Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Flu Fever Puke

Well, maybe its the weather or maybe its me. I had been running around since last week. Had a few days trip in Bangkok. Then, Rachel admitted to the hospital for her operation. I was everywhere since I can't over night at the hospital, I would accompany her till late before I went back home. I'll blog about Rachel's illness as I felt it could happened to any female.

I had been trying to crack my brains out trying to come with a concept for my work. For me, to write a blog is easy but creating something for work, it was really so not cool.

The flu came yesterday. The fever came just today, and the puke was just now. God bless what I've eaten today all gone down to the toilet bowl. I paid a visit to a doctor at a nearby clinic and I'm recovering.

It might be going to be a hectic week again as I might be coming down to Singapore. "Might". Or else, I will be rushing some work a lovely presentation this Thursday. Either way, I need to cut down to those lovely restaurants visit as I have not been feeling healthy in any ways.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day for me. Good night....

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