Monday, June 30, 2008

SPAIN the New EURO Champ! Euro 2008: Spain 1-0 Germany

*Fernando "El Nino" Torres scored the only goal

Few things I must say about this Euro 2008. First of all, there is never such entertaining football since god knows when. There are so many attacking footballs, and you have plenty of goals in this tourney. Second, without England I think its a blessing in disguise. The emergence of Holland could means a better upcoming World Cup? Russia and Turkey did very well onto semis.

For a very rare occasion like this I could only go out with my mates for a nice football match together. With Talen, Hai Wei, Sam, Tim and me watching the game, nothing could be better. For the game, I think Germany got nothing to complain. They never really had a real chance throughout the game. Even though Spain scored the only goal in the game but the actual fact they should have scored more. Germany looked weak in midfield, lost possessions easily. It is one of the great finals I have watched. Spain deserved to be the winner. For a country with such a great league like La Liga with teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid, they deserved a cup like this for many many years.

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