Thursday, September 25, 2008

Movie: Mamma Mia Reviews...

From beginning I knew this going to be a musical movie. And many thanks to NUFFNANG, I was able to watch this movie... I am stuck here like 5 min to describe the movie.

Maybe I should like say its about 3 singing aunties and 3 singing uncles? The movie itself is enjoyable. With songs from Abba, it flows you through the movie so fast.

Maybe I am the only one who is laughing about Pierce Brosnan's singing in the cinema but I find it hard to find ex-James Bond man singing rather than sipping Martinis. Set with a beautiful background, its kinda movie that makes you sing and forget abt your work and ur stresses...

Didn't I tell you the 3 aunties can sing? Bed jumping... dancing like no tomorrow.

Somehow when you talk about musical, there's one movie I like. And in fact I think Pierce Brosnan should sing like him. He's no other than....

John Travolta in Hair Spray... He can dance in Saturday Night Fever and he can sing like a women!!

Mamma Mia really makes you feel like singing and dancing. Its really a great movie for ABBA fans and good movie for non-ABBA fans.

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