Friday, January 23, 2009

Inkheart Movie Review 2009

I never consider myself a big fan of Brendan Fraser, even though I loved Mummy 1 and 2. I always loved fantasy movie. LOTR and such.

Brendan is a silvertongue,a person with a gift that reads anything turns to reality. However, the catch is someone must goes into the book in return of making something / someone to this world.

Instead of trying to tell the story, let me elaborate my views on this movie.

The characters are chasing one and another for the whole damn movie. At times, you get so bored of it. The story is not strong, very predictable. There's no really plot or something. I saw kids sleeping watching this in the cinema, I yawned a couple of times too.

I wished the movie could be more magical, but its not. The truth, I find the movie is slow, bored and disappointing.

Skip this movie, get the DVD later. I really find this movie BORING.


jasonmighty said...

Oh...and I am so looking forward to watching it...

Thinking twice now...lolz

metalpanda said...

ouch, sad to heard that, coz i really look forward to this movie tim... hmm, maybe i should wait more comment about this movie 1st~ thx for the review~