Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kenny Sia's Evil Twin Brother? Kenny Sai

Like many other Malaysian bloggers, I read Kenny Sia's blog. Well, I must admit other than Raja Petra and Dr. M's blog, he is the most well known blogger. I met him twice and took pictures together, 1 time in Nuffnang event and 1 time in Newman event.

About his scandals and his relationships, I don't really bother about it, because I felt that is his personal life. However I was told about this Kenny Sai's blog lately by my colleague (he is not a blogger). It took me quite a while to read his blog. Well, I tried to read everything in his blog.

Kenny Sai's blog is actually Kenny Sia's hate/anti blog. When reading it, I do understand that I need to read it carefully and not taking any sides. There are many "interesting" contents I would say. It got so interesting until Mike Memmery also blog about it also (here)

The evidences in his blog really raised my eyebrows. My friend said "how the heck did he got that statement?" Anyways, I'm starting to read Kenny Sai's blog daily.

I felt that reading an anti blog site doesn't mean I'm supporting him or hate him. Or reading Kenny Sai's blog mean I don't read Kenny Sia's. To be fair, I read both.

Well, maybe when you got famous you must got an anti or hate site. I wonder what hate site I will get (if I got famous one day "konon")? SuperShitWilson? KanasaiWilson? ShitheadWilson? FatAssWilson? NotSoSuperWilson?

I super wonder....

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BLue said...

SW, you're not as famous as Kenny to get an anti against you XD