Friday, October 31, 2008

I Met Henry Chan of The Amazing Race Asia 3

I was at The Gardens searching for a quickie dinner and I bumped to Henry Chan of the Amazing Race Asia 3. Rachel saw him first and she was like ... "Hey, that's Henry!!"

So due to my amazingly kiasu-ness... I went to ask him for a photo session.
Well...which turn to a nice short conversation with him.

The first thing I told him was I was so pissed off when they were knocked out of the race from the yesterday's show.

He did mention about the "flight incident" and he did ask us to cheer for the Malaysian team... (hints??)

Rachel asked him about the tri-cycle accident and Henry told us that he still got the bruises from the incident and Bernie fainted after the interview...

Henry did mention that the race is something he never regretted doing in his life and he encourages we Malaysians to try to join the race... Its a race of lifetime...

I would say it is my pleasure to meet him and talked to him personally. He is super friendly and nice. Well, we didn't catch him for long as he was meeting Bernie as later on.

Henry and Bernie, you guys did Malaysia proud even though you guys were knocked out....

Now our glory is left to Ida and Tania... Malaysia BOLEH!!!


Boris said...

wow that is so cool!!!

yep stupid flight incident with the hong kong boys.

wish i could meet with geoff and tisha hehehe :)

Lynn said...

That's so cool. Wow I wish I could meet the Malaysia teams +D

What about Bernie? She isn't there?

Selam said...

I thing Henry is Over confident. it was just right that they got eliminated. I don't like him.