Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Captain Tsubasa DVD Review

This is the original Captain Tsubasa from the old days. From Wikipedia, it says around 1983-1986. I watched the series in 1990s after renting the tapes from the video stores. Had to stop as the video store doesn't have the entire series. Well, I got the DVD version few years back when SPEEDY was selling it so I decided to get the 2 series from primary to high school series.
AXN is now showing the Road to Dream series.

Let me tell you the difference between the old and the new ones. The old ones are pretty unrealistic slow and lengthy while new ones are fast, realistic and simple. Younger kids might like the new ones but since I started with the old ones, I will love the old ones.

From the original series, you can see basically "anything" can happened from exploding footballs to wonder free kicks. Remember Hidetoshi Nakata, the infamous Japanese playmaker from Japan. He was inspired to become a footballer by watching the original Captain Tsubasa series. Unreal it might seems like but it reminds you that football is your friend and nothing is impossible. By delivering such message, I dare to say Captain Tsubasa is "god like" anime for football fans....

Try to get the original DVDs but I can tell you is tough though. :)

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