Friday, June 20, 2008

Finally, I met Kenny Sia

I know about blogging few years back in 2004 and I felt it was too boring at that time. As time passed by, friends have been telling me about blogging, I still don't really care about it.

Until at one time, few blogger friends have been saying about this Kenny Sia, a celebrity blogger. I was wondering, how can a blogger be a celebrity? Well, I read his blog, and I find it something different. Funny and entertaining.

From there onwards, my perception towards blogging is a bit different. I'm might write my way as I am because who I am but at least I know this is my blog. Kenny Sia inspired quite a number of "young" bloggers to blog and meeting in person is kinda give me a great deal of surprise.
He is not really kinda my idol but I respect him as a great blogger. I still remember he did the blog about the China telephone scam as well as the edited version of Avril Lavigne "Girlfriend" for Malaysian politics video.

So I was at Newman 5th Anni Launch with clients and friends and I was like, its that KENNY SIA? So I went there and talked to him. I told him I'm a big fan of his, he smiled. I asked him whether he knew a blogger by the name of superwilson or, he said "NO". I told him its okay, but I mentioned to him I kinda chat a bit in his chatbox. We took a picture and he left with a smile. He's a nice guy....

I wasn't that disappointed with him for not knowing me as I seldom social with bloggers on events and such. Hopefully, he can remember that there is a blogger by the nick of "Superwilson"....

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