Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Experiences With Interns

My company had been having interns for years. I would say since 2002/3 if I could remember properly.

I didn't involve much with interns on the earlier batches. Yet, lately in this few years, due to some projects, most of the interns were more involved with me.

Most of my interns from USM, and nowadays TAR College. Even though they came to learn, sometimes I learned something from them also.

There was a few who worked for me after their graduations. There was a few who didn't do a thing during the internship. There was a few that's very cheeky and talkative that lighted up the studio. Yet, there was a few that didn't even know how to write a report.

Most of them came back sometimes to visit us. Some might called, some might forget. No matter what they did, they learned something from their end, and I learned something from them as well.

I have 3 interns in my office right now. 1 of them teaching me to use DSLR, 1 of them brought PSP to my office and 1 of them well very smiley.

No matter how, I appreciate their presence and they brought more fun than sorrow.

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