

Full glass with plastic cap. The logo is printed on the bottle. 2 bottles from U.A.E.

2 weeks of blogging, quality blogs to come...

Officially, I have been blogging for 2 weeks. Thanks for the people who take some time and read here. I have numerous comments about my blogs. Most is about the quality of my posts as well as my short posts. For some reason, I take this blog as a place I write about stuffs that I like and some of my life stories. I never knew blogging is so fun and yet is tiring as well sometimes. But one thing for sure, I will try my best to put more words, feelings to the new posts. Thanks readers! More quality blogs to come!

To eat or not to eat??

* The big red fish!
To eat or not to eat? Theres always a Chinese saying, don't waste food! Its true there are millions out there without food, and we shouldn't waste food. The question is should we keep eating even though we are full? Just to fulfill the tradition or should we just throw it away for not being over eating. I used to be the "garbage can" of the family, destroying the leftovers but in years when my body becomes a garbage can, I changed my opinion. Over eating is bad for the body, so the best solution for this, don't order so much. Or else stop eating, don't ever stuffed yourself. Food is precious, so do our body, to save food, order lesser, eat moderately... However, I'm still fat... saddened by the real fact...

Do we really need a holiday?

*Pic taken at Phi Phi Island, Krabi, Thailand
Do we really need a holiday? In our hectic lifestyle especially when u work in Malaysia, we definitely need one. No matter a short or long tour, a getaway is good enough! Looking at the sky now, there will a thunderstorm coming.

The Pirates are coming!

*Chow Yun-Fat as Captain Sao Feng in Walt Disney Pictures' Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - 2007

Our very own Asian pirate from Singapore, Captain Sao Feng. Jack prepare to kena chili sambal belacan! In cinemas, this MAY!

Burglar rapes 73-year-old at her home... How sick!

"KUALA TERENGGANU: A 73-year-old woman was raped by a burglar at her home in Kampung Ging Batu Limau Nipis, Setiu. " - The Star

How many rape cases we hear nowadays? This is sickening.... Read more..

Drift! Malaysian Style

Enjoy! Drift at Puchong!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Rum Coffee...

Rachel ordered this... Rum Coffee yesterday... it looks cool but I didn't manage to drink it due to my caffeine syndrome...

AAM 52nd AGM @ 24/03/07

The reason I left early from Zhang Zhen Hong launch is to attend the AAM 52nd AGM. Have to fulfill my AAM duties...

Zhang Zhen Hong Launch @ Halo Cafe !

*ZZH starts with Emcee......
*The present from SalsaJAY!!!! U know we love u.....


*Teacher with teacher....

* ZZH sizzling with Jeamie....

I was there for a while after my car broke down with a faulty battery and I had to rush to another function later. Great turn out!

Jui Wan's Birthday @ 23-03-07

*Group photo at Jui Wan's B'day Bash at her KTV room in her house..

*Jun Haw and Jui Wan with cake

We rush over to her house after our routine salsa class. There were some BBQ foods at her pool side, how nice of them... but we were full... We went over to her KTV room to sing her a bday song... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! JUI WAN!

Israel 0-0 England...Another dull game...

Steve McLaren, personally I feel that you need to go.... A dull and boring game, England could do way much better than that. Where should England go from here?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Japanese English Class

This is a Japanese English class, anyone that laugh will be punished! Check it out, funny and yet painful!

Zhang Zhen Hong's Launch today!

Zhan Zhen Hong's launch is at 11.15 am @ Sunway Pyramid's Halo Cafe. I will be a video cameraman today covering part of the event. :)

Bleach 268 is out!

Will Rukia die? Read it yourself! RAW is out today with translations.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Late night coffee @ Starbucks

Rachel has the crave for coffee and for that apparent reason, I have to drive her to Starbucks yesterday night. For me, I got myself a nice hot chocolate!

Justice served?

"A Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) technician was charged with insulting a reporter's modesty by focusing a closed-circuit television camera on her thighs during a full council meeting." - The Star

Shame on you! Finally, we have justice served! For the complete story, read here.

A packed Wednesday SalsaJay!

*Class on Wednesday, u can see Derek laughing at someone again and Jeamie is giving directions...

SalsaJay is packed with Wednesday's beginner's class! Great work guys!

Stevie G received MBE from Queen Elizabeth II

England and Liverpool' skipper Steven Gerrard added another honour from Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday when he picked up his MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) at Buckingham Palace in London. Read more.

Salsa friends celebs look-a-like

Want to see how the rest fare? Click here..

The hunt for TRU Exclusive Sound Wave

The hunt for Soundwave is on! This is Toy R Us Exclusive only release in US. Its time to search for this exclusive dude...

Liverpool 5 times Champions League Champions! 5 TIMES!!

Forget Manchester United, forget Arsenal, forget Chelsea because you must remember Liverpool is 5 times Champions League Champion!

Liverpool 2006 FA CUP winner!

Stevie's performance at the FA Cup 2006 Finals vs West Hams....

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The long awaited win, All-England 2007 Finals!

Its not just a win they are showing,but the spirits of a true champion. This is one to be remembered...

Bret "Hitman" Hart, my favourite wrestler!


My first drift car, Toyota KE70!!

*Driving thru the rough snow in my KE 70!
*My beloved, Toyota Corolla KE70 with in Junee, NSW...