Thursday, January 01, 2009

Yes Man Review

Critics had been harsh on Jim Carrey on this movie. No matter how they said, I'm a YES man to Jim Carrey's comedy movies.

I think the storyline was good. Turning someone to positive is really a good thing for anyone's life. However, a person should be positive in heart and NOT to anything. That's why the ending turns out like that. I did make a comparison with YES Man to Liar Liar but both are quite different movies. Well, we don't really see much stupid acts from Jim Carrey but he still entertain us in a different way now.

In a way, I felt that we could be in his character in the movie. I learned something from the movie. This movie is worth to watch.


Accyee said...

i wanna watch this! haven't got the chance to yet:(

Wilson Ng said...

Love Jim Carrey, Love Yes Man.. :P

Joyce said...

i like this movie for the storyline and Jim Carey, well, he's a good actor.

But... the ending eeek-ed!! way too abrupt and it kinda make me feel like a superb meal that ended without the dessert lorr