Friday, August 08, 2008

Sex And The City Review

The formidable team...

I am suppose to watch Dark Night but went to cinema late so no tickets were up for grab. Then, it left us 2 options, Meet Dave and Sex & the City.
Rachel is always a big fan of SATC so watching the movie is kinda make sense. Of course, Steph is the biggest fan as she traveled down south to Singapore to watch the "uncensored" version.
I watched the series and the DVD box sets are still in my DVD closet.
If you ask me why would I watched few 40 years old ladies talking about sex, I would pay to watch them!

The movie was great.... Even though it has been a while since the season stopped but the story is good. There are few good lessons to be learned in the movie and the joke and everything was there. Rachel has already asked me to get the DVD of this so its a great movie. Not much adaptation to TV series are fruitful like this one, I can damn guarantee this!

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