Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bleach Manga Chapter 349 Spoiler Pictures Are Out!

Ishida lost a hand...

Ichigo transformed??

Early spoiler pictures are out. I only managed to track down 3 pictures by now. Would post more of the spoilers if I could find.

Interesting chapter this week.


Manju said...

Wow that's so not what anyone expected. But damn... Ishida always gets the blunt end of the stick. In soul society he loses his powers not to mention what's happened now. Inoue better keep those time-reversal whatchmacallit powers ready at hand.
I'm glad Ichigo's not out for the count. I feel this is one of the battles he shouldn't - can't - get piggybacked out of without seriously placing doubt on his relevance in the future battles. And it's always a pleasure to see his hollow form kicking ass. Can't wait for the chapter to come out.

Wilson Ng said...

Ichigo hairs growing at the end reminds me of Yu yu hakusho.

I agreed that Ishida is always the luckless character in Bleach.

No matter how much he did, he's still a secondary fighter in the series.