Wednesday, May 23, 2007


The night that we never dream we could achieve. The same mission as 2 years ago. The UEFA Champions League Final, a copy of the same final 2 years ago at Istanbul, Turkey. I am saying Liverpool Vs. AC Milan at Athens! The final that can send Liverpool to win got the record of 6 times! The person to watch tonight is no other than KAKA of AC Milan and of course Steven Gerard of Liverpool. Zenden is fit to play tonight at left flank or the option of Harry Kewell or even Riise to push front. I reckon Mark Gonzalez can wave bye bye. Alonso will be fighting for his place with Mascherano. Crouch might not able to start even though he is the top scorer. Fowler might comes in late for his last dream match. The big news is tomorrow, Benitez will take out his cleaver and start to chop players or release them. The favourite team tonight will be AC Milan but I STRONGLY BELIEVE AND DAMN SURE LIVERPOOL WILL WIN TONIGHT. YOU NEVER WALK ALONE!

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