Monday, September 08, 2008

How big is your brain?

After so many nights of training, I finally deserved have the size of the brain I want. Basically its one of the Playfish game in Facebook and when there's score to compete, its addictive.
This game got not much tricks but it will depends on your sight, speed and reaction... For instance, the calculation section, u need to calculate properly with speed and make sure you key in the answer correctly. Sometimes when you try to be fast, you tend to make errors. Such errors will cost u points and eventually it decreases the size of your brain.

Today its my first time breaking the 3000 barrier and I know that there pros that are playing above 4000pts. I dunno what shit things they eat but I'm happy to get the score I wanted and counting the days that someone will overtake me as the leader. I got to sleep for now... Nitez....

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