Saturday, March 07, 2009

Long Weekend

The great thing about weekend to me is I can have the whole Saturday morning or Sunday morning to update my blog. I often blog nowadays as I'm free in the office since January. However, busy days are coming.

I'll be going to a few places at the end of the month until early next month. Might be flying to other places pending to clients' approval.

I visited Princess Breanna again yesterday. She was getting prettier! (Pictures coming soon). When Rachel and I carried the baby, the majong gang told us to get our own. We smiled.

I'll be riding hot air balloon tomorrow with Rachel. I am very excited about it, first time experience. I'm off now to blog about, can't really seems to finish blogging about the foods I had.

I'll be working on a roadshow today and then salsa class. Monday will be a holiday so....

Have a nice weekend!

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