Monday, March 16, 2009

Neighbourhood Security Issues

Yesterday I was invited for a meeting regarding neighbourhood security issues.

It was organized by a neighbour to initiate a neighbourhood security program.

The turn out was better than expected when around 70% turned up. The meeting came at the right time to discuss a options and possibilities to tackle crime in the neighbourhood.

I was introduced to most of the neighbours that I never knew. For the first time, I heard about robberies and snatch thieves in my neighbourhood. There's a house that got robbed 4 times in a year.

There's a man got his leg slashed in front of his family because he didn't has any money at his house.

Another lady was slashed on her belly in a house robbery as well.

This are the very few of the crime spree happening in the neighbourhood.

We formed a committee at the meeting.

I hope within this few weeks, the committee can enhanced the security in the neighbourhood. Maybe CCTVs, fencing and gated securities.

Getting everyone together is never been easy. Moreover asking everyone to fork out a certain amount of money to maintain security. Whatever it is I hope everyone will not give up hope.

With better enhanced security, everyone will be happier and safer.

A peace in mind.

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nemesis_jazz said...

it's good to have a better security especially nowadays.