Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lee Chong Wei.... One more win for GOLD

There is no bigger joy or gift for Malaysia then an Olympic GOLD Medal. However, a SILVER Medal also will do but of course gold is the best.

WHY DO we need this GOLD? I reckon everyone is sick and tired of reading newspaper headlining Malaysia's Politics everyday. Wouldn't it be nicer to see a happy news something like Lee Chong Wei one more win for GOLD. There are too many negative elements lately on the newspaper.

BADMINTON is our national number one sport. Getting a GOLD will leave a mark to the world that we can play BADMINTON.

WE Malaysians right now are nothing like Singapore. It was indeed happy to know SINGAPORE table tennis team stormed to final but.... but... after knowing most of the players are "from" China, I felt disgusted. Should a country import good players to play for them or should a country produce a great player from its own.

Even though we Malaysians playing shitty football, at least those fellas are Malaysians. If to achieve success needs buying, there will be nothing spectacular in sports anymore.

Silver or Gold, Lee Chong Wei has did it for Malaysians. It will be a great gift for this year's 51st Merdeka Day (Independence Day).


Anonymous said...

Malaysia (distance runner Yuan Yufan from China).

Wilson Ng said...

Probably that's the ONLY one and you manage to find it! She's not really that good as the table tennis players Singapore bought from China but yes, she was imported I think at least 6-8 years ago. Since then, there are no more importing.