Tuesday, June 03, 2008

How could this EVEN POSSIBLE???? Friend to the rescue PART 2

I was playing with some horoscope thingy and I did a test between me and Miss Mynx. Results as follows:

SCORPIO with PISCES Print E-mail

Scorpio possesses intense emotional depth and is an expert at understanding feelings. Pisces is sentiment and sympathy. They make a beautiful team together.

Scorpio and Pisces have the ability to tune into each other’s thoughts and feelings. They make excellent mind-readers, sensitively and intuitively picking up on each others moods and thoughts. They both use feelings to detect matters. Pisces should never discount their first impressions, for they possess great accuracy. Once they sway the other direction, they will soon discover that their first gut instinct was best. Scorpio’s ability to calculate and size up a situation is usually right on target as well.

When in a friendship status, Scorpio has an ability to protect Pisces. Pisces is the more vulnerable of the two, and Scorpio is capable of lending a supportive hand. Scorpio’s supportive ways may run into a sort of control mode from time to time, yet Pisces may not detect Scorpio’s subtle ways during the early stages of their association.

Pisces will teach Scorpio how to become more trusting, releasing and relaxing Scorpio’s deep and passionate intensity. Trust is an important item on Scorpio’s list and Pisces will have to work on gaining Scorpio’s trust and approval. This may take some time, as Pisces may fall short on keeping promises. Pisces often promises more than they can deliver, however sincere they may have been. When the chips are down, it is difficult for Pisces to pull themselves backup again.

Pisces may choose to drift into any form of escapism when unable to maintain strength. Scorpio helps to offset this deficiency with firm resolve, never giving up. There exists a great degree of silent communication between Scorpio and Pisces.

Scorpio often over-reacts to issues with much intensity. In romantic unions, Pisces has the ability to apply calmness to gently assist any of Scorpio’s dilemmas. In return, Scorpio will protect Pisces delicate vulnerable nature from being taken advantage of in unfair circumstances. Just be certain not to play mind games with emotional issues with each other.

Scorpio is more of an independent soul, whereas Pisces has a tendency to want to lean on a partner. Pisces becomes easily discouraged, while Scorpio has a firm resolve. Pisces may hide feelings and Scorpio is secretive. They should strive to increase clear communications between them.

Enjoy spending quality time together doing the things you both love to do. Dancing, music, artistic pursuits, swimming, or fishing and boating are all activities that have common appeal to both of these very emotional water signs.

SCORPIO: Intense, Secretive, Deep Insight
PISCES: Imaginative, Psychic, Artistic, Sensitive
ROMANTIC ATTRACTION: Scorpio: Pisces and Taurus
Pisces: Cancer and Virgo

Well, how the hell that can bloody be? It was really fun when I told Miss Mynx about it, it was a good laugh indeed... Anyways... Miss Mynx to the rescue again... Part 2....

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missmynx said...

hahhaha...we had some good laugh indeed.
part 3 coming soon............ :-p