Thursday, January 31, 2008

Putra LRT Horror Stories

I had lunch with some clients lately who are working near KLCC. They had been frequent Putra LRT users for a few years. Little did I know that there are so many stories about it. I am not sure about the truth of the stories but there are few stories I really want to put it here.

1. Putra LRT system error. There are times my client told me that the door will open and wouldn't close for more than 5 minutes. At such moment, it will be very stuffy and the train is always packed. For one trip from KLCC to Kelana Jaya can fetched up to 1 hour journey.

2. Flooding. I don't know how real is this. At Masjid Jamek station, when the door opened, it seemed to be that the flood water will rushed in to the train during stormy days. Masjid Jamek Station is underground.

3. Train traveled back. At one time, the train has to travel back to Kelana Jaya station due to door malfunctions. Door apparently stuck and couldn't open.

4. Overloading trains. Try hopping to a train during 7pm at Central Market is suicidal. Waiting time can exceed an hour dues to overloading trains.

Above are just a few of many horror stories about Putra LRT. No matter how advanced is our technology it doesn't matter when we can't even solve our mass transportation system ie. busses and trains. There's no point of us achieving metropolis for KL if the mass transportation systems are a laughing stock. If above problems happened in city like Tokyo, there will be a huge problems for everyone. Stop building tolls and highways to make money, make more transportation options for the people.

Are the photos of Edison Chen with Bobo and Gillian are fake?

It was reported the earlier pictures I posted are fake. Read more about the news HERE. Well we did have issues like this years back with members of KRU saga and Siti Nurhaliza saga as well. There are also pictures of Cecelia Cheung circulating in forums as well but I feel that I have posted enough for such stories. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One Lightning Strike, There Goes My 2 Pcs

When I reached my home yesterday, I know my fuse tripped. Well, after I realized it came from my room. I never thought it was so bad. The phone line burned. Totally burnt! 1 PC total lost. 1 Pc burnt motherboard. Modem gone. External Hard drive gone. This is really a lesson again learned within 2 months. Saddened...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

SCANDALOUS AGAIN! Edison Chen with Gillian Chung of Twins ?

Earlier on was Edison Chen and Bobo look-a-like picture. Now, its Gillian Chung from Twins and Edison Chen look-a-like picture. Found this from the same forum again. I would not say much about the originality of the picture. Like Lingam said, it looks like me, sounds like me, but not 100% is me! See you ya self!

SCANDALOUS! Edison Chen with Bobo ??

Hmm... I got this picture from some forum I ran to. Interesting enough they have this picture looks like Edison Chen with Bobo. Are this for real? Or like Lingam says, it looks like me, sounds like me but not 100% is me. See for your self...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Tiring day....

Well, I traveled to Johor today in a day's trip for a reccee. Plus minus around 7-8 hours drive back and forth. Damn freaking tired. Manage to come back and do some work for tomorrow's presentation. Going to have a bit of tough week this week. Hopefully everything can be done before CNY. Have a few tough deadlines. I love my job.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Don't Speak ENGLISH...

"I don't speak English or Wait..." This will be the answer from the foreign workers in Malaysia right now. You don't expect them to understand you or even listening to you. Yeah, they don't understand or speak English, Chinese and Malay, so stop bothering talking to them. I have nothing against foreign workers like them in service line but take a minute and think about all this. Firstly, more than 10 years ago, we had Indonesians coming here to work, it took us a while to get used to it. But now, we have Thais, Vietnamese, Burmese, Myanmar"ese", Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Indians from India, Chinese from China and others that I left out. For god sake, do we need so many of them? We used to have aunties who work for restaurants. Now, they were gone. Cheap laborers made them lose their job. Jobless rate went up. Factories also looking for foreign laborers, hundreds or maybe thousands lose their job. Petrol stations workers are foreign workers, locals lose their jobs. Well, this ain't so smart after all. Seriously, why is the government gave out so many permits to this people? Are this jobs not wanted by locals? Last year we had Visit Malaysia Year. Tourists came and will have their best story of their life. Malaysians here can't speak English, but wait... its actually not Malaysians, but foreign workers. But do they know about it? No. Wait for the time where despatches or office boys will be foreign workers and crime rate will goes up dramatically. I don't blame the foreign workers as they have to pay hefty sum to come here and work their asses out to pay back. However, little did they know, they are taking the grains from our little small rice pot. Sorry, " I don't speak English"...

Small Protest at Pudu Jail KL

I passed Pudu Jail just now and saw a group of people around 100 plus minus protesting in front of Pudu Jail KL. I guessed there are some people who are detained from yesterday's protest at KLCC. Most of them were carrying signs and banners. There were police force monitoring them as well.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

SIS's Pasta!!!

To celebrate Thaipusam, Adeline decided to make dinner the Italian way. Well, its pasta and I can't spell the name correctly, so just see the picture by yourself. For the taste, just say... it was good. Thanks!

A different 2008?

Few things I learned lately in January which I think has impact my thoughts. I had gave myself a few serious thoughts what to do for 2008 since last December. Do I really need to change that much? I think it would be a yes. Again, what I want to do is hopefully is shifting a dream to another new dream. I guess its really time for me to grow up.

Web Hosting Choices

We love choices. Just name anything in life. We really love the choices. Choices makes you feel good, comfortable and exclusive. Be it food or the next shirt you going to buy. Same goes to
web hosting choice. Its good to have choices in web hosting. Getting a right place for web hosting is not easy. That's why they have a FAQ for you to get your answers. The most important part is getting what you want and what you need.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Amazing Race Asia Episode 10 Review!

Adrian and Collin has finally defeated Marc and Rovilson! The Philippines finally show signs that they can be defeated. Pam and Van got third. They are getting nervous and more nervous every week. Desperate housewives got forth. First we see them fighting each other. Nat and Paula got last and they were not eliminated. Phew, thank god the Thais are not eliminated but next week's race will be interesting for sure. Few moments that was funny, Pam and Van did the goat milking task. Gosh they are really good in "milking" and they couldn't drive properly because the handbrake was on all the time. We wouldn't want the Malaysians to lose and yet we really need to congratulate the Singaporeans for winning this leg of the race!

My First Croc!

Last year I had no luck to get one. Reason was simple, either the color was really too funky or out of sizes. Well, to make myself happy this year, I got mine finally. Will see how long this shoe can last...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm a Friend Bear?

Friend Bear
You are everyone's ideal friend because you are sincere and genuinely kind. Sometimes you worry about your friends' problems so much, you forget about your own responsibilities, which can get you into trouble. For you, it's the little things that really count. You also happen to be the main driver of the Cloud Car. No speeding!

What a minute! Something is definitely wrong here. I'm a Friend Bear? Well, that is not so quiet true. For those who knows me well, am I really a Friend Bear?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Is KL a lovely place to stay?

The Petronas Twin Tower, KL Tower, the shopping centers and highways and the so call capital of Malaysia. Is KL a lovely place to stay? 2 years ago, we were promised better mass transit system such as more public busses and LRTs from the savings of increased petrol prices. Where are those things now? For a person who lives in KL, we all know how bad the traffic jam is. From bad to worst. Please bear in mind we pay high car taxes, road taxes and personal income taxes. From all those high taxes, we still need to pay expensive tolls. With bad mass transit systems, one has no choice but to drive to work. Why car pool doesn't work, its simple. People who works in KL are not factory workers, they are execs and professionals. One tend to stay back to work late or have to go somewhere else to meet clients. Malaysians have another mentality, less paid, overworked. One must wonder what is the fatality rate of KL people? 50? 55? or 60 if you are really so lucky. Mental stress is a norm for us. Everyday you have to take at least 30 min to few hours to work and the same thing going back home. When you go to office, you overworked till late and many unhealthy foods only available. One will wonder how can we get healthy? Am I mad about all this? The answer is no because we are so damn get used to it! In fact, the road works in Cheras started 4 years ago still unfinished up to date. For that, we have to jam everyday since how many monkey years before. Same goes to other areas in KL. So is KL a lovely place to stay? You be the judge. In another few years down the road, KL will turned to another Bangkok. Please bear in mind, Bangkok has a 20 million population while KL has less than 2-3 million. Don't wonder why do you get heart attack or other diseases, you are living in one now!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Weird weird Monday....

I planned everything nicely since yesterday. Happily I went out for my morning meeting, I saw my tire punctured. For that, I missed the meeting. Changing tire in the morning is not a good thing, god I sweat like hell. The weird thing was, I missed the meeting but I was rescheduled to meet a new client. The good news is I got jobs from both clients. Bad news was the punctured tire. So was it a good thing or a bad thing... Really weird...

Bonuslink 10th Anniversary Party

BubbleShare: Share photos - Play some Online Games.

Yup, they are 10 years old with 5.8 million members. Lots of good foods and lots of great people. Love with the performance and the designs of the setup. Lovely.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Buy Fur? Think again.

Someone forwarded this to me and I feel it is right for me to show it here for fur lovers. We in Malaysia wear least fur due to our hot weather. Nevertheless, fur is a big NO! Watch the video and it contains animal cruety footages.

Proton's New Ride, A Reborn SAGA?

Proton releases their latest ride. A new reborn SAGA with super duper cheap price below 40k. More models are coming on the way but little did they mentioned about the engine. The turnaround or the future of Proton will not rely just only the prices but the reliability of the car. Since cars are getting cheaper and cheaper, with a few more thousands, they get a different or even a better car. No matter how let's how this little monster will do and wishes Proton all the best. More about the news HERE. Picture source from

Naruto 385 -Chinese Scan with English Translation

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Page 1:
Itachi: Go to the main hall of the Nanga Shrine...beneath the 7th tatami mat from the back wall, on the right side, is our clan's secret meeting place.

The true purpose of our clan's eye techniques...

Page 2:
Itachi: ..and their secrets, are recorded there.

If you can awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan, then there will be three people who can use it, including myself.

And when you do...
That's why I'm letting you live...hahaha.

SFX: Grind

Sasuke: Now answer me,
unless you want to know what real pain is!

Itachi: You avoided striking a fatal blow on purpose...

Page 3:
Sasuke: Who is the third Uchiha survivor?
The other Sharingan user
that you told me about?

Itachi: Why do you want to know about him?

Sasuke: Because he's next on my list after I kill you.
THAT'S why.

Itachi: Kill...HIM?

Page 4:
Sasuke: On that night, when you said there was a third person...
I realized that it had to be someone you didn't kill...which meant that he must've helped you wipe out the rest of the clan.

Even YOU couldn't have killed the Leaf's entire Military Police Force on your own.

Itachi: So you DID figure it out.

Sasuke: WHO IS HE?

Page 5:
Itachi: Uchiha Madara.

Kyuubi: Those eyes...and a chakra even more sinister than my own.

Just like Uchiha Madara...

Itachi: One of the Leaf Village's founding fathers...and the first person ever to awaken the Sharingan.

Page 6:
Sasuke: Founding father?
If that's true, then he'd be long dead!

Don't fuck around with me!

Itachi: Madara is very much alive.
But I can't force you to believe me, that's your choice.

Sasuke: I've had enough of your bullshit!

Itachi: ...People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true.
That's how they define "reality."

But what does it mean to be "correct" or "true?"
These are vague one stops to think that their "reality" may all be a mirage.

Page 7:
Sasuke: What're you getting at?

Itachi: Heh...

Like the way you decided for yourself
that Madara must be dead.

Like the way
you thought I was a kind, loving brother.

Page 8:
SFX: Poke

Itachi: I acted like your ideal older brother,
to measure your capacity.

Page 9:
Sasuke: I was so only explination was that was all an illusion...a horrible nightmare.
I wanted to believe it wasn't real, that I was just trapped in someone's cruel genjutsu.

But it DID happen! That WAS reality!
SFX: Glare

Page 10-11:


Sasuke: My "eyes" are wide open now!

My Sharingan sees right through your genjutsu! [H: "I'll see your illusion and I'll raise you a lightning sword!"]

Itachi: Haha...How familiar, you getting angry and shouting threats at me.
Still, I suppose they're not just words this time...

Page 12:
SFX: Ssssss

Sasuke: Does that mean you're ready to stop playing around?
SFX: Shnk

SFX: Pachichichi

Page 13:
Itachi: ...but I can't help noticing,
you STILL don't have the same eyes as me, Sasuke.
SFX: Pachichichi

Itachi: And when you've obtained the same eyes that I have, come before me again!

Sasuke: Heh...

Then use the Mangekyou Sharingan and try to kill me now!
Or am I too strong for you to measure your "capacity" against?!
SFX: Shake shake

Itachi: Confident, aren't you?
SFX: Swsh

Page 14:
Zetsu-Human: They haven't even moved an inch.

Page 15:
Itachi: The Mangekyou Sharingan,
has a very unique characteristic.

From the day you awaken it, your eyes begin a slow descent into darkness.
The more you use them, the quicker the process moves.

Sasuke: What's that supposed to mean?
Itachi: A kaleidoscope will eventually lose its light. (H: Remember - "Mangekyou" is the Japanese word for "Kaleidoscope" - it means "Mirror of 10000 flowers"]
SFX: Shwuuu

Page 16:
Sasuke: Blindness...
So that's the price you pay for gaining control of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox?

Itachi: Well, well.
You actually listened to me and read the tablets in the secret meeting room?

Sasuke: Who IS

SFX: Step

Page 17:
Itachi: A man who tamed the Nine-Tails and controlled it like a pet.

My accomplice, and my teacher.

SFX: Hhnnn

Itachi: The only person in history to learn the Sharingan's final secret.
SFX: Step

Itachi: THAT'S who Uchiha Madara is.

Just bear with this first. Try to get English version later on. Source:- Mangahelpers

Friday, January 18, 2008

Cloverfield Review...

Where's the head?
Seriously where's the head?

Don't you just love the video camera???

Before I start talking about the movie. Remember this, DON'T EAT before you WATCH this MOVIE!! Or Else you will regret it!

Back to the movie... Well, I did my homework before watching this movie so I did expect what's coming. The whole movie will be based on one video camera. Yes, the one in the picture. So you will be watching them running and swinging the camera like no tomorrow. I love the camera thing but when it reaches the middle, you will feel it becomes annoying. I SAW someone running to the washroom. Not ONE, few of them. So BEWARE. Yes, you do see the monster.... Big monster... Bigger than Godzilla! I'm not going to reveal anymore. I love the movie due to its creativity and the realism. Story wise not too bad. The pace is good, but the camera works... well.. you will see by yourself! I've been to New York so the apartment facing the Central Park might be Trump Tower...

The Amazing Race Asia 2 Episode 9

The race is heating up? Henri and Terri is expectedly out of the race. Now left the 5 equally good teams. Next race will be a spicy one. This episode we have some misunderstandings when Pam and Van forgotten to wait for the Thai girls while they thought they were betrayed. Battle of Marc & Rovilson and Team Singapore heated up again this episode. Personally I feel there will be upset coming the way later on the season. When the luck runs dry, what will be the outcome?

A Superbly Quiet 2008 Pre-Chinese New Year

Yes, it has gotten worst. This year's pre Chinese New Year events or decorations are superbly quiet. With copyright laws on music, there is no CNY songs played at all. To make the matter worst, there are not even that much of decorations at local malls. We are weeks away from CNY and there's no feel or atmosphere at all! Not just CNY, last years Hari Raya was the same also. Looks like it has become a norm already!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Falls Creek, Victoria

I found some old stacks of photos of mine and Rachel back in Australia lately and decided to give it a scan and put it here. It did bring some good old days back in Aussie and Falls Creek was a great snow mountain. I drove there from Wagga and took about 4-5 hours with my old Corolla back then. It was really cold at that time but it was worth going. More pictures HERE.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tomy Takara New Release Bombshell!!

Yes, they did it again! Tomy Takara is going to release G1 Omega Supreme for their encore series. Omega Supreme is one of my favorite Transformers toy up to date. With pricing less than RM 400, one should understand that lots of vintage G1 might be reissuing after all! Nevertheless, how long is one coming to another? for A Free Consumer Resource

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5 Stars Liverpool thrashed Luton for FA CUP Replay

Benitez is hanging on a thin line and Liverpool just did fine to thrash Luton for FA Cup 3rd Round Replay. Babel started the goal fest with Stevie G's hatrick and one rare goal from Hypia. This will buy Benitez some time while this season goal is still the title!

Transmy is Back 'n Running!

A great year to start? Transmy is back with a vengeance. With a new outlook, Transmy is back online again. Well, it will be more good days for Transmyians and other transformers collectors. Need to say more, go to

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Toy Room still in a MESS!!

Messed up!! Days are numbered and I'm clearing a lot of stuffs out. I try and hope to clean up everything before Chinese New Year. More pictures will come later on. Enjoy....