Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i.Tech Clip II Mini Bluetooth Clip Headset Review

iIts my first bluetooth headset so my expectation on this is very low. Of course when I bought this from the shop, they recommended this and say I can receive up to 2 phones (which I haven't tried that function) with it. I don't own 2 phones, and I'm the type of guy that uses the phone to make calls only. Or course, in rare occasions I will snap a picture or 2. I love my Sony Ericson phone.

So after reading the little manual, I tried to use it for the first time and it worked properly. I just need to configure the bluetooth once and then the rest was history. I had been using this for 2 weeks for now and its okay I would say. Its convenient, I charged it every 4-5 days. I never ran out of battery yet for now. One thing I realized lately that, the headset needed to be switched on for at least 4-5 seconds before you make a call. Other than that, there isn't much to complain. I'm still using it right now. I will post a 2nd review if necessary. If not, its a good buy!

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