Thursday, August 28, 2008

Road Bully...

It is supposed to be a happy day until I almost had a car accident just now on my way back to my office. A bike came out of nowhere and I almost banged the fella. Rachel was with me and she was shocked so I scolded the biker. The Indian biker then chased me and tried to stop me.

Basically I had 3 options at that time:
1. To drive off cause Rachel with me and maybe to the nearest police station.
2. Stop and argue/fight with that guy.
3. Bang him...

I took choice 1. I had to stop at the traffic light and he banged his hand on my window and he U turned.

I am still upset about the choice I made but at the end of the day, we are safe and there isn't any damages to my car.

Imagine what would happened if I banged the biker? I would need to pay summons and go to police station, send my car to repair and maybe still now in police station and used up a lot of money. And on top of all the above, its not my fault, I was driving my lane and the biker just came out nowhere.

This is not the first time I had this encounters. They did wrong and they want to be road bullies. I had no reasons to fight with him as I never wanted to be like them. On top that, I wouldn't want any damages to my car as tomorrow I have an early shoot. If there's a passenger in my car, I would always wanted them to be safe as I'm the driver.

I'm going home for now....


DiEsE said...

Bloody hell rider!!
I'm a biker too (110cc bike only laaa.. hehehe) for more than 4 years and I do have my fair share honking other bloody hell riders that just doesn't know how to signal when changing lanes, stop before the yellow box or even use their bloody side mirrors!!!
Penangites are the worse I tell u..

Wilson Ng said...

I do use my indicators. In fact this morning, I saw a 4x4 almost bang to a school bus (fulled of school kids).
Malaysian drivers are selfish and unethical.