Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Other Blogs....

Let me share with you my other blogs:

Wilson's Collections

I had been collecting quite a few toys since 2002 and its my pleasure to share some of them. Other than collecting toys, I collect coke and stamps as well. So I think that putting it all together in a blog would be nice. Click on the picture to link!

Wilson Ng's Transformers Collections

Since childhood my interest upon Transformers toys has never been faded. I'm not from a rich family but I'm do think that I'm lucky to have such a great family. I never had a chance to have a transformers toy when I was kid so when I worked now, I collect them... in a bit excessive way. Well... I've would love share mainly Transformers toys collections... my collections... HERE

Wilson Ng's Thundercats Collections

I must admit my passion upon Thundercats is not as much as Transformers. Unlike Transformers, I do owned Lion-O at one point in my childhood life. I restarted to collect Thundercats since 2007, and here I would show a decent few of them.... Link HERE.

Places & Foods

I love foods and traveling. As much as I wanted to travel, with limited budget... only few places I went. I tried to go to places to try different foods.... And here I would love to share a few bits places I went and foods that I eaten. Link HERE.

Thanks for reading and visiting my blogs. :)

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