Monday, July 28, 2008

Dream Cruises....

I watched Nim's Island months back and it sorts of bring me this idea. Are there such nice beaches and such great sea views? Seriously to think about it, I never had a great cruise in my life. The most breathtaking sea view I had was in Phuket 1992 to be exact. It was on the hill, overlooks the ocean. But that's not the main point, I really never did a great cruise! So I did some surfing and found something interesting. Cruises at places like Europe, Mediterranean and even the Caribbean!

Of course I would to go for aEuropean cruises, going to countries like Italy, Egypt, Austria, Monaco and etc... Never stepped my foot in Europe before. Countries like Austria and Italy, will make the cruise wild!!

Mediterranean Cruises can be an option too. Great cities like Athens, Cape Town and many more. Seriously it will be a great cruise going thru such great cities. From Europe to Africa, that's really exotic.

Or maybe like the scenes of the Pirates of the Caribbean? A Caribbean Cruises will really make a mark in my memories forever. Caribbean cruise is like the greatest cruise in the world! Imagine I'm like Johnny Depp cruising around Caribbean sea through the heaven like islands! Sigh... Got money, die die also must go!! There are so many choices now!!! Which want to go??

Sadly, now money not enough, but for the ones that got money you all can go. I will keep dreaming at the moment. I have a DREAM!

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