Saturday, September 27, 2008

How to Personalize Postage Stamp Legally

Many might not know this but I'm a Stamp collector. As a collector, I always wanted to personalize my own stamp, legally! Means I can put my face onto a stamp and use it legally.

I had my own personalized stamps years back and this is how it looks like... This stamp is worth 50c postage fee and can be used in Australia only.

In fact, I got the whole sheet of it. I'm so into myself... sigh...

There are 2 post companies who can personalize pictures in this world as far as I can remember. 1 is Japan Post and another one is Australian Post. For a small fee, they can personalized your stamp and send it to you. I only have the Aussie link, HERE... Enjoy!


3POINT8 said...

hehey, this is some cool stuff..
I might get meself one of those.
thanks for the recommendation

acura said...

Pos Malaysia should seriously consider something like this.

Wilson Ng said...

For ur info, Australian Post has been providing this service since 7 years ago... I did this on 2001..

Xjion89 said...

ooo ,tat is really interesting! I would try it if i hv the chance. It is so cool to see ur face on the stamps.

Lasker said...

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