Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Redang Trip

After having first half of the year of not having a real vacation, I tell myself Redang must be a good one. So we did a rush thingy, 3 days 2 night for Redang. Got the tickets from Air Asia to Kuala Terengganu and the rest is up to the resort.

Basically I was sleeping all my way to Redang Island. When we came off the jetty, my camera started snapping. It was really clear. I would say clearer than Phi Phi Island of Phuket, Krabi. I stayed at Redang Beach Resort and it was indeed a great choice. Price was good and 3+1 meals a day plus the transfers and the snorkeling trips.

There were not much drama on this trip except Rachel bicycle kicked me on the back of my head in the water. Head is still swollen up to today. Getting better now. The snorkeling trips were good and the best I would say the Marine Park. Winds are getting stronger so the sea is a bit rough and good enough for snorkeling.

There are quite a bit of entertainments on the island. Disco, pubs, restaurants and live bands so don't worry of no night life on Redang. I heard there are beach parties as well occasionally.

We bumped to a swordfish and a baby shark just off the shore from the beach. Imagine, just 5-10 meters from the beach, you can already snorkeling by yourself. That is the uniqueness of Redang Island.

Time passed by really fast at Redang Island. At night we would lied on the bench, feeling the winds of the sea as well as looking at the amazing stars on the sky. Of course the first night, it was raining so we only managed to enjoy the night scenery on the second night.

The last day going back to KL was horrible. It wasn't related to anyone just that I was having sea sick for the first time in my life. There was some morning shower in Redang Island so going back with the cruise was a bit bumpy as the sea got a bit rough. Basically, we were riding a horse as the cruise going thru the bumpy waves. With that, I had to go to puke twice for the whole journey and mainly because I hate too much snack on board. I was good later on before the Air Asia flight back to KL.

The whole trip was marvelous and I would be going back again next April if time permits. Imagine of having a dream island heaven vacation but paying in affordable Malaysian ringgit. Only time will tell when is my next trip but as I say, it would be far from now. Thanks for reading....

Wilson Ng

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