Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nuffnang Bloggers Invaded Burger King

It started as "a few might join" the invasion as Joshua planned carefully. However, when I reached there.... There was like more than 10 bloggers all together...

Like previous meetings, I didn't know most of them. So I was aside talking to a few of them. Only then, when Zoe and Sherry came, Sherry was talking to me.... :)

Later on we had a group photo!!

The list as follows and not in order... Thanks to Joshua

Jentzen - jentztan.blogspot.com
Andrew Wong - drewnity.com
Hikaru - kongfaiwar.blogspot.com
Kate - copykate.blogspot.com
Yatz's Gf Josephine
Julian's Friend

Zoe, Karina (I think), Joshua... n the rest...

C u guys again.. Its great to know few of you guys....

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