Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bangkok Trip Part 2: BKK First Day

Sorry for the ultimate long update for this trip. Bangkok taxis are pretty cool, even though most of them can't really speak well in English.

The taxi I took from the airport was pretty good. There's even a small panel advertisement at the back of the seat of the driver. Of course, in Thailand most of the taxis are Toyota Altis. Sad to say most taxis in Malaysia are Proton. Well, I'm driving Altis myself, felt ashamed that its only worth as a taxi in Bangkok.

The taxi driver was basically trying to show off his "pimped" taxi. There's a VCD player in his dashboard. And later on, he showed me some sexy Thai group MTV in bikinis. I was like wtf?

When reaching my bestie place, I saw Jusco and Carrefour. Little did I know that Jusco has already foot stepped in Bangkok.

After meeting my bestie, I put all my luggages at his place, I quickly went out to a nearby shopping mall.

My first stop was Central Ladprao. Central is a Thai owned shopping department that is pretty huge in Thailand. I was told that this Central Ladprao is normally visited by locals only. I hang out there for a few hours checking out the places before my dinner. Before that I had a Samurai Pork Burger in McDonalds.

I was brought to this Chinese Steamboat restaurant by my bestie. It was pretty good. The name is Ruen Pech, if not mistaken.

Then, we took a cab to Khaosan Road. Khaosan Road is a famous backpacker area. With lots of booze and food, it was a quite happening area at night.

After that, we proceed to Central World. I considered myself lucky as they were having a Heineken Beer Party at Zen World 18th Floor. It was really a very pleasant place to chill and hang out. Before midnight, we left the area and called it a day.

Part 3 will come very soon...

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