Sunday, June 01, 2008

Spam Calls... +603-80700458


So I picked up this phone and she said she's Wendy from dunno what resort..

Wilson: Excuse me, today is a Sunday, a weekend...
Wendy: Weekend cannot call ah!??
Wilson: Slammed the phone....

This kinda people has no clue what is a mobile phone is. A mobile phone is for personal use only and for friends and families to call not for spam people like them. On top of that, they will bug you like during you working times and worst now, Sundays! And what they can say is "SUNDAY CANNOT CALL AR??"

I worked this morning, and I'm now hibernating or resting and blogging. For her info, this time is more valuable than money. I think sometimes, a person must work with dignity, pride and common sense.

Today is a "bladdy" Sunday, just give me a f**king break!

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