Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How to drive from KL to JB and back to KL with less than 1 tank of petrol!

The teams with Guinness World Record Holder John and Helen Talyor...

Seriously, how to drive from KL to JB and back to KL with one tank of petrol? This is the real deal.
There were 10 teams of 10 cars comprised of Toyota Vios, Honda City, Nissan Sentra, Proton Persona and Proton Gen 2 and they were given a full tank from KL. With record holder John and his wife's friendly tips and advices, all 10 cars finished the task with flying colors.

Tips are easy:
* Drive 70-90 km/h
* No air con or lowest setting
* Don't keep braking and no audio sets on

Basically its safe driving = safe petrol



Robin said...

no audio set...i can bare with that
70-90 km/h...ok...i still can live with that
no AIR CON...i am dead!!

Robin said...

my 1 tank of petrol
toyota vios

from kl to ipoh and back
audio set and air con is on
i came home with an empty tank...