Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bedtime Stories Review

My first movie of year 2009. I watched this movie mainly because of my younger brother's involvement in the film. He's a 3D modeler.

First thing I must say the trailer looked very good. The movie itself, lacked of depth. To be truthful, this is a Disney movie, engineered for kids and family. There are laughter and fun, not so much of stupid things like Adam did in the past. Its a great movie for the kids, fun movie for the adults if you don't mind watching it without a great storyline.

Few things I understand from the movie:
1. Happy ending
2. The kids got power
3. Bugsy got big eyes
4. Hotel owner is stupid and shallow
5. He got a brother in law

Few things that you don't understand even after you watch the movie:
1. How the kids got power
2. Why Bugsy got big eyes
3. Who is his brother in law
4. Where he got money at the ending
5. Why Rob Schneider didn't say "You can do it!"

A great movie to laugh for family and kids. Not for the serious movie goers.


Anonymous said...

Rob actually did say "you can do it" during the horse Ferrari horse was pretty funny..Vroom..

Baby said...

i'm planning to watch this..

Andrew said...

i wanna watch bedtime stories also.. but then, i went cinema at 11am yesterday and it was already selling fast till 4pm... watched another movie instead =(