Thursday, March 05, 2009

Protest at GSC Cinemas for Watchmen and Watchmen review

Thanks Steph for the tickets. I had been waiting to watch this movie. There's lots of hypes about this movie on the Internet. I was invited for a special preview earlier this year and I watched a 20 min teaser of Watchmen.

As I went to the cinema with the rest, saw the "Watchmen" and took a picture with them. Then...

A group of protestors came and protest the movie. They were walking around the cinema protesting the movie. Everyone was .... wtf?

To make it worst they went to protest in the cinema hall! Then, the superheroes came and chased them away. Prominently, Rorschach.

About the movie. I was a bit some how disappointed how the movie went. It was too long (expected it) and the pace was a bit slow. It doesn't mean that the movie was not good. The story was there, introductions of each superhero and the ending was somehow unexpected. There were lots of nude scene (censored) as well as "censored" naked Dr. Manhattan. The story was actually quite complicated for a comic book. Its too "human" for a comic book.

Its a superb movie for Watchmen fans. Complicated for the rest. Its an either "you love it" or "you hate it" movie. Watchmen deserved to be "watch". Movie was around 2hr 40 min.

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