Monday, November 30, 2009

I Took 7 Hours To Reach Kuala Lumpur From Taiping, Malaysia's Magnificent Traffic Jam

It has been years since I was stuck in a massive traffic jam. Probably 20 years ago, we took 7 hours to reach Singapore. Well, history repeated itself yesterday.

Yesterday, we took 7 hours from Taiping to reach Kuala Lumpur. It was unavoidable I had work and Rachel was racing in Taiping. We knew the jam was going to be bad, but not worst. After the event, we quickly exited Taiping onto a massive crawl. The massive crawl was caused by motorists queuing up into the rest area near Sungai Perak. Road lanes were bottleneck onto a single lane. What a great road planning! We jammed 3 hours just to realize it was because of a rest area!

Then the heavy traffic continued until Rawang.

My other team from Johor Bahru also took 7 hours to reach Kuala Lumpur.

Here's the thing. We paid full price for the toll. We paid a heavier price for the traffic jam. So should they charge us or we charge them back for our time?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oris Ladies Team Qualified For The Finals! Rachel & Adeline Did It!

It was a very hot day. Rachel & Adeline managed to put together to finished 12th out of 20 cars today. The best part is, the qualified for the finals of Larut Hill 4x4 Challenge 2009 tomorrow. Read more HERE.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

When My Wife Is a 4x4 Off Road Rally Racer

My wife Rachel has been actively training for her maiden 4x4 race this weekend in Larut Hill
(Maxwell Hill) Taiping. She will be representing Oris 4x4 Ladies Team competing with more than 20 other teams. Thanks to Oris, Rachel manage to get last years 4th placing car, Suzuki Vitara 1.6l. Read more about her story and her experiences >> Rachel's Larut Hill Challenge

More about the event>>

Meeting Martin Yan, Yan Can Cook!

Like many in my age group or older, we grew up watching “Yan Can Cook” TV series in the 1980s. Those were the times when the whole family watching the series during dinner times. Well, International Celebrity Chef Martin Yan was already a big hit back then. He was funny and talented. Read more HERE.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

跳出去 Jump Movie Review

Least info could be find for this movie, Jump in English. Directed by Stephen Fung and produced by Stephen Chow Shing Chi, the movie revolved around actress Kitty Zhang Yuqi. Read more HERE.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Beware! Superwilson Is Reviewing "Quaterback" Condoms!!

Beware! Be afraid! Very afraid! Because Superwilson is reviewing condoms.

The story started a few months back when Rachel ordered a pack of condom from the internet. She ordered this condom from During that time, there was a contest running sponsored by

A pack is sold at RM 5.00 per pack.

Was told very thin and safe. Made in Malaysia (most branded condoms are Made in Malaysia).

So then the owner asked me to blog about his condoms. I joking told him, he needs to supply me a lot for me to blog.

And he came with his condoms, no joke!

Blardy hell! He passed me 5 cartons (48 packs) each of condoms. Means I have 240 packs of condoms with me or 720 pieces of condoms. Its worth a 3 years xxx

So then, you all be nice go to and ordered one today for safe sex. Be safe than sorry.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Recommended Thai Food at Thai Pan Delights, Kuchai Lama Entrepreneur Park

This is another one of those late entries that I'm trying to clear. Needless to say, it was good! Read more HERE!!

Why I Never Discriminate Garbage Collectors Or DBKL

I give this a thought, did I ever discriminate a garbage collector before? Seriously, NEVER.

In fact, during my younger years, where I stayed in the low cost housing area, I used to chase them with my rubbish bags. Low cost houses are very small, there's no place for garbage bin so we need to wait for the garbage truck and chase them.

Every Chinese New Year, my parents would pack some oranges and some snacks for them with angpau. We appreciate their work.

Lately, I adopted a dog. His name is called Bosco. We got it from our friends. His pictures are HERE. We loved this fella, been naughty but been quite a good boy. My parents loved the dog very much and offered to bribe us to give away Bosco, we resisted!

However, as cute as he may be sometimes he likes to play with his shits. Regardless, he also shits at the designated newspaper area in the house.

So then, every morning and evening, my job is to pick up his shits. Clean his shits and clean up the floor.

YES, I'm the official Shit Collector of my house.

I do wonder that I had enough shits with my work and go back have to pick up shits of my dog, Bosco.

Even though I loved Bosco very much, still FML!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why Some Bloggers Hate Me So Much!

It has been a while since I've been hated.

Well, some might say this is another one of those EMO post I'm writing. Trust me, this is not.

I spoke to a blogger lately that relayed something that I would like to explain it here carefully.

First thing first. I'm not famous and I'm no where near the popular bloggers.

I started blogging in 2007, mainly trying to earn money from Payperpost. Later on, it becomes a passion to blog instead of writing junks for money. However, passion turns to the hunger to get attention and traffic seeker.

I make no reservation that I do envy some of the top bloggers, but I do understand the time and effort they put in their blog, I am no where near. It takes a lot of effort to build a strong blog, it needs time as well. However, I did a lot of effort to speed up the process. I tried too hard.

Moving to food blog was unintentional. With the help for fellow foodies, I got many invites and met many new bloggers and friends. So then, when I got my first invite from a restaurant thru my blog, I got too excited and too proud. Sadly, I abused the invites into "kiasu-ness" that make some to hate me. For that, I would make a sincere apology to all of them.

The second thing is my character. I love to share my views with people. Some might think I am trying to show off, but that's my character. It mights sounds like a brag, but it wasn't really. Some might also think that I'm too loud. For people that knows me as a friend, I am like that. I hope you all understand that I mean no harm. For example, my blog traffic. I hope you all don't make it an issue. Thanks.

Thirdly, my transformers collections that many collectors hate me. One thing they don't understand is, how much time, money and efforts I put into my collection. It's a passion that I couldn't really can explain. They still can keep on hating me for, I still have the vintages. Don't hate me because I have it, just hate me because you don't have it! :P

Lastly, the cold war. This cold war could be understand by certain foodies. I did make myself very clear that I would be neutral in this situation. I don't really care even if any party didn't invite me for food reviews. I treat u all as friends. I really hope you all understand and respect my stand on this.

Anyways, I hope you all reading this is could either to hate me lesser or hate me more.

Really sorry for hurting my fellow blogger friends.

Either way, I am still the hyper ego, Superwilson.

The Difference Between Journalists And Bloggers

I've been to numerous events. Either from work or invites for blogging, I've been to quite a number of it. I noticed a huge difference between journalists and bloggers.

During most events, when a journalist met another journalist, they will chat like buddies regardless which newspaper or magazine they represent. They could do it for hours, trust me, I've seen those.

HOWEVER, when a blogger met another blogger. All the colours came out.

If a regular blogger met a famous blogger (in most cases), the famous blogger shows the "superior" celebrity face. Trust me, the local celebrities also never carry such attitudes. Sometimes, it was if I owed them money.

If a regular blogger met a gang of bloggers, he or she usually will be ignored. This happened to me many times in events up to today. Say for instance, at the Catbit event, I was totally ignored even though they knew who I was. The feeling I got was like, "I think I should walk off, cause I'm totally ignored and not existed". If you got such feelings, this are common. Bloggers are like that, if you not agree, prove it!

Then, if a Nuffnang blogger met a Adverlet blogger, they just say hi and walk off. No sportsmanship. I've seen many.

And if a food blogger like me meet lifestyle bloggers, they will sometimes still take picture with me. But never will post it in their blog. We food bloggers not blogger? Or I'm too fat and ugly to be posted?

Bloggers dear bloggers, why are we so much difference than the journalists? Are we really so stuck up because our pride as bloggers? Think again!

Sony Ericsson and AXN Launch with Japanese Illusionist Cyril Takayama

A few weeks ago, I was at an event at KL Live. It was the Sony Ericsson launch of their 3 latest phone models as well as AXN launch of their new series. Read more about it HERE!!

Why Did I Have My Blog Name Card?

My first encounter with blog name card was thru a friend who is a food blogger which started 4-5 years ago. I didn't take it seriously as his ego is bigger than his ass.

I started blogging since 2007 but I only take it seriously since last year, 2008. When I shifted my attention to food blogging, I encountered a lot of food bloggers who were giving away blog name cards. From there, I was taught about professionalism and respect.

We, bloggers are not just a bunch of people talking craps on our blogs. We should be respected for the time and effort we spent on the blog. Even though you or you or you might not like my blog, but I will still go on blogging.

So how should I be taken seriously with respect? How would the person know you are reliable? How would a person remember your blog url or your email address? And most important of all, how would I brand myself?

A Blog Name Card.

It doesn't need to be fancy or pricey. For your info, I print my own cards with quality papers. Remember, not all the people you meet are bloggers.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

When I Disappointed My Dad Thru My Blog

It seems to be my dad is very proud of my blog ( He has been bragging it to his friends. Mainly because I got the free Bangkok food trip and also won a LCD TV lately. Unluckily, one of his so called "friend" complained about my grammars in my blog. So then, he asked my mom to call me to tell about my grammar mistakes. I told them I knew and they said why did u edit? I told them my English no good.

Well, I think now they must been thinking how the heck I got my A2 in SPM and how did I manage to get my degree from Australia.

Seriously, I dunno.

One thing for sure, I will ask Rachel to scan through first before I post.

Sorry to disappoint you dad, I will write better so you can brag "safely" in the future.

Some Prominent Bloggers Are Bloody Liars


I asked a few bloggers and also prominent foodies about their daily visitor stats. They told me they had around 800 - 1k unique visitors per day. At first, I believed them. Later on, I did a check on them, they didn't even reach 300!

When I confronted them, they told me this and that.

Some would say they used to have such readers. That's past tense mate. Well, in the past I weighed 75 kg now I'm freaking 95kg. Can I say I'm 75kg now? Hell no!

I find this people are so pathetic.

Some don't even dare to put up stats on their blog.

Beware of certain prominent bloggers and foodies. Don't be fooled by them. They are just freaking bloody liars!

Monday, November 16, 2009

When Wern Shen Beats Nuffnang's 3 of 4 Heavenly Kings, Cheesie, Huai Bin and Ky for Blogathon

I was busy that day, if not I would come down to support. Sorry guys.

When the news Wern Shen beated Nuffnang's 3 of 4 Heavenly Kings, Cheesie, Huai Bin and Ky, there were lots of gossips spreading the Malaysia's bloggersphere. Who the heck is Wern Shen?

Wern Shen is an editor or the person in charge of I know him a certain time back, he's a friend of my sis. Knowing he's a famous celebrity blogger now, should have got his signature back then.

Nobody knows what happened, but one thing for sure, he beaten the likes of KY Speaks, Cheesie and Huai Bin. Add 3 of them together, they have more than 10k readers per day and Wern Shen was hardly known (no offense, Wern Shen). For a outsider to win, it really means a lot to him. And the weird thing is, how could they lost?

Congrats! Wern Shen! Waiting for our celebration call!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why The Nang for Innit?

Well, this is to clear the damn air.

A few weeks ago, I had this food review. This popular blogger told the rest, I always ask "nang for innit" from him. I was like wtf?

Seriously? Did I do that? Answer is probably once a week compared to him like freaking daily msn buzz. Look, my has a decent hit of 400 unique visitors regardless, compare to him of averaging 200++ inclusive daily nang request and his top 10 innit posts.

Seriously, stop talking shits about me and get a life or a girlfriend or something. You can camwhore with the young underage kids you want, beware of the "rotan".

I spoke to other male bloggers and it seems to be, no one likes him. I really pity him, get a life!

Normally, I would only ask nang for important posts that's related to family or my sponsors. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, November 05, 2009 Is Still Alive

I don't really care much if you read this blog anymore. It would be my place to rant random stuffs from today onwards.

It has been a while since I update here. Reason being is I was spending a lot of time trying to push my main blog, further. I had been doing lots of PR work for it. Hopefully, more editorial will be coming soon, in the next few weeks.

I took off Nuffnang ads for this blog. I guess its unfair to put their ads here while I haven't been updating it much.

Many that knows me personally, know that I'm a big Liverpool fan. The recent slump is a foreseeable thing once Alonso left Anfield. Sad, I would say but he shouldn't shoulder the blame for this season's weak run. Jamie Carragher has lost its magic at the back while there's a big hole in the midfield. It's either Benitez will shop during January or the title will be as good as over.